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Everything went well.  Kit was delayed in shipping from you which caused me to miss last warm spell.  Nevertheless we were able to warm the wall surfaces to above 60 deg and the product went on as easy as pie.  It was one of the easiest tasks I ever performed.  Only issue was at end of kit we sprayed what looked green but was not and did not rise.  Next day it was a gooey mess.  This was just at the end of kit and If we do this again we will understand better the signs to stop spraying.  We need to wait for warmer weather to do any more to insure the wall surfaces will be above 60 deg. You have lots of good videos, maybe by including  video showing how the product behaves at the end of the kit, as well as a video showing how to clean up that gooey mess would be beneficial.

Daniel D.
Holly, MI

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 I'm happy to say everything came out great. I was very happy with the product and plan to purchase more in the near future (short on funds right now).  THANKS AGAIN

Joshua S.
Sebewaing, MI

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the project that my son did was completed and as it was on one of our apt. buildings, we saw it first hand.  product performance is excellent.  right now, our son, joe, is busy with service calls.  we intend to do some of our other buildings this spring and summer.  i know that joe is going to promote the spray foam insulation portion of his business when the weather breaks.  so i would expect that there will be jobs beginning in the april time frame.

Vincent C.
Everret, PA

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The project was completed the week the spray foam arrived.  It went well.   I'm sure we will be contacting you guys in the future for other projects. 

Nancy S.
Lawrence, KS

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The project is partially complete.  the project was to insulate a cathedral ceiling.  I am pleased with the out come.

Dennis C.
Indianapolis, IN

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Project is done and went very well. Thanks!

Lee B.
Maple Hill, KS

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Very pleased with the results will definitely use again in future. Thanks for you checking on us not many places follow up like yall have.

Clint S.
Junction, TX

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Everything worked just great. My project was I had built our attached sun room over a concrete patio which had a foundation all around. When constructed I put in 6" of insulation but was not enough around the outside walls. So I drilled 3/4" holes and inserted 3' of plastic hose attached to a wire. Then slowly pulled it our as Spray Foam was installed. It has greatly helped keeping the floor warmer at the outside wall.

Thomas K.
Oswego, IL

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The project is complete and the whole experience was great!  My contractors found the kit very easy to understand and use.  They especially liked that everything was included.  We will be using your product again since my son has a project coming up.  Thanks.

Barbara D.
Keeseville, NY

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Hi Mark, my small project is finished. I spray foamed the rim joist in my basement. Major improvement and difference in just shear comfortability factor. I also replaced my boiler with an Energy Star Condensing Boiler and Indirect Water Heater. These 3 measures should make a huge difference in our power bill. Thanks for everything...Randy Hastings, Scotia, NY. Merry Christmas my friend.

Randy H.
Schenectady, NY

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Finally got it done - went just fine - put on two layers - actually very

Anthony S.
Plano, TX

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It works great, has kept our basement from leaking since applying.  Am in the process of finishing off an area of the basement and so far am very pleased with the result.

William C.
South Charleston, WV

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I chose your product for a couple reasons. I knew I wanted to go with a closed cell spray foam insulation and my research on the internet (Amazon reviews and your website) drove me to you guys primarily due to the rave reviews your  customers gave the product. The other thing I found impressive was all the raving fans out there regarding your customer service. Really Mark, 7x24 support? That's unheard of unless it's defined in a service agreement where customers are typically paying a premium for said services. Whatever you're paying Linda it's not enough. I've worked in customer service for more than 20 years. I don't think I've ever experienced customer service like Linda and your team provides. From the time I started to place my order on line (and did not complete the order) Linda called me the next day to ensure everything was okay and I had what I needed to make my decision. Her follow up e-mail's etc.

Jeff S.
Quincy, IL


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I like the fact that you included the extras and the videos I watched  help me decide. I did my project today and it turned out great.

Kenneth R.
Faribault, MN

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we are very satisfied with your insulation.  we have a pre-civil war farm home in michigan and it will be interesting to see how much warmer it will be this winter. Product was easy to install and we will  recommend it to our friends and customers.

Norman F.
Bellevue, MI

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The project- basement re-insulation, is done. The spray foam worked great. As I sprayed the last stud cavity it turned blue, and I knew I had bought exactl enough. Your turnkey kit saved me from multiple trips to get Google's or tyvex suit. You should add suggestion in instructions to tape exposed wrists between suit n gloves. I already knew to do that. Am very happy with your product n service. I had to wait for a warm week to apply it, but otherwise everything went great n I'll be looking to use it again on my next remodel.

George V.
Florence, KY

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Project is done drywall going up and it went great.

James F.
Elliot City, MD

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Project went fine. Just wishing I could buy another kit. It was easy and fast. Very pleased with it.

David F.
Mineral Wells, TX

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I just wanted to take a second to say thank you to you and your company. Throughout the process, your support agents answered every one of my questions and concerns without haste. Your product has been fantastic and really has helped out in my basement with reducing humidity and keeping it comfortable for my family.  A secondary use for it was to seal up any little spaces that bugs could gain entry, which so far, has been working fantastically. 

Joe P.
Malverne, NY

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It has been 6 months since I purchased the spray foam. 

It is now winter.  We have the bed against the outside wall and it is great.
We have an infrared temperature gun for surface temperature.  3 degree
difference in the interior and exterior walls and an outside temperature of
36 degrees.  My heating for the bedroom only used to cycle on and off every
10 minutes.  Today it has run only once in the last 2 hours.

Earl M.
Grand Prarie, TX


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All done went well. Thank you!

Carl S.
Walbridge, OH

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I have enjoyed using the spray foam. I have done about 7/8 of my attic but am waiting for warmer weather to complete the last section and add a second layer to get it to at least 2 inches. The videos were very helpful and instructions were very clear. I would emphasize the need to cover the floor with plastic or old tarps-I did not realize at first that little bits fall to the floor when spraying overhead. they stick very well to the old wood floor of my attic!. Glad I had the respirator and goggles. those small particles form overspray would have been dangerous in eyes or lungs. Preparation took the longest, the actual spraying was only about 1-2 h with the 602. Would definitely recommend to others and I will be ordering more when the weather gets above 50 or so.

Thomas S.
South Bend, IN

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Hi there project all done went smoothly thanks for asking.

Phillip W.
Meredith, NH

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All done. Worked great. So far it is doing what it says it would do. Thanks
for the follow up.

Matt O.
Minneapolis, MN

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Everything went well. I really like the product. I just wish it was more affordable. Even with the high cost I will probably buy another set or two in the future. I own a large, old and drafty house. I'm probably about half way through of spraying the necessary places that would cut down on the draft and reduce my energy bills. Even with the areas that I have a sprayed, there is a very noticeable difference with how much my HVAC system is running.

Brian S.
Baltimore, MD

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