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It has improved the a/c billed by a load. I would like to purchase more for different places on my house.

Kenneth A.
Berea, KY

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I was in a crawl space only about 30" high. We foamed the sill and building block foundation and so far I am very happy with it. We put plastic on the ground and up the walls. It's staying clean and dry. I also put a 8' baseboard heater on the beam down the center. The envelope seams to be the way to go. There is no insulation in the floor joist and all is good.

Joe T.
Westford, MA

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Since my application of Foam It Green insulation, I have notice 3 things, so far:
1. The road noise from outside the home is quite a bit less
2. The house is less drafty
3. I've notice a moderate energy costs drop, compared to last year.

I'm happy with the foam insulation as a whole.

Ward W.
Saint Paul, MN

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I finished my project, which was a bit different, I think, from most people's. I sprayed foam on the air conditioning duct work in my attic, to protect the sheet metal from the extreme heat of the attic. The sheet metal duct work only had a bit of glass mat laminated to the inside surface for insulation, and I thought it could use a little help. I figure the foam provides the additional benefit of sealing the seams, to prevent leakage. The job was hard, but I like the product. Thanks!

John N.
Mclean, VA

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I chose your product because it received great reviews. I bought a 602 kit from Amazon and loved how user friendly it was. I got great results.  I decided to buy my second kit directly from your company.

Juan N.
Dubuque, IA

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I'm all spray foamed up! Pretty easy. Just got the tv cabinets installed. Looks great - time for a bigger tv. I have radiant floor heating waiting to be installed and some cork laminate flooring on order before I'm done. Thinking about changing the crawl space insulation to spray foam in the future. Love the sound deadening I'm getting by doing the ceiling in the basement under wood floors!

Bruno C.
Rockport, MA

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I couldn't be happier with my spray foam insulation and spray foam direct. I took down two walls in my basement bedroom and found a mess. There wasn't any insulation on the concrete walls and the rim joists were improperly insulated. The rim joist had unfaced fiberglass the inside of the wall and polyethylene sheet on the outside of that. The polyethylene on the outside caused condensation when the moist air hit the cold polyethylene. There were water marks on the concrete walls where the water ran down and pooled on the floor causing mold growth.

After all of that was cleaned up I applied spray foam to the walls and rim joists. In less than 24 hours the room felt dry and much warmer. I have another 35 feet of wall with the same construction. So in the spring I will and repeat the process. Not only am I impressed with the product buy your Ladies in Customer Service are awesome. They were friendly, knowledgeable and patient with me when I called with "newbie" questions. I will definitely use your product next spring when I start on "phase 2" of my project.

Doug W.
Palos Heights, IL

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I have used it in several of my projects around showers as well as fur out walls and exterior walls and even floor systems over concrete. Amazing product.

Brian F.
Port Trevorton, PA

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foam it green allowed me to turn a shipping container into a cabin in 3 days. the insulation install was so fast it took less time to install than it did to move the camping gear out of the way.

Everett W.
Vlg of Loch Lloyd, MO

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This was so easy! I sprayed the sill plate in the basement and a crawl space. Took me about an hour. I have a yard cart that I brought in and put the box with the tanks in that and that helped a lot being able to just pull it around the perimeter of the basement as I worked.

Beth H.
Davenport, IA

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Use one inch of Foam it Green, then fiberglass batts. Love using this product!

Eddie B.
Loyall, KY

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Insulated a metal building - went on easy and results were great!

Robert B.
Fraziers Bottom, WV

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Not too bad for first timers, and it will keep us warm this winter!

Jen C.
Curtice, OH

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I used Spray Foam Direct - Home of Foam it Green on the underside of a mobile home to add insulation and a vapor barrier. Well satisfied with the results and a third of the cost of having a contractor doing the job.

Leo R.
Tamaqua, PA

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We have pretty much finished using the green foam and it seems to be a great product.  We were hit by a devastating flood in May 2013 and have been working on gutting and rebuilding our home since that time.  Basically, we gutted the entire house up to 4 feet in most instances.  Then we rebuilt the walls with 3.5 inch foam board and then sprayed the green foam on top of that to seal the walls.  We then used hardy backer board instead of sheet rock; thus hopefully water proofing the walls.  We are now in the process of mudding and taping the walls for painting and paneling.  It is quite a lengthy project for just the two of us, progress is slow but I think we will be happy with the end result.

Phillip R.
Heavener, OK

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I had 2 walls in my living room that were not insulated. There was a 3-5 degree difference between the living room and the other rooms on the main floor. I did not want to tear out the plaster walls to insulate. Then I used your spray foam. Now the living room is the same temperature as the other rooms. The instruction videos and the printable instructions had some great hints. These hints made the installation easy and kept my plaster walls from cracking. Now my living room is as comfortable as the rest of the house.

Jack W.
Oak Park, IL

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Material is great the fan spray a little difficult to control at first. one suggestion is to use a good quality chemical mask and don't remove mask until you exit outside and wait about 15 minuets before entering area. Really solidified wall and the sound proofing effect is great not to mention the great r value and by the way no itching from fiberglass when your done.will always use this over fiberglass.

Joe H.
North Huntington, PA

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I tried this 602 Kit for the first time on my basement floor. It was very simple to use spent maybe 3 hours total and was able to do 600 ft. sq. My utility bills have seen a change this summer with the air condition running and cannot wait until the winter to see results. I recommend this to everyone I know.

Jonathan H.
Mount Vernon, IN

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I’m very glad I used this product, it works as advertised, the shipping is fast and the customer support is great.  (Read on for heat map of temperature change and project photos)

Jovica A.
Rochester, MI


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Spa insulation project done!

Kevin F.
Sterling, MA

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It was so simple and so fast no other solution would have allowed my to turn a container into a cabin in 3 days. the days temperature got into the mid 90s the first day it was quite warm in the container. The second day after installing the insulation the container stayed cool and felt like it was in the 70s the whole day. awesome product!!!!

Chris R.
Houston, TX


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Great service and easy to use product! Good hands on video, and it applied just like described. We are seeing good cooling so far on the warm days. We expect to see great heat retention in the winter.

Thomas C.
Angora, MN

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Easy to follow directions, great support, really liked the 17 extras, and great hose/nozzles which made foaming it green look like a professional did it. My garage feels cooler even in our 90+ degree heat after I foamed it green. For insulating my garage it actually looks aesthetically pleasing that I think it is not necessary to cover it up with drywall.

Joseph E.
Union, KY

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There is nothing any easier than spraying this Foam insulation. It is picked up within 15 seconds. Applies so much faster that fiberglass insulation. The sound deadening properties are wonderful, as the cleanup compared to trimming Fiberglass insulation. It is air tight leaving lo places for insects to make a home. I know I will purchased more to complete the attic, before this fall.

Richard C.
Acworth, GA

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Very quick to install. Simple set up. The only thing better would be if it applied itself. Delivery was quick, too. Great experience!

Made insulating areas that were poorly done by the builder very easy to remedy and greatly improve the efficiency of the ac in the house. Our ac would run continuously and still be above 80 degrees on hot days. Now we set at 75 and even hot days the ac is maintaining that number and Able to cycle on and off. Thanks so much for the easy improvement!!

Joel D.
Easton, PA

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Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

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