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"Did exactly what they advertise. Easy to do. I had no problem figuring it out. I put on my basement wood framing walls it eliminated all drafts. Will definitely used this product again on other projects in the house."

Rich O.
Oceanside, NY

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"Sprayfoamdirect shipped my foam kits (I purchased two kits at different times) quickly. I like the fact that sprayfoamdirect made using the kits fool proof. Examples is the temperature strip on the tank, which lets you know when the tank was at the right temperature. And the labeling of the hose so you knew which hose connector went to which tank. I was able to suit up and use the 600-ft kit without any trouble. Seems everyone is selling kits around the same price. I purchased the second kit from sprayfoamdirect due to ease of use, informational support on their site, free extra supplies, and lets not forget the $50 coupon they sent me with the 1st kit.

The two benefits I liked about ordering from sprayfoamdirect is the amount of information on the site detailing how to use the different products and the free accessory kit."

Doug N.
Woodbine, MD

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"Our cold elevated living room was a 3 season room until we used your product. Now its the warmest room in the house and we will be opening our Christmas gifts in it. The product is great. I will be celebrating Christmas in the room with treated with my children and grandchildren. The tree looks great and our feet aren't cold. I am so impressed with your company.

I have already cut my propane bill by 40%."

Joe C.
Gales Ferry, CT

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"While deciding if I wanted to attempt doing the job, after watching how to video, and talking to your associate it made me feel confident to do it. Job came out great. I know I will have heating cost savings. Supplied kits have everything to do job."

Peter A.
Billerica, MA

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"Ordering the foam was a simple process, even though I changed my mind less than 24 hours after placing my order. I called back and the upgrade was made without a hitch! The updated order was shipped out and arrived in no time at all. Thanks, Mike

I had my doubts if the cost was worth the benefit. The day after we sprayed the exterior walls of the house with a thin layer of "Foam It Green" anti-microbial foam, my wife and I were checking to see how the foam had cured. I was leaning against the wall with my hand on a stud. The stud was quite cold to the touch. Out of curiosity, I placed my hand on the foam next to the stud and was in disbelief at how warm the area covered with spray foam was compared to the stud. The is one fantastic product. We plan to buy more for our crawl space this spring when the weather warms back up. Great stuff and well worth the money! Mike"

Michael R.
Waitsburg, WA

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"Well first off my wife and I live in a mobile home and if any one knows, mobile homes are not that well insulated. So back in september of 2011 the wife had me move the dressers in our bed room away from the wall so she could vacuum the floor and wall.While moving my dresser in sock feet mind you I got a wet foot. Needless to say I was a little upset to find a 2'x4' wet spot on the floor and I had know idea how long it had been there.

To make long story short I located where the water was entering from outside and made the repairs.And as I said earlier the insulation in a mobile isn't much. So did my home work opted for your product and your 602 kit.

After following the instruction it was very simple to apply and fun as well. Once the job was complete I was impressed with how the product went on and clean up was a breeze. And for insulating well it was to say the remarkable. No more air drafts along the floor. The inside wall compared to another wall with just batt insulation is 5 degree warmer. Not to mention the metal out side skin of the home has tightened up. The insulating property and how it has taken away the rattling outside metal of the home on that wall.

Thank You"

Walton G.

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"Happy with the ease of use of the product and its effectiveness."

CoRey B.
Montgomery, NY

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"Staff was very cordial and down to earth.

The insulating product I purchased was superior to anything available at the local lumber yards. And the price was very competitive."

Ryan L.
Colchester, IL

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"We had a contractor give us a bid on foaming our crawl spaces in the basement. However after watching the videos that Guardian Energy Technologies sent us I decided to do it myself. My two son-in-laws and myself started on a Saturday morning and we were done by that afternoon. We immediately noticed a difference in air flow from before and after the installation of the foam. We still have one more room to go but it has to be done at a warmer time. We are very happy with the results and look forward to lower energy bills in the future.

We have also talked to our Orkin man and he is unhappy because we will probably no longer need to have his services. Last year we had several mice get into our basement and since the foaming we haven't had any."

Robert L. M.
Thomson, IL

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"Very easy to use, all what need are in the bundle, except air breathing mask, harden very hard, I think is a very good product and will highly recommend it. Customer service response quick, web site very friendly and clear, with price posted!"

Joel R.
Brooklyn, NY

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"Your product works fabulously!!! My project turned out better than expected!"

Catherine R.
Madison, NJ

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"This has been one of the best all time purchases for us, The weather is warm during the day and cool at nite, I do not have condensation problems like before. there is a 10 to 15 degree difference between the inside and out temp of my shop. With a small electric heater I am able to keep the inside temp well above 60 degrees at this present time.

Again thanks for the support and a great product."

Dale T.
Winchester, KY

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"I ordered a kit from you 2 weeks ago and on 10/16/2011 finally got a chance to use it to insulate our outdoor spa.

Wonderful! Worked just like the instructions said it would! I will be ordering from you again to insulate under our crawlspace.

Thanks for the wonderful product!"

Joe W.
Salisbury, NC

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"My project is now complete and I finished spraying on Saturday. It took one 602 kit and two 202 kits for me to spray my crawlspace.

I had picked up the 602 kit in Reno but had both 202 kits shipped to me and both arrived next day which is nice.

The entire process worked as advertised and I'm very happy with the initial results. I was able to apply ~1 inch of foam to the underside of my floors and stairs and a thicker layer on the back side of some small sections of 2x4 wall that are exposed to the crawl space. I KNOW this is going to make a difference and I'm going to start tracking my monthly utility bills and compare them to my historical usage (I'm expecting a downward trend); perhaps I'll check back in a year and let you know.

Anyway, a big thanks to you and the entire Spray Foam Direct team for your excellent website, helpful videos and ease of ordering and delivery. It really IS that simple."

Brendan R.
San Jose, CA

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"Thank you so much! Your product worked great and our community was impressed with our parade float - it was heads and shoulders above the others. I look forward to using your product again in the future."

Dennis H.
Newland, NC

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"I did have one big problem to deal with regarding your product... Getting over worrying if I was actually capable of doing it.

It was easy! I watched the on-line video's, read the instructions, and test sprayed in a box. The product was outstanding. The guidance was superb. The warnings and watch outs were perfect. While the finished product spray was not the prettiest in the world due to my first time, it provided outstanding coverage and didn't take much time to empty the tanks.

Thanks for a great product and outstanding support."

Scott B.
Louisville, OH

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"Linda, Sprayed the first of my insulation job in the cabin. Was really surprised that it was as easy as you said .I also noticed the difference in the internal temp. of the cabin. I took some remarkable pictures of the roof of my cabin after a real frost overnight during our stay. Everywhere I sprayed the insulation the frost was still on the roof. You could actually see the demarcation lines on the roof. I need more and will order it after the winter season. I am very happy I used your product.

Thank you"

Al C.
Kissimmee, FL

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"Linda, we sprayed my crawlspace today 1,200 sq. ft. We really needed those white protective suits and goggles/vapor mask. What a mess but we got it done before the temp dropped below 60 degrees up here in the Sierras of California. We are going back under the house next summer/spring to add more for a better R rating. While we are at it I will also do the 1,100 sq. ft. Attic. Thanks again for the Videos, my crew got a lot out of them."

Joe K.
Pine Grove, CA

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"Bought a 602 microbial closed foam kit just before the fall set in to spray the sills in the basement and close up gaps around door leaving basement to outside. It sprayed on easy enough and was done under 2 hours. It used to be the coldest place in the house now it actualy feels and is warmer. I am going to buy another 602 when finances permit to continue to finish off areas needing further insulating. Kudos to you Foam it Green!"

Christopher W.
Plainville, CT

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"Using the spray on foam on my basement foundation was the best move I have made. Great product. Basement temp is at least 15 deg warmer down there.

Thank you for a great product."

Steve R.
Lynn, MA


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"I have owned my weekend home for nine years now and have been tightening up the envelope on the home with new doors and soon new windows recently. The home is only 19 years old. The original owner/ builder of my home had only insulated the areas the building inspector could see near the bulkhead entering into the basement. You can imagine my surprise to find no insulation around the perimeter with a heated basement/ crawlspace.

As advertised everything was there that I needed. I followed the instructions and proceeded to spray foam in the rim joist around the perimeter of my home. I used a car creeper to slide the boxes along the crawlspace floor and basement floor with ease. It made the job much easier when moving around the crawlspace and going under the pipes. The nozzle didn't even clog up once ! I moved along quickly being careful not to spend too much down time as in the instructions.

What a great product and I have since recommended it to friends in the business. Too bad the tanks can't be recycled to be refilled by you. 


Greg M.
Levittown, NY

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"I applaud you and your company for your customer support!

Our cottage was flooded half way to the ceiling before we purchased it. We live on the fastest running river is the US, the Cedar River in Iowa. We've raised the cottage, insulated the underside with Foam-it-Green, and now want to insulate side walls a few feet up from the floor for protection from water penetration. It will also protect pex water lines in outside walls from freezing. We get -5 - -10 below, I've seen -26 below zero for 26 days straight! This winter will be interesting to watch our heat bill, with Foam-it-Green under the cottage!"

Don S.
Muscatine, IA

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"Dear Foam It Green,

If you live in an old house as I do, you will chuckle at some of the videos showing how to use spray foam. The situations shown don’t match some of the tricky circumstances you’ll encounter with an older home. But have no fear! With some creativity you can insulate many difficult spaces with spray foam. Here are a couple of tricks for hard to reach areas that require the slow-rise, cavity-fill formula:

Tim C.
Wilmington, DE


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"Hi Phil,
First, I would like to tell you how pleased I was with your foam product and the customer service that you offer. Everything was top notch. Second, I'm about to place another order... and noticed that your website has a discount code for repeat orders. Would you be able to provide me with one?


John H.
Toronto, ON

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"We care about a product that does what it says it will do. 

We care about keeping our heating costs down and the efficiency up. They spray foam we purchased, twice, is a great product. We have told many of our friends and when they are ready to insulate, they will know where to go for a good product that does a good job.

Thank you."

Liz F.
Saugerties, NY

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You too can join this testimonial contest. Each quarter we pick at least 1 customer who stands out using Foam it Green for their project. Just share your experience and your success so that others can see and learn from your example. The best one receives either a Foam it 202 Anti-Microbial delivered for Free or $250.00.

Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

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