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Great site! Very informative, especially for a new user like me. I loved the step by step instructions well as the very helpful videos. Your site was the only one that gave instructions on how to spray an open wall and use temporary plastic covered boards to virtually eliminate the waste. Yours was the only site to include gloves, the Tyvek suit, and goggles! The followup emails I received after I purchased were great, as I got to ask questions about MY job before I started. The DO'S and DON'TS booklet, included in the shipment, was great as I avoided the most common mistakes. Speaking of shipments, I got mine in 2 DAYS!

Loved the complete kit with great instructions and personalized attention BEFORE I started the job.

Kevin M.
Troy, MI


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This experience changed my mind about d0-it-yourself home insulation. It couldn't have been easier. I unpacked the kit and read through the material in 10 minutes. About an hour later I had finished applying the first coat of insulation to the entire exterior wall of the basement. Another hour later I applied a second coat and I was done with the project. I will definitely order more when it is time to redo the garage ceiling since there is living space above. It should take care of the drafts coming through the unsealed corners and edges. I love this stuff.

This has been an easy product to use and it has helped to overcome some of the issues with standard insulation.

Lowell S.
Rockville, MD

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I have just finished my first application of foam it green and am very happy with the results. This is my second order and I will be ordering more in the future.

Joshua C.
Los Gatos, CA

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Excellent experience. I had a gas fireplace that had a bump out and the fireplace fit into it. However, since the house was built, the wood shrank creating a gap, not to mention all the nail holes that was letting air in also. So, my gas fireplace was leaking a good amount of air. I had a service guy come over, and he stated he would need to pull the fireplace out and he would insulate and silicone caulk the gaps. I talked to a friend at work who told me about spray foam. I did some research and found many different brands available. I choose foam it green because of their using no lack of chemical additives that other brands add. I told my contractor what we were going to do..he was going to pull the fireplace out, and I would spray. He was skeptical at first, but after seeing it done, he is now going offer this to all his customers. He fixes alot of fireplaces with this same issue. He would have been caulking all day. Within 30 minutes of spraying, we were putting the fireplace back in it's place. It saved us tons of time, and I have a much better job then he could have done. He was so impressed. I am thrilled..not one hint of air coming through the fireplace. I wish the rest of my house was done with this product.

I am thrilled with how fast the product dries.
I am thrilled with the fact that I have no gaps in my wall for air. This will save me money on my heating bill. I will use this product for any future projects I have moving forward.

Terry H.
Martinsburg, WV

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I have finished my project and was very satisfied with your product. I used it under a porch in the basement where the cue decking was showing. It is a storage room without heat and this has stopped the condensation.  I have shown it to people that come here and they seemed impressed by the product also.

Matt S.
Morgantown, WV

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Cannot believe how warm (and USEABLE) my basement has become.  It's been great having this space back through the winter months. Thanks to the new insulation added, the little bathroom in-floor heat (set at 70) has been enough to keep my entire basement comfortable.

I'm very happy I tackled my fear and did it - Just sorry I didn't do it earlier.

Michelle H.
Lakeville, MN

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Now that winter's in full bloom I can feel the true value of your product. It has also been noticeable in my oil tank level! So glad I did it! Thanks for making it easy.

John M.
Stamford, CT

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Foam it Green was the easiest insulation I have ever installed. As a middle aged female, I was worried about the tanks being too heavy, or the foam not mixing correctly. However, this system is fool proof. I read all the directions, suited up,and had all the rim joist foamed in about 2 hours. We loved this product so much, we decided to return the fiberglass insulation purchased and foam the basement walls as well.

Due to the age of our home, we had a lot of drafts and Foam it Green filled all the areas. We could feel the difference of airflow coming into the house within a day. We are looking forward to a better sealed home and lower heat/cooling cost for years to come with Foam it Green.

Jamie S.
Vinton, IA

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 I am remodeling my basement and was looking for spray foam for insulation. I called the first company I found and didn't bother looking any further. From the very first phone call I knew the staff knew what they were talking about. They were more than willing to help answer my questions and didn't make me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about. I finally decided to make my purchase and pick up the product. It was easy, no hassle. I went home, reviewed the DVD and geared up with my husband to go for it. It was the easiest application. You really do have to make sure you read the instructions or you can make some serious mistakes but overall it went on EXACTLY as it is described. This is the very first product I have ever bought that works exactly as it is in the instructions and in the description.

We sprayed 2 of our basement exterior walls in December, before the Arctic Blast hit Chicago with -25 degree weather and boy did it make a difference. Our basement was always very cold and drafty and typically about 50 degrees in winter time because there was absolutely no insulation. This year, we covered only half of the basement and our temp was a nice and toasty 62 degrees! We still need two additional walls to foam but we need to take down the panels and buy more foam. We are extremely satisfied with the service and the product. Wow!

Ana N.
Chicago, IL

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Best experience I have ever had with a sprayable foam. The kit contained everything needed; the info was simply and easy to understand. I was a little unsure of how the product would spray in the middle of winter but the system preformed great! Only used 2 spray nozzles. Foam sprayed great. No issues. A very hassle free complete packaging system with great results and very easy to apply. I would recommend it to anyone. The product was sprayed in a basement in the winter and had NO ODORS in the house. No issues with kit. It was just GREAT and the results were Fantastic!  Will order again on my next project.  Great value save a ton of money instead of hiring a contract very easy to do.  Great Results !!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick L.
Rochester Hills, MI

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Everything worked out great in the basement.  It has been warm and toasty so far this winter.  Thanks for checking in on us.

Debra O.
Ferndale, MI

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Since completing my project of insulating the garage I have seen the savings on my utility bill of being about a $20 reduction each and every month. In seven years time this will have paid for itself. Great product!

Joseph E.
Union, KY

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It actually went really well-I was surprised how good the kits worked comparing it to my $100k spray rigs I have. Was for sure impressed with how well it sprayed. It will make a big difference in using it for smaller projects we do and also in smaller confined areas like under peer and beam house that we do.

Mike C.

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All done. Worked well. Thanks.

David W.
Murray, KY

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Everything went well and I was very pleased with the product thanks.

Richie P.
Pennington Gap, VA

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I used half my kit to insulate the front walls of my Philly row home first 2 floors. The second half is for the third floor front and back which is under construction.. I'm so stoked on the draft free downstairs. It's a life changer. Good stuff. Thanks.

Ben M.
Philadelphia, PA

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All good, loved the product.

Noel B.
Manson, OH

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My project is done, the kit worked great!

Ho-Ching Y.
Elliot City, MD

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I've completed my project and are well satified with the final results and the ease of use. It was a lot easier than i was expecting. Will certainly use on any other projects and refer to others.

Danny R.
Dry Branch, GA

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The job was completed a few weeks ago, so now I am just waiting to see how it does when all of our snow melts!  Here are some before & after pictures.

Toni B.
Albion, ME


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Everything was great. Bought a little more than I needed, so trying find other projects to utilize all the material.

Pete M.
Marion, IA

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Project competed. See photo.

Daniel C.
Asheville, NC

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The project was a huge success. I had problems at the beginning with what turned out to be a broken spray gun but Linda on the support line was patiently able to help me figure it out and ultimately send me a new gun.

Since foaming the sill in my basement along the perimeter of my house, I'm happy to report that the efficiency of my radiant heat system has increased dramatically.  It seems that drafts from the sill were creeping cold into the floor and robbing heat from the radiant tubing.

I'm planning to spray foam the attic as my next project. I look forward to working with you and the helpful team at Guardian Energy again.

Leo L.
Glen Head, NY

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I completed the project. It was my second time, so thats why I did not have any questions.  It was great, easy and very good material. I will always use Foam it Green. I will strongly recommend my friends.

Pjerin V.
Cortlandt Manor, NY

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We are all done.  We had no problems and it all worked as advertised.
Will recommend to others in the future.  Thank You.

Kevin K.
La Porte, IN

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Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

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