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Used to do the  under carriage insulation  ‎under Sterling RV's Legend Model. 

Chad S.


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My husband put up foam in about 3/4s of the attic.  And, after all the snow and cold, we had no ice dams, no icicles on most of the roof, except for the ⅛ of the roof that didn’t get the foam.  There was a nice snow cover that slowly melted.  He was really pleased. He’s waiting for the spring to finish off the rest of the attic and make it deeper.   He looked rather like a Martian when he sprayed the foam (photo attached), but we (he especially) are very pleased with the results!  

Many thanks,
Lynda S.


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Yes, an old guy can learn new tricks.  I've built four houses over my lifetime, always improving the energy efficiency until a giant leap forward with building a SIP (Structural Insulated--foam--Panels) home.  With the panels installed I enjoyed the heck out of winter.  When finishing the Sun Room I wanted to get in on the foam revolution and wanted to do it myself.  But at 70 years old did I want to learn new tricks?  "Go for it," I thought; saw the ad for Guardian Energy Technologies and did the deed."  It was almost fun and certainly exciting to watch the foam do the job in a tenth of the time and with no itchy fiberglas at the end in my throat and up my nose.

Stu W.

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My son and I did the job today. This is a terrific product and all the stuff that went with it is all first class, including the instructions. We installed the product on the underside of a Chicago bungalow porch which had been converted to living space. The floor that we insulated is outdoors. We spent about an hour prepping the surfaces, -wire brushing then compressed air to remove anything loose. We then draped a visqueen sheet vertically on the three open sides to eliminate "blow-away" and put down a plastic barrier to protect the crushed rock floor.

You can definitely see where I first started spraying in comparison to where I finished. The surface had a much better appearance as I got better at it. Isn't that the truth? You get good at these one-time jobs just in time to never have to do it again!

Anyway, looking forward to enjoying the space now that it is no longer going to be too cold to walk in the floor in the winter.

Thank you for a great product and great service. A picture of me all "suited-up" and ready to go. Frightening. I wonder what the neighbors thought.

Stuart L.

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 Yes my project is done, attached is a picture. It wasn't difficult or take too long to finish. 

Alan B.

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Works great!!!   Need more!!!

Steve B.

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Everything went great!

Russ H.

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Everything went well. Pretty slick kit.

Brian F.

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Experience: The foam it Green boxes arrived at my house in no time. I purchased the slow-rise kit as I have a 110+ year old house with no insulation in the walls. After doing all the drilling, grinding, and prepping for the product I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set up and use. The tank temperature display and the provided reading materials and extras were very useful and made the whole process a success. I am now planing on doing the rest of my house. Thanks Foam it Green!

Benefits: The extra mixing attachments that hook to the gun were a must. I used all but one on my project and could see how it would be very frustrating if extras were not provided. 

The color of the foam is very helpful in knowing that you are mixing everything correctly.

Abraham N.

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This morning I used my foam kit to spray the exterior walls on one of the bed rooms in my house. Everything went well, it was fun and easy to apply the foam. I will be ordering more foam kits when I get the drywall out of the next bed room. Planning on doing the whole house, just one room at a time. Thank you for the quick shipping and a great product.

Robert K.

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The area we insulated was framed out with 2x4 s on their side allowing only approx.. 2 inches for insulations. We wanted the max R-value for the client, so we went with your product.

It worked out perfectly.

Dennis W.

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Frankly I was expecting  disaster...why because gravity was involved...(gravity; a law we should repeal!!) Anyway, I got suited up and went at it.  I was spraying the underside of a floor from the dirt floor basement of an older house (+- 150 years). Amazingly enough the stuff stuck!!! Not only did it stick but it repeatedly stuck where I shot it for the whole job.  Did some "snow down", yes but I have to tell you that overall it stayed where sprayed as described in the instructions.

You know, I watched the video of the guy that applied it to the underside of the floor and I thought: " sure pal", " as if " nothing goes that easy. I was amazed that it went as described.

Now I have another under floor space to be insulated that is even more challenging, because I cannot stand up to do the work as I could in the previous project. I will be flat on my back in full gear and I will more than have the confidence that this product will perform in the excellent manner that it did with the previous project as long as I carefully follow the directions. ( That is the key; right application and media temperature, surface prep. and application distance.)

If you can read and understand these basic concepts you are insured of success.

I am going for it!! The old fiberglass insulation that I installed 20 plus years ago is sagging and useless.  It is a task for  removal, but reinsuting with this product it will be immensely easier and effective given the relatively short time and effort it will take.

I was a skeptic, but I am solidly sold and will happily recommend this to anyone.


Jim B.
Lovettsville, VA 

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The house is from 1750 in CT, just bought it few months ago to find out is was NOT insulated at all. 4000 SqFt. We will be very good customers!! :) The pictures are for only 3 bedrooms, much more to get it all done!

Benedetta G.


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First project finished this past Saturday. I applied foam to the sill plates and walls above drop in ceiling in the basement. this being my first foam job, I learned a lot about how to apply. I had a lot of moving around to do with the scaffold from room to room, so I used all my nozzles and mixing valves. This is a great product. Wish I had this when the home was built in 1986. I can already tell the difference in the basement. It is a finished basement house w/ kitchen, bedrooms, 2 baths and we spend all of time here. Thanks. I will let you know my next project as I have some left over and will do this week. May You be Blessed.   OH, by the way I am 71 years old and anybody can use this product!!!! 

Ray G.

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Everything is going fine so far...I've gone through 3 of the kits already and couldn't be more pleased. I'm doing the install myself so it's going slow as the house is being renovated in phases by yours truly. :) I just finished another room yesterday, so so far I've insulated approximately 515 square foot of exterior walls with approximately 3-3.5 inches of the Foam It Green. So far so good!

Gary B.

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I just finished the attic project. The house is in Florida and in addition to AC ducts being in the attic, we also wanted to use the space for storage.

Tim D.



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Awesome product. Word of mouth is the primary reason for your product choice. Customer support is very impressive after I called also. I will be using your product in the future, for sure.

Troy J.


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 This only took an hour. Studs are 6 inches from the foundation wall.
Thank you Foam it Green


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Project done! Amazingly easy! So far am pleased with product.

Gene W.

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After spraying 2 602s, I find it hard to believe that anyone has trouble with your system. You follow the instructions, turn the tanks on and start spraying. It's foolproof. I sprayed a sprinter van. It took about a month before all of the odor was gone. But, we drove it to Florida last week, it was 100 degrees and the front air conditioner kept the van cool. It is so well insulated. So, a month of odor is well worth a life time of comfort. The alternative is paying $7,500.00 for a rear A C unit. So, your system was great.

Brian B.

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Kit installed without a hitch. I used the kit to seal two stone walls in a wine cellar.  Sprayed 6" in stud wall cavities and made an R42 wall which was thermally broken from the adjacent masonry.  I have the thermography to show that - It was easy and well packaged.

James B.


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The foam was not applied so well in the small spaces, where it is very lumpy. This building will be used for a bookstore, as it lies on the highway and is conveniently accessed. We expect to buy more foam for the actual house when we get the bookstore finished.

Rusty M.

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Here is a before and after pictures that I took.  I was amazed at how easy it was to spray and apply.  It went on just like I was spray painting.  I will be utilizing the spray foam to complete my renovation. My house was built in 1914 and I am completely refurbishing it room by room and there's all kinds of cracks and holes that need to be closed.  The spray foam allows me to do just that with ease and speed. What a wonderful product I only wished I had used it before in other areas of the house. 

Sam D.

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