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I sprayed the roof of two metal storage buildings to reduce condensation,the product seems to be working good. The product was very easy to use.spraying overhead is a little messy so good covering over items below is very  important.I  was really satisfied with results.Just follow instructions and use proper protective coverings and safety equipment. Would highly recommend product.

Herbert A.
Montesano, WA

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 I was looking around the internet for spray foam insulation when I came across foam it green. After reading all the details about the product I knew it was prefect for the project I was working on which was spray foaming the crawlspace of my home. I ordered my kit and within a week it was here and ready to use. The kit I ordered was the 602 sq ft and it was just perfect to fit into the limited space I was working in. All the parts went together perfectly and with all the extras that I received I was ready to spray within 30 minutes. Spraying foam it green went about as smoothly as I could ask for in the small space I was working in. Clean up of the product was easy and simple and made my project that much easier. I will be using foam it green again on my next spray foam insulation project in my house.

One benefit is that with this product I didn't have to call out an expensive contractor to do this for me with the easy to read directions of foam it green I was able to do this myself.

The other benefit I most value is that now my home is sealed from the damp air that was seeping up from the crawlspace and making my home that much more comfortable to live in.

Robert C.
Mantua, OH

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Really easy to spray my rim joist in my basement compared to cutting & fitting another type of insulation into every area. A big time saver. Plus foam in green is fire rated, mold resistance and a air barrier.  When I tore out my old insulation I was disgusted with all the mice waste and insects that were using my insulation for nests over the years.

Love the: Speed. Mold resistance. Fire rated. Air barrier. Pest barrier.

Matt B.
Prospect, PA

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Finished the rim joist foaming

Thank you,

Dennis M.
Lynn, MA

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Your product worked great! Looking forward to doing more this spring/summer!

Andrew L.
Cuba City, WI

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I chose green foam because the website seemed more authorative than tiger foam (canada)...

It turned out the green color is very helpful because the first kit I used, the yellow product ran out a little sooner and it avoided me making a gooey mess. On the 2nd kit, both tanks emptied exactly at the same time.

On completion of the foam application I was satisfied that I had sealed the space up sufficiently to then apply 8# of blown cellulose. There is no going back now. Trust everything will be oK

I also used the green foam to seal pipe/plumbing penetrations, renovated areas, in the basement where the industrial foam application had been compromised.

Mark P.
Saint Gedeon, QC


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I have had a Great experience from "FoamItGreen". The slow expanding foam worked perfectly. I achieved the results that were promised. I followed the directions and prepared all work areas in advance. Clean up was a breeze! I am totally impressed by your product and highly recommend it!

We live in a big old barn and it was drafty! the loft was insulated by a spray foam contractor three years ago. The lower area was insulated by a "contractor" that did blown in celulose. The celulose settled about 50% and the "beverage bottles" from the past farmer were left in the bottom of the wall cavities. Not very good insulation! Foam It Green was able to provide us with a product that could insulate these areas without tearing out the walls.

The benefit of a job done well with minimal effortis top of the list. Next would be the savings on our heating and cooling bills in the future. Finally the knowledge that we have reduced our reliance on fossil fuels and are leaving a much smaller carbon footprint.

Walter P.
Otisville, NY

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It is simple to use. We watch the videos on your website a few times before trying it ourselves. Once we started we got the feel of it rather quickly. We were nervous at first because of the initial cost and if we were able to do this ourselves. We are very glad that we decided to try this product.

The time we saved compared to using fiberglass insulation and also the money we will save over the winter season is a big benefit. We have just started turning on the furnace and already we can see the difference in temperature and the amount of time the furnace is running. I can't wait to see the difference in the fuel bill at the end of the season.

Claire A.
Rouses Point, NY

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I was hesitant to take on the job of using closed cell foam to insulate our crawl space but the estimate from a local professional was beyond reach. Then I discovered Foam it Green.

It was clear from their web site that they were a competent, professional outfit and that they believed in, and were willing to support, the average homeowner as he tackled the job he'd been told should be left to contractor$. It certainly helped too, that they received a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

In the end, I was thrilled with the results. I was able to cover a considerable amount of surface (sills and concrete walls) and was even able to seal to the walls the vapor barrier I had used to cover the dirt floor (big win).

Job well done! Now it's time to enjoy the benefits.

Thomas D.
Wolfeboro, NH


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LOVED the product!!
Three friends saw my basement b4 and after and they regretted JUST finishing their basents and using " the pink stuff""

Ed S.
Mineola, NY

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While this is the first time I have used this type of product, I have spent 40 years in the construction industry, so not a newbie. That said,the product was easy to use and met my expectations. The website was very helpful, I felt comfortable with the system.

Loved the ease of use, effective sealing of all gaps, trouble free purchase and shipping.

Keith M.
Elmhurst, IL

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While this is the first time I have used this type of product, I have spent 40 years in the construction industry, so not a newbie. That said,the product was easy to use and met my expectations. The website was very helpful, I felt comfortable with the system.

Loved the ease of use, effective sealing of all gaps, trouble free purchase and shipping.

Bob L.
Ironwood, MI

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I ordered two kits to foam spray a crawl space in a house we were flipping. After my husband used the first kit I asked how he liked it. He loved it and said "it's so easy even you could do it". He was right. We will denfinitely be purchasing more on future projects. Thanks to the gent I spoke on the phone prior to purchase.

1.) The R value
2.) The cost effectiveness to do ourselves instead of hiring a insulation contractor and being held up by scheduling.
3.) the easiness
4.) there's an ole saying if ma MA's not happy nobody's happy. Well this ma ma is happy! Lol

Sheryl L.

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Everything went perfect. It was as easy as you advertise.  I have  recommended this my friend as a must use if your doing a project. Thanks.

Peter M.
Richmond Hill, NY

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My foam it green experience was great. I used it on the better part of a new construction with a 602 closed cell and a 1202 open cell. Shipping was quick- which I needed in the high mountains of West Virginia as the cold is coming. The most fun part was to hook up 2 next to each other and have a spray foam battle (just kidding).

Benefits: 1. Making it tight- I wanted the little house I am building to be tight and well insulated. So tight that I can heat 576 sq ft with a candle and a cigarette. Thats what I'm talkin' about.
2. Speed- I only get to build my house after work, so I needed to go faster than batts. Spray foam is the obvious answer to crankin it out.

Matt D.
Seneca Rocks, WV

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My project went great. It was easier than I had expected. I just followed the instructions and I was done in no time. Great product, will use it again and recommend it for sure.

Lee B.
Warren, VT

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Perfect. Just as easy to use as everyone makes it look, and is great that it can be shut down for later use if you run out of time/energy with your project for the day. I ended up needing enough foam to need to get the 602 kit which gave me almost twice as much as I needed, so I used the remainder foaming a large portion of my attic's roof and I can already tell the difference in energy bills and comfort. Even though I'll need to wait until next year, I'm now considering buying another 602 kit to spray my entire attic - roof and floor - which was not at all in my plans before purchasing this kit for a separate project.

Love knowing that my roof is nice and sealed from moisture, as well as watching my energy bill drop while increasing the comfort inside my house (I live in Miami, so it gets hot). Not to mention the satisfaction of having done it myself, and knowing that I saved hundreds more in labor costs alone. Thank you, Foam it Green!

Graham K.
Miami, FLA

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Outstanding customer support (Phil)

I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding customer support on my recent order. I have used Foam It Green several times, it's a great product and I have always had the best customer support. My recent order was a rush job and Phil helped me out by getting the product shipped as quickly as possible. Please pass on my thanks to Phil.

Jimmy O.
Centreville, VA

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To all the people who are hesitant to try a do it yourself spray foam project, keep reading. I too read lots of reviews when considering a DIY spray foam job. Some said it was hard to do, it didn't work well or cover as much as stated.....Forget all that. Read the simple instructions and yes follow them and you will be fine. I sprayed the rim joist of an old farmhouse and also sprayed some walls in a new construction project. I actually did them a few days apart, followed the shut down instructions, and restart was a breeze. I was actually surprised of how much coverage I got and how easy it was to spray. I would much rather spray foam than cut and mess with fiberglass batons any day, it was actually kind of fun!

Customer service was top notch whether it was via live chat or a phone call, I used both.
love the fact that it completely eliminated the air leaks.

Dean L.

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I live I Montana and was concerned about having warm enough weather to apply my 600 series foam kits. I had a few nice days above 70 degrees. The product works exactly as advertised. I foam sealed all my soffits and all penetration holes in my new addition. I sprayed every wall and ceiling in my theatre room for sound control. I even used the spray foam under the staircase to control sound on the steps.

This product is amazing and very easy to use. Follow the basic instructions and you are a true professional.

If you have areas where fiberglass insulation is not practical, using Foam it Green is truly the best option. If my budget would allow it, I would use this product on 100% of the house.
Don't be afraid of using this product. If you can spray a paint can, you can spray this foam. 

Jeff W.
Billings, MT

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Foam it Green was AMAZING!.  I save a bout $2,000 dollars and my wife thinks I'm a stud! Win/Win situation!!!!!  I plan on buying more of your product next Spring, when the weather warms up in order to  apply the foam correctly.  Thank you for your time and wonderful product! 

Jeremy O.
West Newton, PA

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This is the link to a video I made and would like to submit it for your testimonials.

Todd S.
Ridgefield, WA

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These spray foam kits work very well easy to use and great instructions to fallow. I applied a 600 square foot kit in my crawlspace on the walls in a few hours. I highly recommend these spray foam kits.

Benefits: The benefits of this spray foam is it sealed all my cracks and opening's in my Crawl Space. My home is 100 years old which let in a lot of cold air. This spray foam will save me more than the cost of the kit this winter. I already notice that my furnace run half the time.

Before and after pictures. These kits work very well.

Chad B.
Monte Vista, CO

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I am very pleased with the spray foam.  I do need to purchase the 202 kit to finish off my project but may have to wait until the weather breaks again.  View my project here http://www.instructables.com/id/Spray-Foam-Insulation/  and also here http://leonardsteward.blogspot.com/.

Leonard S.
Livingston, TX

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I bought an old drafty farmhouse on 50acres along side of the west branch of the Mahantango creek in central pa. every animal .reptile and bug had a nice place to live until u and your foam showed up. the heat was escaping everywhere and it was not very cozy. NOW its like living inside a coleman cooler. its reminds me of my first wife. not very pretty but keeps me warm. its a good product and unlike my x :it should pay for itself in the long run.  I am happy with green foam and I tell and show other people the job  if they are curious. ...there ya go mark that's the story. thanks for a good product. 

John G.
Boothwyn, PA

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You too can join this testimonial contest. Each quarter we pick at least 1 customer who stands out using Foam it Green for their project. Just share your experience and your success so that others can see and learn from your example. The best one receives either a Foam it 202 Anti-Microbial delivered for Free or $250.00.

Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

Spray foam kits are quicker and easier to use plus you get a seamless air barrier and high r-value in just 1 inch. Choose Foam It Green spray foam insulation kits and don't settle for less than you deserve.

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