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Things went great wish I could afford another kit and I would do the rim of the entire house!

Scott W.
Paola, KS

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The foamed walls of the crawl space in addition to the 10 mil plastic I laid down has made a huge difference in the temperature and dryness of our crawlspace. I'm pleased. I'll need to purchase a couple of touch up kits to make some additions/alterations to one area of the crawl space.

I will be foaming the attic floors next. I had enough foam left over to do the attic floors over one room upstairs. It will make a huge difference in the house once I get the entire attic done. It will probably take a couple 600 sq ft kits to get that done. I'm saving my money to make that purchase in June or July.

Don B.
Carnesville, GA

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We were renovating a cabin on the gulf coast which involved taking the existing structure down to the studs along with doubling the size through a new addition. My Aunt had also used this product with good success so I purchased the wall kits. The product went on with very good coverage and outstanding results. I am heating and cooling this cabin with two Mitsubishi split units very efficiently.

The heating and cooling efficiency is much better than expected and I have seen virtually no insects since applying this product. It went up very quickly with consistent coverage.

Chris H.
Pell City, AL

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We purchased the 600 board closed cell to insulate our ledger board. It came promptly and was very easy to use. We did the whole house in a day. We wanted spray foam to seal gaps as well as properly insulate. Before using the kit our floors were frigid cold, and with small kids we needed to insulate. What a difference!! The floors are so much warmer and now there's no way mice and other pests can get inside!!

The best parts of the kit was how easy and efficient it was. Using other insulation types would have been more difficult to install and for about the same or even less insulating value.

Anna G.
Christiana, PA

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Your product works great and saves money on heating cost.

Scott L.
Fort Wayne, IN

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Just thought I would let you know that my basement room I foamed has worked excellent this winter.  We had a week of temps that didn't go above freezing, I checked the temp in the room one night and it was 47.5 F with an outdoor temp of 9 F.  No doubt about it the Foam it Green has help seal this room and hold the heat in.

I also fixed the condensation problem as well when I foamed the ceiling.  Great Product!

John H.
Danville, VA

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Wonderful and easy to use.
Highly recommend your product. definitely cut down on my heating. Bill with this negative degree weather.

Becky G.
Athens, PA

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I finished my project in late October, spraying foam on the underside of our sunroom. The tip about using Vasoline on the goggles did not work for me so I bought several extra pairs of goggles at Home Depot.

The sunroom is warmer this winter than last winter when we had R30 fiberglass insulation in the floor. I have a few thin spots so I thinking of buying a 300kit, fixing the thin spots and adding additional thickness to the what is already there.

Thank you for a great easy to use product.

Tom L.
Andover, MN

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All done worked great.  No more icicles.

Brian K.
Churchville, NY

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I've got to say, buying and using Foam It Green insulation has been such a great experience that I look forward to using it for more projects! I spoke directly with Linda on the phone and she helped me determine the best size kit for my needs. She also helped me get the kits as soon as possible.

thank you guys again for making such a great product so easily available! I plan to spray foam insulate my main house this summer.

Andrew S.
Los Angeles, CA


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It was a great experience! Product worked exactly as advertised! It went on super easy, and stuck on the wall. Very little droppage, or overspray. It ABSOLUTELY works. I woke up this morning (it is cold outside), placed my hand on the foam on the inside of my house, and then placed my hand on drywall on the inside of my house, and the foam is SIGNIFICANTLY warmer! So, it absolutely works! Further, just by touching the foam, you can feel how the closed cell technology adds structural integrity to the dwelling. I will ABSOLUTELY order more and do future projects with you folks. Thanks again!

Lance P.
Austin, TX

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We purchase another van to use as a service van, and wanted to insulate the walls & ceiling before covering them with plywood. I was amazed at just how easy it was to do. I just covered any area that I did not want over-spray to touch and went to work. Presto.. 15 minutes later I was done. Looks great.

I really appreciate the sound-proofing effect that foam gives me, let alone the heat / cool savings!

Robert B.
Wheelersburg, OH

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I used the foam for my floor end joist what a big difference great product

Thomas B.
Thurmont, MD

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The standard 602 kit was plenty of foam to fully insulate the 170" Sprinter including the rear doors and our custom made bulkhead.  This gave us at least 2" of foam (R-14!) on the open panels as well as getting into all the enclosed cavities.

So far I'm pleased with the outcome.  We will be covering the walls and ceiling with a liner kit so we'll have a well insulated and neat-looking truck!

Jesse P.
East Thetford, VT

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Our project is completed. We use from and green and are quite pleased.

Sheila G.
Walworth, NY

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I'm actually on my fifth set of 602. It's going great! As soon as you told me last was good to go we rallied on. Great product by the way!

Karen S.
Tacoma, WA

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The project went well and I have told others about your company.

Aaron E.
Chicago, IL

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I have been looking online for a spray foam insulation for my garage. I can across Foam It Green and watched a few videos and decided to call Foam It Green. The woman whom I spoke with answered all my questions and told me which product I should use that was best suited for my project. She was knowledgable and helpful and did not try and sell me anything I didnt need. I ordered the product on a Friday and it was on my doorstep on Monday. I couldnt be happier with my overall experience. Once the weather breaks I am looking forward to spraying and writing another review on how well the product works. Thanks again Foam It Green

Jayson S.
Bethlehem, PA

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I was very skeptical about using this product at first, I mean having to tackle a big project with a new product and no help or guidance to doing it. I felt relieved when my kits got here with detailed information and instructions on how to do it. The dose and donts, the extra tips, fan spray tips, gloves, goggles, and safe suit were all great gifts for my 602 energy efficiency kit. After spraying the first couple of rafters I was good to go. My project went great and I sprayed my entire home with a couple of kits. What I spent on my home was nothing close to half the price I was being charged by my contractors price of $11,800. Thanks foam it green!!

Attached are some photos from my project!

Eduardo G.
Edcouch, TX


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I had questions and uncertainty in the beginning, but all that went away between the online resources and the phone and email support that I received. All the information provided empowered me and gave me confidence that I could do a task that I'd never done and had little knowledge about. And when I did have questions, they answered everything and let me know I was still on the right track. What impressed me was that when I called and they didn't answer, I chose to not leave a voice mail and they still called me back!

The product itself has been exactly as described all the way. The hardest part is the temperatures. I'm insulating a metal building. So it doesn't take long for the temperatures to go from too cold to too hot on the surface from the sun, while the ambient temperature cooling the canisters off too quickly. But all of that is just part of the fun of my project. The product itself has made it easier to ensure I don't screw anything up in my circumstances. And since I don't have a means of measuring the surface temperature, I just took the temperature strip from one of the tanks and put it on my wall to see how the surface temperature was doing.

In the end, I'm really happy and glade we went this route, and I've already told a few others about it.

Brandon M.
Sparta, TN

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Job is completed and it worked like a charm.
Thank you very much.

Christopher B.
Crownsville, MD

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Effective...and little fun putting in. Perfect for DIYer's!

Mike R.
McCullom Lake, IL

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Things went fine with my installation.  It was very cold and I was only able to get the surface of my roof to the minimum 65 degrees but other than that, no issues.  It was a bit cumbersome to attempt by myself but I managed.  I had no idea how to estimate how much I would need...that combined with the cold I don't think the foam expanded as much as it might have had it been warmer.  So, I am saving up to do 'round 2' before I proceed with having drywall installed.  I did post a pic on your facebook page.  I have recommended the product to friends and am definitely a happy customer.  Attaching some pics for you.

Dubuque, IA

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The project went well with the spray foam.  it is keeping us very warm. John wants me to extend his thanks to you as well.  said he will probably look you up again in the Spring for the next "to do" project for us.  thanks for the email.  Have a wonderful day.

John D.
Conneaut Lake, PA

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My project is completed successfully. The product worked well!

Thomas F.
Medina, NY

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