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Went very smoothly and the product worked great!
I intend to post on Facebook to get the free T, but just haven't gotten around to it.

David A.
Appleton, ME

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I had to wait for the right weather and managed to get just enough heat to
raise the surface temperatures to the minimum. Everything went great and
only had adhesion problems in small number of places most likely due to
temperature. I was able to use a couple cans of Great Stuff and spray it
into those areas and it is good.

My project was to spray the exposed cement areas on my superior walls. I now
wish I could have filled the wall cavity but it would probably take 2 or 3
kits. I'll have to consider it...

It had made quite a  difference already an I would definitely recommend it.

Tom G.
Mars, PA

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Plain and simple as the kit, fan-friggin-tastic!

My 14 year old son and I were able to rip out old moldy, squirrel/mouse/rat/who knows what animal dung infested fiberglass insulation for a few hundred square feet in a dirt floor crawl space in about an hour. Then completely encapsulate the same area with FoamitGreen, preventing the mold and animals from returning in the next two hours. Absolutely drop dead simple and awesome!

Craig A.
Harrisburg, PA

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The product was used to infill existing walls in a triplex where for decades I have bee trying to track down the source and pathway of an occasional leak into one of the first floor rooms; repairs to the roof and plumbing have not solve the problem. Also the cost to heat the building are excessive; furthermore I previously hired a contractor to install spray insulation but the insulation was not closed cell so it settled and diminished when wet.

Some of your closed cell insulation escaped through gaps into exterior wood shingles so those openings have now been sealed and I am applying exterior caulking to enhance the seal. I also expect cost savings from the insulation and elimination of moisture entry from condensation on interior steam piping risers due to temperature gradients during severe cold weather.

John D.
Philadelphia, PA

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I insulated the basement ceiling in my very old, very poorly insulated house. The old part of the basement walls are stacked stone with no mortar so the basement tends to be not only cold, but damp. Since I work from home in the room above the area I was working in, I have seen an immediate improvement in the heating of my office! The Foam It Green sprayed on exactly as described. I followed the instructions on temp for both the tanks and the surface to be sprayed (of course I waited until the outside temp was in the 40s before starting my project!)and had no issues at all. I had hoped the covered area would have been larger, but due to virtually 100% of the application being overhead, and my uneven application as I dodged around wiring and plumbing and built in obstacles, I was able to cover most but not all of my planned route. I'll be saving up for another kit!

Cut down dramatically on air infiltration around the sill plate & around 3 ancient windows. The foamed ceiling will prevent the moisture and damp odor from seeping up into my home office.

Barb W.
Edwardsburg, MI

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We have a 500 square foot addition connected to a steel container. Every time it rains the water wicks into the living space causing damage. We have tried 3 part systems, fillers, you name it. A week ago we applied your product. Today we had rain. Not one leK. For the first time in 4 years I'm not getting buckets out or placing shower curtains over my couch. Thank you

Mark R.
Columbus, NM

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I'm still a few months out from re-finishing my walkout basement, so I'm still in the planning stages for new wiring, structure/support and re-framing as well as putting foam board up.  I plan on purchasing either another 202 kit or a 602 kit to do the rim-joist on that level and possibly around all the windows and a light 1/2" layer on the wall stud cavities.  My subterranean basement (I have a Quad-Level home) is doing extremely well, I was able to fill in the rim-joist perfectly after installing r-5 extruded polystyrene foam boards with taped seams.  That level has held a constant 63F with no added heat from the furnace.  Before insulating, it was something on the order of 51-53F depending on the day.  So rest assured, I will be ordering your products, just need to finish the basic layout and restructuring of the support beams in my house.  So I guess I'll probably be emailing you sometime around March or April, depending on progress.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

P.S. And thanks to the spray-foam and attic insulation, my bills have dropped significantly, nearly 40%! As compared to November of last year.

Corey P.
Cincinnati, OH

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Very user friendly works great!  Inslulating and sealing all air leaks also protection against mold.

Mark P.
Mount Holly, AZ

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I started to seal my walk in attic which has about 80% flooring .  I put down 1.5 - 2” of closed cell foam after pulling up the floor and 12 “  of fiberglass bats.   Your videos were right on the money.  I had no problems with  the foam application. Actually I found it quite easy to apply. Due the weather being so cold,  I plan to finish  the  last 1/3 of the attic in the  spring when it warms up,  and plan to do my basement when I finish the attic.

I live in an old farm house, so I have many holes due to electric upgrades etc. over the years.  I like the idea of a complete vapor barrier, sealing all the holes, and adding significant  additional insulation to the house.  I considered  a foam contractor  but  I would have to clean the entire attic out which I didn’t want to do.  With your product  I am able to do part of the attic. Move storage items around and the finish the project.

Robert B.
Saint Charles, IL

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We received our kit sooner than expected, so the whole process got off to a great start and we were excited to start our adventure. We have done lots of remodeling to our older home and nothing usually goes as planned when doing to yourself. My husband is very crafty and handy and once the kit arrived he was like a kid at Christmas! He had our whole project down in a matter of a few hours and felt it was a very easy kit, more than enough of the product and it has made a dramatic change in our home and without the opportunity to buy the spray foam kit ourselves we would have spent a lot more than what we did in hiring people to do it. Since this experience we have referred this website and product to others and praising this product and its quality as well as easiness to use. If need be we will for sure use your product and services again!

Yours truly,
A happy spray foam customer!

Tristan G.
Riverside, IA

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Foam like a pro with Foam it Green!! Great quality and customer support. Very easy application. Try it and you will like it. Great for any DIY.

Easy application. Great customer support.

Joel K.
West Union, IA

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Shipping is on time and good package condition. Compare to local store. Price is cheaper and better product.

Tolinh D.
Clifton, VA

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I'm working up a series of photos as well as a write up for both your firm and our Board of Directors.  This job went really well.  e applied all of the tanks in two days with one technician.  We covered all of the walls, the cellar ceiling and first floor ceiling.  We had previously put 51/2" of rigid foam panels in the second floor joists.  We deliberately did not take the 24 large windows  and door openings into account in our square footage calculations.  As a result we were able to get almost 4" of green spray between all of the studs and almost 2: in the floor joists.

We now have a building with an astounding R factor.  As a non-profit operating on a very limited budget, over the next few years this will really "pay off."  On a dollar cost comparison, we had $210 in actual labor costs so the entire job cost us less than $7,000 as against the $25,000 bid from two "professional" companies!

As soon as I finish the write up and get the pictures back, I'll mail then to you with a release to use them as you may choose.  Again, thanks for your support.

Sidney J.

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I've used the 602 kit twice this year. Both times for free standing "additions to houses. I have used it or sealing the roof sheathing and the subfloor before fiberglass. The second to seal the walls as well. The benefits are twofold, complete air sealing, especially in the roof cavities, so that it can be unvented, and in the building envelope to stop drafts and moister transfer. The product worked as advertised and I am very happy with eh service and product provided. I have foamed three houses, using a commercial company, and they are great but tremendously expensive for small projects. Foam it green was perfect for my needs.

Erik H.
Tahoe City, CA

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I did some insulating on the crawl space wall , the summer temp was 61 degrees temp . There has been some temps outside of -15 degrees and the crawl space stayed up to +52 degrees so far this winter. No extended -0 temps for good test yet but looks promising to stay above freezing with no added heat. Good green foam and easy to apply.  

Dale B.
Shepherd, MT

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Purchasing Foam IT kit was one of the best purchases of the remodel. We had to pull the siding and plywood off from the outside of hte house because of one room that did not get spray foamed when we did the rest of the house.
I did my research and found Foam IT. It looked like the best and most complete kit, plus the price was great.

The contractor said it is the best kit he has ever used and will only purchase these form now on!

It applied easily, had everything we needed. And really made the project run smoothly.

I would highly recommend. Includes everything y ou need to do the job.

Richard R.
Milford, CT

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 I was doing some research on insulation for my new home, got some quotes on having a company come in to spray foam the entire home and then I came across your web site! I figured hey I can do this! I have done the perimeter walls so far and it worked awesome! I'll be ordering more after I get my interior walls up to do the ceiling.

Danny A.

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We have completed our Foam it Green project and the results are fantastic !! Completely user friendly and equipped with not only great application resourses but also the tools needed to stay safe during application. Your customer service is also top of the line.

Unfortunatley, our company does not use facebook or have a "page" so I am unable to post pictures, but would really like a "Foam it Green" Tee-Shirt :). Thank you for all your assistance !!

Andrea B.
Utica, NY

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Is easy to install and grow perfectly.Also change my house from cold to warm and comfy ,friendly.

After use Foam it Green insulation ni cut my heating bill to 30 % ,that really work .THANK YOU FOAM it GREEN.

Miroslaw B.
Middle Village, NY

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The stuff is awesome! Easy to apply and it gives me the confidence that it's air tight and impermeable to insects and other pests.

Michael B.
Virginia Beach, VA

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A Wife's Review - My husband, who I love dearly, takes FOREVER to get a project done. We are in our third year of construction and when I hear "I'll have it done in a weekend", I know that means many, many weeks. So when I was asked to order the spray foam from Foam It Green and have it delivered the day BEFORE THANKSGIVING because he had the day off and was going to "get it done in a day", I cringed as we were spray foaming the kitchen AND HOSTING Thanksgiving! With much reservation, I did it anyways. The ordering was easy. We needed expedited shipping and customer service was super helpful with that. The delivery was prompt with no problems and the best part!!?? It is so easy the use and get the job done that -- YES -- my husband got it done in one day!!! Everything was cleaned up and the turkey was in the oven by 6am the next day!!

Easy ordering.
Easy to use.
Easy clean up.

Carmen S.
Syracuse, NY

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My experience with Foam it Green was great! Ordering was super easy. Within a few days the 202 kit was on my front porch. I was able to insulate the rim joist in my new addition in about an hour. I was Bke to obtain everything that I needed for the job from Foam it Green. It was truly a one stop shop. Cleanup was a breeze. Even with the small improvement, I have already noticed a difference in my energy bills. The entire experience was everything that I wanted. I am now making preparations to insulate my attic with the Foam it Green 602 kit. The investment is well worth the no st and then some.

Quality product that performs as advertised. Convenient process from beginning to end.

Chad P.
Beaver, PA

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A year ago I researched the possibilities. Appreciate that you include negative reviews as well as positive. Decided on Foam It Green. Purchased in June. Project delayed and warm weather got away. I was scared and discouraged but got the advise and encouragement I needed from you. Well ... today I did it. I applied two 602 kits without a hitch. I didn't get it as even as I would have liked but I am pleased. So glad I took time to cover the face of studs with painter's tape -- came right off; rolled it up in the drop cloths from the extras, and the room is ready for drywall. THANK YOU!!!

Al M.
York, NE

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Really liked the product and would have loved to have gotten one of your tshirts but they sealed up the wall before I could get back to take a picture. The foam worked great though.

Corey W.
Selah, WA

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Extremely happy with the results.  I highly recommend it.

Vincent C.
Palatine, IL

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You too can join this testimonial contest. Each quarter we pick at least 1 customer who stands out using Foam it Green for their project. Just share your experience and your success so that others can see and learn from your example. The best one receives either a Foam it 202 Anti-Microbial delivered for Free or $250.00.

Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

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