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"Dear SprayFoam Family: 
The product and installation was a breeze. We are building a geodesic dome and needed something that could go on easy and quick. Not only was it easy to use but the whole process only took a few hours to cover over 2,000 sq feet of complex patterns. The safety gear also helped me get lots of fun facebook feedback too!" 

Evan K.
Kansas, IL

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"We have about a 6x3x3 space under a tub that is not under our foundation that has for 13 years been about impossible to completely seal ... until NOW! This space had been insulated with fiberglass insulation which only provided a "resort experience" for mice. I pulled out all that insulation and sprayed the walls with foam. I was concerned that it would be difficult, but oh how I was wrong! In a matter of minutes I felt like a pro who had been doing this for a living for years. Thanks Foam it Green! 

Michael B.
Murray, KY


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"Simply stated the product worked as advertised. The instructions were plain and easy to follow. I followed them and the product performed. It truly is as easy as spraying a garden hose. One of the untold benefits is the easy cleanup of the overspray and "globs". Once dried everything scraped right up. 

Also because I used this in my tax office the noise reduction from road noise has been greatly reduced. Great product. I will be ordering more when I start work on my house. I used this product in my tax office. Can't wait to see this year's heating bills. 

The benefits will be in lower energy cost, road noise, and sound proofing. Your company has been great to work with. This is the first time I have used this type of products. Many of my clients came in before the drywall was put up and commented on it. Some have inquired as to where I got the product. I have had no problem in telling them about your company. Thanks again." 

Roger H.
Burlington, KS

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"Great customer service. Friendly knowledgeable representatives. Shipping on time with no delays.

I have used the foam it green products on a few different projects and they do what they advertise. Excellent air and moisture barriers. Applied to the roof of a camper it stopped the leaks around the skylights as well as reduced inside temp by 20 degrees in the heat of summer. I strongly recommend these products. As a contractor I have used many different types of products, and I can say that their do it yourself kits are very, very easy to use." 

Kenneth K.
Waverly, TN

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"We read the simple instructions. We prepared the area to be sprayed. Shook the cans as instructed. We sprayed around the 33 windows and the area where it would be impossible to Insulate. In about 2 hours we were done. 

Wow. The next time we need to close up an area we will use only Foam it green. The benefits were that everything we needed came with the kit ...and that was because the person on the phone at the time we order it help us to order it the right way. We had everything." 

Thank you,
James T. 
Worcester, MA

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"I had quotes to insulate rim joists in a rental house: $850!!!!! I ordered the FOAM IT GREEN, watched the how-to videos, suited up with the included safety gear, and went to work! It took me less than an hour to do it myself! And here's the kicker: I'm a 52 y/o female, 5'2", 100 lbs! HA! $500 still in my bank account! Tickles me "GREEN"!! 

By doing it myself I saved ALOT of money, and also have the satisfaction of knowing that it was done right....with no skimping. The service was extremely quick, the product is easy to work with (once you get the 'groove') and the benefits? Well I'm sure they will be substantial as this was applied to an 81 y/o home!!" 

Karen B.
Painesville, OH

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"Friendly, intelligent service from start to finish. They answered my questions and help calm my nerves I've never done this type of work before. 

I found that the temperature that was coming out of my A/C ducts went from 70* down to 62* on a very, very hot TN. Day. It was 99* outside and it was nice and cool inside I had to step outside to warm up a little bit. 

By spraying the underside of our house (crawl space) and spraying the A/C ducks the house is cooler PLUS a side benefit is that the removal of the old insulation has made the house smell better under and inside there's no place for the mice to poo now." 

Robert H.
Granville, TN

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"On my first purchase I received a very friendly thank you for my business. To me it held higher value for showing me gratitude and moral character, and exceeded any other that I have ever received.

I have a downward forced central air system with a 5' crawl space. I was having problems with condensation building up under my house on my ductwork. This was keeping my crawlspace damp. So I bought a Foam it Green kit and sprayed my ductwork under my house. It did exactly what I wanted it to and more. Not only has the condensation stopped building under my house, but my ductwork is now quiet. No more noises from the metal expanding and contracting. On top of that, I'm no longer heating and cooling under my house and very pleased with the drop in my energy costs. It was very easy and fast to put on, best decision I ever made with this high quality product." 

Ron C.
Brighton, MI

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"First use was in Texas in a small A frame with open studs. Before installation of foam building was so hot the AC would not bring down the temp at all during the 100 plus temps in Texas last month. When the install was complete the room dropped 15 degrees without the AC running. With ac the room was able to cool down in one day. 

The second use was in Florida inside trailer walls of an unfinished trailer. Before foam unit was always hot even though I had some insulation installed. Once i installed foam the trailer changed from over 100 degrees to where AC could lower temp and cycle the AC unit. Hope this helps to tell your great product story. I will be buying more product in the future. Thanks mcd" 

Mark M.
Dime Box, TX

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"I purchased the kit that includes two (2) Foam It 602 Kits, goggles, a Tyvek suit, gloves and extra nozzles a couple of weeks ago. The kit included everything that was advertised and was delivered as promised to my doorstep two (2) days after it was ordered with absolutely no charge for delivery. You won't find that deal anywhere else on the internet. 

The product was much easier to use than I expected and performed exactly as promised. The Foam It Green kits are so easy to use that I have no doubt a reasonably intelligent monkey could apply it. 

Joe V.
Devils Lake, ND


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"Real easy to do! Preparation was the most important factor in using Foam It Green. I prepared and when it came time to do it.... My son and I completed the basement (Spraying) in 3 hours and it's perfect! 

We purchased our home in Oct 2010 and we didn't know a few things. It's a great house but it had rodents, bugs and a snake problem. NO MORE!!! Every morning I would have to vacuum the hundreds of millipedes from my basement floor. Not anymore! Next day and every day since not a single bug to be found!! Since doing the work we haven't had a single mouse in a trap! I was worried I bought a bad house but now I know I have a great Home for my family." 

Bill C.
Sussex, WI

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"I sprayed my HVAC with it. It stopped the condensation that we thought was a leak from the bath & dish washer. It's easy to use with good coverage. My wife kept the thermostat at 68 to 65. Now set at 74 she complains she is cold." 

Robert P.
Edison, NJ

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"When I got the product delivered I started reading all the instructions. I even went and watched the video on the Foam it Green web site several times before I started using the product. Doing everything they said to do, I had no problems with the foam. 

Everything worked just like they said it would. 

Buster D.
Pampa, TX


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"I retrofitted an older though well insulated house with a five ton heat pump. The installer did not insulate my legacy galvanized works, leaving me with a condensation problem. I originally planned to just cover the galvanized portions with anti-microbial spray foam, but decided to go ahead and spray my rim-seal while at it. 

The spray foam, not only sealed my legacy galvanized registers etc. flawlessly, completely sealing against condensation; but, we've had to cut the air conditioner up two degrees in my upstairs because in sealing the rim we increased the efficiency of our heat pump that much too! 

Al J.
War, WV


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"I do not own but have considerable experience with the cart mounted compressor driven two part urethane foam systems. I decided to try to do a foam insulation job without borrowing or renting the equipment and selected the Foam It Green System on the basis of price and testimonials. 

I couldn't have made a better choice. I will admit to being a little skeptical at first, but the video assistance and promise of real time help should things go wrong sold me and I bought the 1200 board foot kit. 

Ted L.
Bristol, VT


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"I used your product last weekend when I did my basement sills and an addition crawl space. 

I will be getting more from you folks! 

Simple, quick and easy. And it does what it's supposed to." 

Dave M.
Baldwinsville, NY

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"The aspect of purchasing from you that was most satisfying was the service after I placed the order online. I received detailed emails confirming the order, confirming when the order would ship and then an email confirming that the order had actually shipped. 

The two most beneficial aspects of purchasing from you were the information on your website and then the service after I placed my order. The information helped me decide on the specific product and to order from you. The service after the order was placed reassured me that I made the right decision." 

Jost L.
Houston, TX

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"We could not be more satisfied with the customer support and product. 

One thing I noticed right from the start is if you call for support or to order foam, no matter what time of the day, you don't even have to leave a message the company calls you right back. To me customer support means a great deal. 

Last year I ordered thousands of dollars of foam from another company to insulate my basement. The last few orders the performance was not that great. We decided to try your company and after using the product I wish I would have tried it sooner. 

A couple of things that I like better is the temperature label on the outside of the tank for optimal performance and the extras that come with the kit. I plan to foam the rest of my house with this product." 

Kevin A.
Painted Post, NY

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"My wife & I decided to redo an attic area of our home. It is small and was last renovated in the 1960's. We gutted it to the bare studs and started over. 

The ceiling rafters were only 2x6 and the heat from the sun made it feel like an oven. It had "Rock Wool" insulation that was dirty, and showed evidence of mice. 

Lou D.
Madison, NJ


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"When we lost the insulation around the ductwork under our house due to river flooding, Foam It Green was the only replacement option that made sense. After a messy cleanup of the old insulation, we are so relieved to know that should flooding reoccur in the future, our new foam insulation can be cleaned and will be safe from mold. 

The delivery was quick, which we really needed since we were replacing insulation around ductwork after river flooding in the spring. We wanted the ducts insulated before turning on the air for the summer. The fact that EVERYTHING needed was in the box made the project so much easier. I could NOT believe that it was done in an afternoon!" 

Brian W.
Mount Vernon, IN

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"Thanks. Your customer service is impressive and a bit stunning. Careful or people will start to expect other business to behave in the same way and you may lose friends in the business community." 

Mike F.
Mendota, IL

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"I used your great product in a Solar Energy School I have in Ensenada, Mexico. The school is located in the Sierra Juarez mountains and for our standards in Mexico, the weather is extreme. Is not really hot in the summer because of the altitude, but is very cold in the winter. We teach solar electricity and sustainable living subjects. 

Deciding which product to use (I used it for the roof) was easy, taking the risk of not using the product you advised me (3 lb. density foam) because of the reasonable price, the high R value and the easy usage. 

Luis L.
Escuela de Energia Solar


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"I just used my foam kit this weekend and it worked great! Thank you for including all the gear: the tyvek suit and goggles, gloves and extra nozzles. I used them all but one. 

I foamed an exterior wall and a large crawl space." 

Eric N.
Newbury, OH

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"I used the first kit to spray part of my barn wall, where my water lines froze last year. The kit was easy to use and it gave a good coating, it definitely should help." 

Charles W.
Youngstown, NY

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"Thank you Mike and the team who helped track this last part of my kit. I was able to stay on schedule and we used the kit yesterday, to insulate between the floor joist of our camp located in the "Tug Hill Region" of New York State. The kit worked as described, absolutely flawlessly. My only suggestion is it would be nice to offer a size choice for the tyvec suit, it was a little snug. (Editor's Note: Please just put your preference in the order notes so you get exactly the size you want). 

Thanks again and I will be a returning customer" 

Harvey F.
Clyde, NY

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You too can join this testimonial contest. Each quarter we pick at least 1 customer who stands out using Foam it Green for their project. Just share your experience and your success so that others can see and learn from your example. The best one receives either a Foam it 202 Anti-Microbial delivered for Free or $250.00.

Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

Spray foam kits are quicker and easier to use plus you get a seamless air barrier and high r-value in just 1 inch. Choose Foam It Green spray foam insulation kits and don't settle for less than you deserve.

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