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Things went just fine.  Very happy with the results.

Mark O.
Merriam, KS

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The previous projects were completed.  We will be using more, but at my house!

Jason T.
Chicago, IL

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Our project is done! We are super pleased with your product. Thank you for making it so easy! We used your online videos and it was a breeze. Thank you!!

Sandra P.
Seattle, WA

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All done, worked great!

Todd M.
Goddard, KS

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I completed my project several weeks ago. Everything went fine. The foam was easy to apply and use.

Wayne K.
Phoenix, AZ

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Project is done. Everything is good.

Steven I.
Street, MD

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all is good. Finished. thanks.

Robert H.
Troy, NY

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I have all of the contents of the two containers. I foamed the exterior wall of the new tile shower I am installing along with
the exterior wall where the new whirlpool tub is going to be installed. The foaming went very smoothly. It was very easy for me to do this myself.

Brian R.
Lafayette, IN

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Everything went well and the client is happy!
Your product is fantastic!

Michael M.
Plymouth, MI

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We have completed the project and everything went well.

Philip W.
Southhaven, MS

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The project is finished.  We used just about all of the 602 kit to insulate our long wheel base Sprinter van.  We added a liner kit to the walls, doors, and ceiling then foamed the edges together to make it as tight as possible.  We boxed in the wheel wells and foamed them as well.  We insulated our custom-built aluminum bulkhead and covered the cargo side with 1/4" plywood for a nice, finished look.  With the Carrier heat/cool unit, our tomatoes have been arriving in Pennsylvania in great shape!

Jesse P.
East Thetford, VT

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We have finished our project and the foam worked great! Was easy to use and works great! We will be ordering more!

James W.
Lusby, MD

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Everything went great

Joe N.
Chesterton, IN

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My project is complete now.  Beings as it was all new to me is was definitely an adventure.  Once I got going with it everything went well.  I used it for an overhead project in our "man cave".  I pulled out all of the ceiling drywall, approximately 750 sq ft and left the exposed attic flooring and rafters then used your product to fill in between the rafters.  It looks really good and provides us sound proofing as well as insulation. Thank you for all of your tips and help!

Jennifer D.
Columbia, SC

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Things went great wish I could afford another kit and I would do the rim of the entire house!

Scott W.
Paola, KS

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Everything went well. The kits were fantastic!

Justin W.
Half Moon Bay, CA

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I finished my project last fall and noticed quite the improvement over our harsh winter. You guys were super helpful with getting me another gun so I didn't end up wasting a half tank of valuable foam. I would certainly recommend your product to anyone re-insulating. It's super fast and works great. Thanks again.

John U.
Independence, MO

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Just finished my project, looks great and can feel the temperature improvement overnight, thanks.

Dean B.
Springfield, NJ

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Awesome product. Ordering more for a future project

Yuly N.
Bronx, NY

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I watched the video's and read the instructions several times before I bought it or used it. I was nervous because there are a lot of scary stories about similar products out there. I finally sprayed my basement floor. I knew it would be a little messy but not bad at all. The product dried fairly quickly and was easier to use than I anticipated. Project is not finished I will update when I am done.

Easy to use if you read All the directions and prepare for the job and two everything I saw and read performed as described. I had no complaints which in these times is rare and refreshing. As an inspector it's an occupational hazard to look for faults and the reasons for them so I was extremely happy to have a day off.

Joe L.
Jefferson, SC

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I am pleased with your product.  I used it along my rim joists and sill plates which I first covered with one inch foiled faced foam board.  The Foam it Green foam went over the foam board to seal any
gaps and add another seven plus R-factor to these areas.  Your instruction sheets, do's and dont's were well thought out and helpful.

James R.
Edina, MN

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I am pleased with the results of foam. Between work and weather I only have half of my project finished. I used one 600 kit and it went well easy to apply. We will be ordering more from you in the future!

Dewey M.
Cushing, TX

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I have used it and it worked great!

Helen W.
Alpharetta, GA

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Just a note to report my complete satisfaction with the two component closed cell foam kit. I pulled down a wall next to a door in an entry that was drafty and cold. I cleaned away the cob webs, old insulation and dirt and applied the foam in the two bays containing the door as well as around the door jamb itself. I filled the space and then trimmed away a little extra to get the foam flat with the studs. I kept the area “open” for about a week before placing the wallboard. There was no shrinkage or other issue and the foam completely sealed and insulated the wall from air infiltration and cold. It worked great and I plan to target other areas to gradually improve the general thermal performance of my home.

Paul K.
Cambridge, MA

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We did an exterior wall in the kitchen and the difference is astounding compared to the rest of the house. Can't wait to finish this year and see the difference in utility bills next winter. Look forward to working with you again in the future.

Sheryl L.

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Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

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