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Thanks again for the wonderful product, the support, the website movies and information, and for giving DIY home owners the affordable ability to perform the work with Foam it Green products.

Michael I.
Naperville, IL


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It turned out very clean and well sealed and it looks super fresh. The smell was gone in just a couple of hours. The suite, gloves and eye protection worked great along with my purchased chemical mask from Lowes. There was ample tips and I used almost all of them. Clean up isn't to difficult as it scrapes clean and fast, just a little messy until you sweep it up. Would I spend that much again? Yes I would because it made the whole house feel more solid with less noise inside plus I don't think tiny ants or bugs will enjoy it as much as fiberglass that is easy to nest under. So thank you Foam it Green for a clean alternative.

Susan K.
Branson, MO

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I finished my insulation project, which included foaming the rim joist around the perimeter of my house.  It has made a huge difference in the climate of the basement.  I would have to empty a dehumidifier at least once per day, previously.  Now, I go up to three days without it filling up. Also, I have previously had problems with mice/insects.  I didn't know this previously, but my exterminator said I have now taken care of 80-90 percent of the problem by foaming the rim joists. I also have a work colleague who is ordering some foam it green due to my recommendation! I don't normally endorse products, but I think your product is awesome.

Benjamin R.
Port Jefferson, NY

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It worked perfect.  The Freezer is no longer letting in any air and it stopped snowing in there.  Thanks a Bunch.  If I decide to do my other two coolers you will be hearing from me in the future. 

Harry K.
Ballwinn, MO

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I was very impressed with the 602 Spray Foam Kit.  I read all the instructions of what to do and what not to do.  After perfect site preparation and utilizing ALL of the protective apparel; I began spraying with two helpers, one to hold a bright light and one to mix and move the tanks.  I continuously sprayed all 602 Board Feet of material in about 60 minutes.  I only stopped twice to move to different rooms which justified changing spray tips; so I used a total of 3 spray tips.  Really excellent material, packaging, instructions and your sales staff is also very helpful.  I gladly recommend your product. 

Jonathan H.
Stilwell, KS

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The process is as simple as you advertise it to be.  The directions and the videos have made this project easier than I could have imagined. Thank you so much!!!

Jim M.
Urbandale, IA

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Hi my name is Brooke and my experience with it Foam Green was very good. My project was to insulate the walls and roof metal barn where I work. Bought the kit and I got 602 in 5 days.

The assembly of the equipment was very easy and I recommend preparing the area well before application to simplify the cleaning at the end. Another thing is to choose a warm day, or too hot or too cold. Once everything is ready, I recommend to start with the most important to cover areas if we run out before the end product and do not want to order another kit just for a bit.

The results, As work on a Metal Shed of the thermal difference is very large during the summer in Florida and most importantly had no installation costs. It is a highly recommended product.

Brooke G.
Freeport, FL

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I used the 602 kit in my crawl space because there was no insulation under my house and we had a very cold winter. Once under my house there were visible gaps (where sunshine could be seen) between the foundation and the framing - regular (pink) or blown insulation would never block the air coming in through these gaps.

Foam It Green filled them perfectly. I needed about 3-4 hours to prepare my crawl space, removed stored items, removed air vents and replaced with cinder blocks, and broom cleaned the cinder block walls as instructed. It then took about an hour to foam the walls. Read and follow the instructions, I did and had no problem whatsoever.

Lex P.
Parthenon, AR

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The project went great. The foam went on very easy ,did all that was recommended in you info sheet and was done in about 45 minutes.

Larry B.
New Washington, OH

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I have completed my first project and I am very happy with your product. I will be a repeat customer.

Michael F.
Lyons Falls, NY

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The foam work great we used it in a shower that two walls were outside walls not only it added strength to the wall it insulated it for the heated walls that the granite went on the owner was happy to see it because of the seven thousand pounds of granite we added.

David R.
Sunnyvale, CA

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Foam it Green is very easy to use and looks great! It came to our door quickly and was easy to use and worked great! after was sprayed on it stuck very well and kept out moisture! very happy with product!

Brian K.
Sioux Center, IA

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I used the foam to line and stiffen a homebuilt camper.

The small camper is made from very thin sheet steel and the foam both insulated and stiffened the skin. Just spent the weekend in my ANVILSTREAM camper and it stormed hard. 2.25" overnight and I was warm and dry, and the foam also made the rain impact noise bearable.

Only material I could use with all the attributes I needed. Major Benefit: stiffness and ease of application to a complex surface.

Jeff R.
Floyds Knobs, IN

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I made the decision to order mainly because everywhere I looked on the web there you were, but I didn't find anything negative. I also found Ron and Lauren very friendly and patient (professional). The fact that you have an anti microbial was a big plus.  I received the package yesterday used it today and thanks to your instructions, every thing worked out perfect. You run a real American company that I know I will use again.

Mike D.
Blue Point, NY

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The kit is the best thing since slice bread. you can install at the time you want no when they have time to come out.the kit has every thing you need to do the job right. i will tell everyone i know that is doing this kinda work. this product is the best i have ever used

Mike T.
Valencia, PA

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Great stuff, made the roof in the horse stalls sooo much quieter with the rain! I guess I sprayed it a little thick, so I'll just order some more, great stuff!

Eve G.
Copley, OH

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Thank you for a great product.  In spite of the nine months that have passed, it was only late March early April that we installed the spray foam in the ceiling of a new construction add-on room with cathedral ceiling. The application went well, the outcome was pleasing and so far, the insulation value is working.  

Daniel C.
Phippsburg, ME


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We recently purchased the 602 Foam It Green kit to insulate the rim joists in our house and our sons house. The kit arrived promptly at my house in 2 days. We cleaned the rim joist area, and after reading the instructions, and viewing set-up and installation procedures on your website, we felt comfortable in spraying the insulation. We put the two tanks on a rolling cart, so my son would spray a few joists and move ladder, and repeat this moving around the perimeter of the basement. I followed him with the rolling cart of insulation. Cart saved me from lifting each of the tanks and moving them. The insulation was easy to apply, very little clean- up and we had a large number of spray tips left over, as the kit includes more tips then needed.

Great ease of use and full coverage in the rim joist area. Also can return and add additional depth of insulation if needed.

Dan L.
Wayzata, MN

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Foam it Green is working well for my application.

Gerard S.
Saint Germain, WI

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So far I am very happy with the performance of the foam. We have touched triple digits down here in Texas a few times and there is a noticeable difference in temperature if you touch the wall of a spray-foamed room and the wall of another fiberglass insulated room--the latter is warm to the touch at 3PM. Love the product!

Rob M.
San Angelo, TX

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I just received the Foam It Green 602 kit that I ordered. I recently purchased an early 1900s house that I am in the process of flipping. After gutting it and making many room changes and additions, the plumbing inspector told me that I had to have an R value of 21 behind the water lines for my shower that ran up a 2x4 wall. Ya, right! R21 in 3.5inches. Well, Foam It Green allowed me to do this, and do it very easily. I got the product, followed the VERY simple directions, and had the foam up in no time and reached my R21 value with no problem. Worked so good that I am now filling the old 2x4 attic rafters that I have furred to 5.5 inches with Foam It Green so I can get to R30 and put another bedroom up there. I Love This Stuff! Follow the EASY directions and you CAN'T mess it up! Thanks.

Ken J.
Omaha, NE

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It's easy to use and works well on my RV repair. Thanks Foam-It-Green. I had estimation on my RV insulation repair for $1200. I bought Foam It 202 and did the job myself. Save lots of money!!!

Tyler L.
South Pasadena, CA

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I love the sprayer because it was strong and reusable. Most foam products have a lousy sprayer that dies after the first use. This one works great and made working on the roof easy.

Michelle S.
Washington DC


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The shipping was very prompt. I watched multiple videos on You Tube and read the instruction. I hooked everything up, was all dressed in my protective gear, and pulled the trigger. The Spray Foam It Green product worked AMAZING! I am a huge fan of the product. The closed cell foam did just as advertised, sealed and stabilized. I will continue to share the amazing news of this product.

Fast shipping. User friendly website. Solid customer service. Great product.

Matthew A.
Streator, IL

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My father and I used "Foam it Green" based on several positive reviews to insulate a basement. We were both very impressed with everything from this company, from shipping, instructions and finally the product itself. Applying "Foam it Green" was fast and easy and lived up to everything we have heard. My father and I would/will/do recommend this product.

Chris H.
Grandview, MO

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You too can join this testimonial contest. Each quarter we pick at least 1 customer who stands out using Foam it Green for their project. Just share your experience and your success so that others can see and learn from your example. The best one receives either a Foam it 202 Anti-Microbial delivered for Free or $250.00.

Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

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