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Being new to using your product, the company staff and customer service was more than helpful in calculating material, pricing application instruction and comfort in knowing they were only a phone call away should a question to a problem arise,even in the midst of the job.  

Being new to your company's product it was very comforting for a small buisness owner such as my self, who is willing to expand his capability of income. Doing so requires risk of improper application for a quality end result.Foam it Green was there for me to get that acomplished. For that I am very thankful.. Thank you,

Tony B.
Pompton Lakes, NJ

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Spray foam kit I got worked great. This winter I want to prep some areas in my attic and then spray foam those as well.

I give energy seminars and will be recommending your products for the DIY's.

Robert E.
Gainesville, GA

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I took off yesterday afternoon from work to spray my quansit hut. It was sunny, but only about 55 deg. So I put a small kerosine space heater (being careful about the open flame) in the hut, kept the door open a crack and let it heat the place up for an hour or so. Then I sprayed it an it went well! The kit worked as advertised, did a great job. Note: I didn't wear the nomex suit or gloves - wear the gloves!

Thanks for the good material kit.
Earl S.
W. Clarksville, NY

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A year ago I researched DIY spay foam but did not have a project to use it on. August 2012 my home had hurricane damage to the roof over the bathroom, so I had to remove ceiling and walls. There was no insulation which is why the room was hot in summer and cold in winter. I decided to get the spay in foam in place of pink insulation for this project. The spray foam package was just the right size for my bathroom.

The spray foam sealed up the walls and ceiling and the room does not get hot during the day. the product was easy to use.

Troy B.
Metairie, LA

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I was extremely happy with your product.  I found it to be easy to use, safe and a well engineered system.  The videos online are awesome and very informative.  I used a Foam It Green 202 for my basement and to fill a number of voids around a duct system.  It has made an unbelievable difference in the basement.  I will be using your product again in the future and have already raved about it and recommended it to numerous people.  I have even taken them on tours of my basement work to show them the system and still have the tanks for "demo" purposes when showing.  I know, a little wierd.

Videos were great instructions and very informative. No moisture from sweating wood - The bulk of my basement work was in the Rim Joist/Sill Plate.  It was previously filled with fiberglass that did not do the job and the wood was black with mildew.  No problem anymore!  Everything is great.

Paul M.
Ortonville, MI

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Just wanted to say that I just bought the 202 kit and found it to be awesome! I am going to recommend this to anyone/everyone that will listen. Thank you very much!

Jonathan C.
Lake Villa, Illinois

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We have a remote cabin in Colorado mountains that no one wanted to come and insulate. We cleaned out the old fiber insulation and sprayed in your product. The temps up there are already dipping down to 8 degrees. The crawl space that was insulation with your product is toasty warm compared to outside. We feel now we can use our cabin this winter because the pipes will not freeze!

Tracy S.
Denver, Colorado

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I wanted to let you all know how happy I am with the product so far.  I bought the product in early August, but do to construction delays, (late supply order) I was not able to use the product until today.  I was anxious as the temp. in this part of the country are about 20 degrees cooler now than then.

I proceeded, following the instructions to a tee. (Actually, I think that I memorized them).  Everything went great.  Set up, application and final results all went as the instructions said.  Dont know about energy savings yet, but am pleased with ease of application.  I did not use all of the product, so I will report back as to how things go after storage. Thanks for all of your attention and concern.


Steve S.
Eagle Bridge, NY

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Resently had a leak in my Hot tub. Once fixed and old foam removed, I needed a better new foam to finish the repair. A super helpful person guided me to the right product. I bought the Anti Microbial E84 202 Kit. Worked Awsome. Filled area fast and completely. Closed Cell foam is better for water, in case it leaks again. Fast Clean up, Kit had all need items in it.

Fast supportive personnel that had great answers for my needs. I learned about a new product and had great success with it which will definitely make me become a return customer and recommend it to others.

Mike M.
Barlett, IL

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I sprayed my basement walls before dry wall to provide a vapor barrier, insulate and resist mold. Using Foam It Green saved me almost $1000 and only took me two hours! They say nothing speaks louder than words, but I think $1000 in your pocket comes awfully close.

The only complaint I had was that after dressing in my suit, gloves and respirator, our Yorkie wanted to eat me. I guess I'm just glad we don't have a Pit Bull.

Mike R.
Oak Harbor, OH

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We will definitely order again when we are ready for our next room renovation. It sealed just as it said on their website and they where very helpful in our order and it was delivered with no problem. We are actually excited for the winter months, we know that we have really sealed our home from wind and chill with the Foam it Green. We even invited friends and family over to see the finished product of foam it green and they where amazed, I would recommend to anyone redoing their home.

Tim & Jane S.
Bryan, OH

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It was hot work last weekend, but we did it.  We insulated our entire cottage main floor and attic.  We started out with just one 202 closed cell kit to see if we could really spray our own insulation.  That went alright so we jumped right in and bought 7 kits and within 48 hours had our job done!  It was much easier that we thought it would be and we saved over $1,000 on installation costs.
Mike and Holly B.
Sewickley, PA
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Less than an hour after I started, my new bathroom (still just roughed studs and joists) felt like the tightest room in the whole condo. With a cold Rocky Mountain winter just a few weeks away, I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Brad P.
Aurora, CO


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I was searching for a product that would "seal" in my front porch so that I would not have to re-do the project again later. That's when I came across your website, by a search I did online. Your website is very informative and is what made me decide to even try your product!

When I received your product, I was a little overwhelmed but once I watched your videos again, it made me realize that anybody can do this!! The actual process of spraying the product is simple and easy; and it is super fast, too. I have seen a major difference in the temperature of the room I insulated and I am thrilled, to say the least! I am glad I came across this product and I have already referred friends and family to you. It is absolutely THE easiest, best, and most affordable way to insulate your home on your own without having to pay labor costs to somebody else. Just give it a try and you will NOT be disappointed!

Valerie S.
Avoca, NY

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This was my first spray foam experience and I will never have to regret the decision I have made. I am currently saving money monthly, I do not have a cold floor and instead warm feet, I have no drafts at all, and also my HVAC ducts hold the hot or cold air to make my new living space very comfortable. Thank you Foam it Green for a making an easy and cost effective DIY product that really works!!!

From one 602 kit, I now can now comfortably stand in barefeet in our new bedroom addition and look out at the window as snow is falling. It is a great feeling my project was a success.

David P.
Pittsburgh, PA


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So far, after the first few nights of cold weather here in the northeast my customers and friends are thrilled with their investment in Foam It Green.

James C.
Wantage, NJ


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The spray foam was just the ticket, the R-value of my ceiling is at least twice what it was before and the tin cannot possibly "sweat" because the foam is water resistant and more importantly for me, an allergy sufferer, it also resists molding which was a serious problem for me with the old roof. My house is warm and dry thanks to Guardian Energy Technologies and I project that my heating costs will be cut by at least 35%.

Branden K.
Rockwood, PA


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I am a 53 year old lady of small stature. My first career was baker/pastry chef...second career is a registered dental hygienist with license to perform anesthesia. I would enjoy doing applications of these foam products for a third career. I have no special skills at all, just made the right decision when I purchased this product. Set up was easy, every step followed precisely and application went wonderful. It was so much fun to spray.

Laura W.
Fayette City, PA


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Just wanted to let you know I finally got around to foaming my rim joists in the basement.  The hardest thing was pulling out the batts of insulation and putting them back after foaming.  That stuff was awesome! It was so easy to use and took a total of 30 minutes from start to finish of moving around the batts of fiberglass insulation.  Great product and great customer support!

Aron F.
Hinkley, OH


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Using the green foam spray has been an enjoyable process. It is very easy to use. I used it on an addition and the coverage was right on, thanks to the great customer support team. I will definitely use this product in the future and know that this has given me and my family the best insulation and comfort that money cam buy.

The most important benefit that comes to mind for me using this product is the sealing benefits. I don't think any other product out there can do this.

Jason D.
Colombus, OH

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This message is for David S.  I just wanted to thank you for all you did in explaining the green foam and how it works. I finally sprayed it under my cabin in upstate N.Y. I worked great, a little messy but I covered the whole bottom twice and will get a good  R value. Now my beagle can sit on the floor without having to freeze.
Roy D.
Staten Island, NY
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The project is going well. I love your product. I am spraying the roof side of my attic. I have a house that is 112 years old and we have had a bat problem. I am sealing the inside to help with energy savings but mostly to seal every crack to keep out the bats. My other option was to replace the roof. I have a tile roof (spanish style). The tile roof is 112 years old and has historic value. The house is one of a kind.

I can't see how the foam will not work. It seems to seal the wood just fine. The wood is a tongue and groove type and the foam is sealling those cracks. I may not have needed to do the entire underside of the roof but doing so will help with energy savings as well as seal all cracks.
You are welcome to use this information if it helps you to sell your product.

Tom S.
Chamberlain, SD

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I ordered the largest kit you sell.  It came with 4 kegs of foam.  I installed it one month ago.  It is getting colder outside now, but it is warm and quiet in my basement.  I love the product and all of the extras it came with.  I thought no way would I need all of those nozzles.  I was wrong, I used the last one to finish the job.  I ran out of foam and nozzles at the same time.  It is almost like you all planned it that way.  Someone has great math skills @ Foam it Green.

I look forward to getting more foam and getting the rest of the basement done.  It will take a few months to save the money to get it purchased.  Or if you have any new products you would like me to test? For free? LOL.  Anyway I am extremely happy with the Foam it Green system and the service I got from all of you at SprayFoamDirect.com

Andy S.
Bloomfield, IA

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Emailed in a snit to ask where my other tips were. Linda called twice immediately and emailed to explain that they may have fallen down next to one of the tanks. OK, so I'm an idiot.

Use this product before you do ANY framing in the basement. I didn't do that so it made my job much more difficult. I found after taking the insulation out of our rim joists in the basement that there were several places where you could actually see light. I used the 602 kit and filled 215 feet of rim joists. Now there is no light and no breeze. NICE!!!

I found that putting the tanks on a furniture dolly helps a bunch and having a friend hold a light and help move stuff is nice also. Also, as soon as your spray starts looking different, change your tip. This product is awesome and I'd like to get some more to insulate my heat ducts, sound proof the basement bath walls and the master bedroom from the basement.

Ray S.
Aurora, CO

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We used your product to add insulation to the exterior wall space in a couple of rooms when they were opened up as part of a renovation project.  The product works fine. The builder had not worked with it
before, but picked it up without too much trouble.

I'd like to put more in, but on top of the other renovations, I don't have the money right now. My house was originally built in 1955 so it certainly will benefit.

I and the builders are pleased with the product. I can certainly see them recommending it on their future jobs.

Glenn P.
Edgewater, MD

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You too can join this testimonial contest. Each quarter we pick at least 1 customer who stands out using Foam it Green for their project. Just share your experience and your success so that others can see and learn from your example. The best one receives either a Foam it 202 Anti-Microbial delivered for Free or $250.00.

Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

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