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Here are the pictures of my project. Not bad for the first try. Over all I would say that it turned out very well.

spray foam insulation picture from allan

Allan P.
Minot, MD


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It went great....  We are very happy with the results not only is it insulating under the crawl space but we had enough for 2" and did another space.  My son in law Peter wants to try it on his attic.
We noticed a difference right away with the sound insulation.  WE had done half the crawl space but not the other half and walking across the floor area you could tell a big difference which is an added bonus.  It was easy to apply and my son did a great job.

Karen K.
West Bend, WI

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Just finished my project. A little more complicated than some. I cut sections of flooring out around the outer walls of my kitchen and family room. Then i used your spray foam to seal and insulate the outer wall area between each floor joist. Everything went as your literature suggested. Very easy to use, filled all the air infiltration points, literally no mess no fuss! Product coverage was even better than predicted from your charts. I will be using it in other places moving forward. Thanks for the assistance and the constant follow up!

James B.
Fishers, IN

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Just finished my project this weekend.  It was awesome and worked. I started using the larger kit with the spray gun and finished right at the end with the small roller shut off kit.  Anyone can do this.

60 year old woman user :-)

Donnetta J.
Grant City, MO

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My project is done. I didn't take pictures but I did enjoy using the product.  I was nervous with messing things up and wasting a lot of my hard earned money.  The second I started spraying "This is a peace of cake". I feel the website calculator was right on target for the amount of product I needed. I instantly realized the difference in temperature of my basement. Nice and cozy.  I was able to spray 1200 sq feet in 3 hours. Try doing 1200 sq feet in 3 hours with standard batting insulation.

Jesse S.
Maplewood, MN

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Hi Mark, I did complete the project but forgot to take any pictures.Foam it green worked just as advertised. It was very easy to use. I did write a review on the face book  page but did not have pictures to post. In the future I will recommend this product. Thanks and have a good day.

Steve B.
Worthington, OH

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The property where we installed the foam is heated with wood.  I can tell you that the foam helped retain a lot of heat, and we also made several other insulating improvements.  The foam was ideal for the place (area) where it was used.

John Q.
Allendale, MI

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 I love the kit everything went great.

Leroy R.
Ortonville, MI

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We used your product to insulate our bare metal building where the A/C units are not on thermostats. They are either just switched 'on' or 'off'.  What I'm expecting (and already feeling) is a noticeable improvement in the comfort level in my business.  So by that metric, the product is performing brilliantly.

Robert S.
Ingleside, TX

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foam is up and drywall is going up now.  it was extremely easy and fun to do.  i did take a few pics so if you want me to try and send them to you let me know how you would like them.  thanks again for all your help.

Jamie W.
Elysburg, PA

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I have one bedroom which, in the winter, was always 10 degrees or more colder then the rest on the house. I purchased an electronic point and shoot temperature guage which I used to discover on really cold days, when my bedroom walls were 68 degrees, the walls in my son's room dropped to below 50. For the two winters we owned the house, my son had to move out of the room in the winter and we kept the door closed.
I found spray foam on line while researching ways to improve the insullation in the room. Though I purchased the spray foam kit in January, I was, due to the wall temperatures, not able to install the insullation until April.
We had one night since the installation of the spray foam when the outside temp dropped to 30. We noticed a considerable improvement in the room temperature. The difference in the wall temperatures from my room to my son's room was less than 4 degrees. I hope that is a good indication of the success of the installation.

Anthony E.
Freehold, NJ

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We heat with wood and gas so our bill is not a good representation of what our heating costs.  However, The room we did with Foam it Green is warmer. It is an outside basement wall with sheetrock. The inside wall temperature is 71 degrees. The wall one floor up, with the same finish and normal fiberglass insulation, is 65 degrees at -5 degrees outside temperature. Future remodel project will include foam it Green as the insulation of choice. Thanks!

Kerry C.
Lakeville, MN

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We did do the project, the foam and insulation seems to be doing as we projected. The project went well.

Michael M.
Manakin Sabot, VA

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Excellent product and easy to install. Even with less than a 2" layer there is absolutely no temperature when you put your hand on the foam with a 20 degree delta between inside and outside. I highly recommend the product even to use a 1/2" layer and then apply fiberglass as "usual" for the most economical installation and to avoid the problems associated with a conventional vapor barrier. Follow all safety instructions and installation is a breeze. Completely and easily stops air leakage.

Cary S.
Sherman Oaks, CA

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Everything is going fine so far...I've gone through 3 of the kits already and couldn't be more pleased. I'm doing the install myself so it's going slow as the house is being renovated in phases by yours truly. :) I've told several folks in person and on-line about how simple and easy it is to use and I know of one individual that has ordered a kit from y'all based on my comments already.

Gary B.
Sherman, TX

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Things went just fine.  Very happy with the results.

Mark O.
Merriam, KS

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The previous projects were completed.  We will be using more, but at my house!

Jason T.
Chicago, IL

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Our project is done! We are super pleased with your product. Thank you for making it so easy! We used your online videos and it was a breeze. Thank you!!

Sandra P.
Seattle, WA

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All done, worked great!

Todd M.
Goddard, KS

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I completed my project several weeks ago. Everything went fine. The foam was easy to apply and use.

Wayne K.
Phoenix, AZ

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Project is done. Everything is good.

Steven I.
Street, MD

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all is good. Finished. thanks.

Robert H.
Troy, NY

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I have all of the contents of the two containers. I foamed the exterior wall of the new tile shower I am installing along with
the exterior wall where the new whirlpool tub is going to be installed. The foaming went very smoothly. It was very easy for me to do this myself.

Brian R.
Lafayette, IN

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Everything went well and the client is happy!
Your product is fantastic!

Michael M.
Plymouth, MI

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We have completed the project and everything went well.

Philip W.
Southhaven, MS

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