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I used almost one kit of the duel 602 item I bought, on the exterior walls on one apartment. First time I did it and it was pretty easy. There was no insulation in the walls and you could tell by the sound in the apartment that is was insulated. I probably put on two inches in most of the exterior walls.

Chris S.
San Antonio, TX

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I was really surprised how solid and quiet it made my "cabin" project. I'm building a small off grid place out of shipping containers. I plan to use your product more in the future as I build. Here's a picture!

Emily S.
Newton Highlands, MA

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Having seen spray foam done 'professionally' at work, I was skeptical about doing it myself. After my experience, I'm going to keep coming back. My house has 4 additions that have been added over the years, and usually insulation was never on their mind. My latest project is my kitchen where the original outside walls are tongue and groove, with vinyl siding over top. The insulation was bare and there was NO insulation in the rim joist space. Now I've got the rim joist spaces insulated on the outside wall and a solid vapor barrier sprayed in the wall cavity. Looks like a warm winter is headed my way! In my kitchen I am happiest to have the vapor barrier qualities as well as the mold resistance in the sometimes wet area.

Glenn F.
Burtonsville, MD

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I work for a stage and set fabricating company, We use spray foam to build up and shape our pieces,( rocks, caves, statues, buildings). The customer service is great and ships fast. This product saves my company time, and time is money.

Ryan W.
Indianapolis, IN

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I finished my Foam It Green project!!! It went great and covered more than I thought it would! Looking forward to a warmer house this winter. Very happy with Foam It Green application!

Randy C.
Blueridge, GA

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I purchased a 1200 unit to spray my sister basement ceiling and it went pretty week for a first project! We will see this winter if it helps with her heating costs on a 40 year old ranch home…. she has asthma so if she does not have bad summer its been worth it.  Even thou when she ask me how many time i had done this she about had a heart attack when I said counting your house "one" but she's happy now!

William T.
Spartanburg, SC

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The foam job on my addition went fantastic. The kit was easy to use and I'm very satisfied with your product. I've been rotating in and out of Russia since January and will be heading up into the Russian Arctic / Northern Kara Sea in a few days. Will wrap things up this fall and return to the states. In the future I'm sure the delivery truck will be delivering more to me. Thanks for a great product.

Marion H.
Chauvin, LA

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I would like to tell you about the results of my project. I sprayed the underside of my shop roof then used fiberglass batts to fill the 2 x 6 rafter space. last year it was unbearably hot upstairs during the summer. This year we are in the midst of our hottest weather so far. The shop is now pleasantly cool with a few windows open! What a difference! The shop is divided into 2 sections. One is insulated and one is not. It is very obvious of the benefits of insulation. Next year I hope to spray the rest of the roof as well as the underside of my floors in the house. Thanks for the great product!

Dennis O.
Mt. Vernon, WA

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We've worked with FIG before and had good results in the two previous towers. You have a great product.

Jorge S.
Miami, FL

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I did the job on Saturday everything worked great.

Zdenek P.
Oak Park, IL

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I'll admit that I was skeptical of the do it yourself foam kits. But I am so pleased that I went with Foam It Green. From the time I placed my order, I knew I chose the right company. They kept me updated on my order and delivered ahead of schedule.

Once I opened the package though...my skepticism came back when I saw all of the extra spray nozzles that were included, thinking that this would be a clogging up nightmare from begining to end. However, once again I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of use of Foam It Green. The instructions were simple and the "how to" videos I watched before hand were spot on. I was able to complete coverage of roughly 1450 square feet in about 2,1/2 hours with very little mess. Oh and the extra spray nozzles I mentioned before.. I never had to change one. I have already and will continue to recommend Foam It Green. Great job to you all and "Thank you"

Shane H.
Tickfaw, LA

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It was an easy product to apply and I am very happy with the results. Due to the nature of my full exterior remodel I had to jump in between the contractors as they tore off the old and put on the new. The quick dry time amazed them as by the time I got down from the ladders it was ready for them to start siding. Thank you for the great service and easy to use product. While some of my job wasn't the prettiest that's more technique and not product. I layered it while spraying, filling in walls that have not seen the light of day in over 100 years in minutes. I will be calling again when it's time to get under the house."

Bradley S.
Nicholasville, KY

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Completed with my project approx. 2 weeks ago. Used the 602 kit to spray foam my rim joists in my basement area. Now in the framing stage to finish basement. Product applied great and noticeable improvement in basement with draft and air leaks. This is the 3d time using the product and have not had an issue and easy to use.

Brian N.
Elysian, MN

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First time using spray foam. I am insulating our travel trailer, this product makes the job very easy. I am looking forward to how much tighter and warmer our trailer will be this winter. We will be using Foam It Green as we build our new home.

Foam It Green is our vapor barrier and insulation in one easy step. It is very easy to learn to apply well.

William R.
Alpine, TX

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I was skeptical about using the foam kits, but went for it anyways. I bought two of your 602 kits for filling in the walls of my 1955 (built) Ranch home. The kits were really easy to use, and I was really happy with the results. Fast forward 1 year now. I live is Sacramento, California. Between the kits I bought from your company and the extra insulation in my attic, I have been able to keep my home cool with just a Whole House fan. Foam it Green has made my home much more insulated. It is also much quieter than before. I recommend your product. I must also add that the various videos on your website are quite helpful. Thank you!

Rodney W.
Sacramento, CA

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I live near lake Ontario and have used your product on two homes on the lake that have no basements and both customers are very pleased with the results. No more drafts from the wind off the lake and they do not need slippers in the winter anymore. Will be placing another order soon.

John N.
Hilton, NY

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My basement was damp and a mold growing area. I used your product on the walls and band board. no more mold and no more dampness. Basement is unheated. Looking forward to see how well foam it green helps keep the cold out this winter. Thanks for a great product! Instructions were spot on. Easy to use and will tell anyone that will listen about Foam It Green. Thanks again.

Gregory P.
Bel Air, MD

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The first project 10 years ago saved my life! No more mold in the walls. It cut our heat bill in 1/3. This project was a continuation. We ripped out the old fiberglass when remodeling the other half of our house and used Foam it Green. We love how easy it is to use, the insulation factor and how well it seals off the moisture. It controls the Moisture coming in the house and lowered our heat costs.

Richard P.
Wisconsin Dells, WI

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The foam it green kit was easy to use. I am 5'3 and I didn't have any trouble at all. I spray's on easily and hardens quickly just as stated. We live in Northern Wisconsin and last year most of our winter temps were below zero. We always noticed our kitchen cabinets were cold, but last year we could have used them as a refrigerator. We had pink paper back insulation in our basement, but it just didn't do the job. We already noticed this summer that it was cooler in the house, no heat coming in and we're hoping this winter it will keep out the cold.

Victoria H.
Glidden, WI

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Product arrived perfectly. Entire application was under a cabin floor (100% overhead spraying) in a small crawl space. I had zero issues with applying the product. It was actually easier than I thought and went on perfectly. If anything was questionable, it would be the actual "rise" from the product. I thought it would become much thicker than it actually did, but the bond is super tough. Loved the hardness of final product, the final application material is very tough and durable.

Bruce L.
Bellingham, WA

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Wanted to let you know that I used your product doing my attic banks 2 years ago and achieved tremendous results. This time, I'm sealing the basement. Great product!

Jarred M.
Fairfax Station, VA

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I could not be happier for choosing Foam it Green. I was in a bind. I had to achieve an r-30 value on a cathedral ceiling but the roof rafters were only 2x6's. the only way to achieve that would be to spray foam but I was running out of money. Foam it Green made it possible for me to achieve the required r-30 rating. It actually came out to be an R-35 rating.

The cost was only 50% of what it would have cost if I professional did it. I couldn't believe how easy it was. Just about anyone could do this. Although I did not call the support hotline it was nice to know that there was someone available to answer any questions. Awesome product. Thanks so much.

Michael C.
Morrisville, PA

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The product components are user friendly to use. I foamed the dead space above my block foundation, in between the floor joist and sill board worked well. It was a tight space to work in. It would have been nice to have some angled tips 30 degree. It would also be convenient to have a compartment on front of box to hold the extra tips. I taped a long narrow box on the front of the foam tank box worked great. That way I dragged everything with me in the crawl space. It kept everything out of the dirt, and handy. I would buy this product again.

Daniel R.
Atlanta, MI

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I have a house built in 1903. I had to insulate in a 3' crawl space. When I checked with a professional outfit it was going to cost me $10,000. So I tried your product and found it very easy to apply. I applied over 2500 square foot and will have an additional 1000 sq ft to complete in the future. I will purchase your product to complete this project.

Greg D.
Enterprise, AL

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I don't mind spending top dollar for a great product that is everything it's advertised to be. This product just that. Everything work exactly like it was described on the website. My only problem was the goggles kept fogging up on the inside so I just used safety glasses. I have no doubt my basement will be much warmer this winter. I am ready for old man winter. I completed the whole job myself for around $1000.00 . I had gotten a quote from a reputable insulating contractor that was for over $2000 just to spray everything 1 inch thick. I sprayed all the areas 2 inch thick or more and saved myself over $1000.00. I got twice the R value for 1/2 the money. Not bad.

I like how the two colors blend and come out green. You don't have to worry the mixture. I also like how easy it is start and stop with just changing the tip. I actually have have a few extra tips I didn't need but I can see how some people could need more depending on the project.

Michael R.
Morton, IL

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You too can join this testimonial contest. Each quarter we pick at least 1 customer who stands out using Foam it Green for their project. Just share your experience and your success so that others can see and learn from your example. The best one receives either a Foam it 202 Anti-Microbial delivered for Free or $250.00.

Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

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