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I’m very glad I used this product, it works as advertised, the shipping is fast and the customer support is great.  (Read on for heat map of temperature change and project photos)

Jovica A.
Rochester, MI


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The HVAC person we use has looked at completed job and stated that any insulation issues with our HVAC duct work have been eliminated forever.  The product not only is a permanent solution for insulating HVAC duct, the sealing abilties are hard to beat.

Ray S.
Greenbrier, AR


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Where's that stupid "easy button"?

Now my kitchen floor doesn't ice my toes and chase the dogs into another room.

Much warmer and JUST IN TIME for cold weather (polar vortex) that came flying in from the north FLIPPIN pole this morning.

Yeah BABY!

Kent F.
Saint Charles, MO

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I am 52, and my son and I are doing this project ourselves. It didn't take us any time at all. It was really easy. I did most of the spraying. My son did a little. It's a great product. Anybody can do it if I can! Here is a short video:

Ruby M.
Ridgeland, MS

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The barn apartment...This stuff is fantastic in a metal building! Seals it up tight and minimizes the noise from rain and heat expansion down to nothing. There is a 20 degree temp from in here and the rest of the 2000 sq ft barn. It really works! Here is a shot from the outside of the barn apartment. Another note: besides insulation, noise, and vapor barrier, this stuff also adds a ton of structural integrity!

Paul S.
Portsmouth, VA

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Our recent Foam it Green installation!!! Hubby did GREAT! Awesome product, easy to use & get the feel of. We will recommend it to everyone!!

Brett H.
Sidney, OH

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Are you kidding me!!!! That stuff rules! This will make you laugh. I live on the water in Rhode Island. Our house is a 980 square foot bungalow. No basement, just a very small crawl space and NO INSULATION under the house! Even worse, Only the original sub flooring is there from 1915. In between some of the planks you can see light from outside. I always ask contractors what to do, but they wouldn't touch it. That is because half of the house has dirt right up to and even up in between the floor joists. It is as if the builder plopped it right down on the ground.

Well, I climbed under there and dug the whole thing out myself. I lost about ten pounds in 2 long weekends. Then, it was even more cold! It had a better air flow (convection). By the grace of God I found your company! The best product for insulation ever invented- simple as that. I ordered the medium canisters (closed cell). The ones about the size of grill propane tank. I blew about 4 inches in some spots and 6 inches in others, but I ran out! It was too cold outside to finish the job (late October), so we went through the winter almost finished. From inside the house you could feel exactly where I ran out. Most of the floor was warm and one inch over cold as ice. That product is amazing! I am waiting for my next paycheck to order the next kit. I will finish it off this year.

Joseph C.
Bristol, RI

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I was searching for a product that would "seal" in my front porch so that I would not have to re-do the project again later. That's when I came across your website, by a search I did online. Your website is very informative and is what made me decide to even try your product!

When I received your product, I was a little overwhelmed but once I watched your videos again, it made me realize that anybody can do this!! The actual process of spraying the product is simple and easy; and it is super fast, too. I have seen a major difference in the temperature of the room I insulated and I am thrilled, to say the least! I am glad I came across this product and I have already referred friends and family to you. It is absolutely THE easiest, best, and most affordable way to insulate your home on your own without having to pay labor costs to somebody else. Just give it a try and you will NOT be disappointed!

Valerie S.
Avoca, NY

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The foam it green kit was easy to use. I am 5'3 and I didn't have any trouble at all. I spray's on easily and hardens quickly just as stated. We live in Northern Wisconsin and last year most of our winter temps were below zero. We always noticed our kitchen cabinets were cold, but last year we could have used them as a refrigerator. We had pink paper back insulation in our basement, but it just didn't do the job. We already noticed this summer that it was cooler in the house, no heat coming in and we're hoping this winter it will keep out the cold.

Victoria H.
Glidden, WI

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Hope you don't mind a photo attachment--does a better job of explaining what I was doing than text.  I recently moved in with my girlfriend, and I needed to eke out a place to store my tools in her damp rubble stone foundation basement.  The water issues were just dampness and mustiness (as opposed to bulk rain water coming through the walls), so I figured it would be sufficient to apply a layer of closed cell spray foam to the walls for moisture and condensation control.

 The floor, FYI, is 2" extruded polystyrene with seams taped, and a layer of either cement board (Wonderboard) or fiber cement board (Hardie Tile Backer) as a walking surface.  I prefer those materials to plywood, because (a) it "flops" down instead of curling up, and (b) if it gets wet, who cares?  FYI, I like fiber cement board a lot more, but it is more difficult to cut around obstructions.

I would have loved to spray the wall all the way up, but I ran out of foam before I get that far up the wall--the below grade stuff was the top priority.

Yes, I know that I should have painted the wall with intumescent paint, but it was a higher priority to me to get moved out of my old apartment at the end of my lease.

This has been up and running August--so far so good!  Also, I helped a friend do the same thing in their basement in New Hampshire (a finished basement room) almost a year ago, and they're all good.

Kohta U.
Arlington, MA

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I finished my little project last Thursday and I will tell you that your "Foam it Green" insulation was a LOT easier to apply than I was expecting. The application went very fast... I'm very impressed with your product. The hardest thing about the project was getting my body in and around in the crawl area. I'll be ready to tackle the basement perimeter sill soon and It will be a piece of cake... I'll be standing up on this one. I will be putting in my order soon.

Raj D.
Lake Bluff, IL

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foam it green allowed me to turn a shipping container into a cabin in 3 days. the insulation install was so fast it took less time to install than it did to move the camping gear out of the way.

Everett W.
Vlg of Loch Lloyd, MO

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Insulated a metal building - went on easy and results were great!

Robert B.
Fraziers Bottom, WV

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I finished my insulation project, which included foaming the rim joist around the perimeter of my house.  It has made a huge difference in the climate of the basement.  I would have to empty a dehumidifier at least once per day, previously.  Now, I go up to three days without it filling up. Also, I have previously had problems with mice/insects.  I didn't know this previously, but my exterminator said I have now taken care of 80-90 percent of the problem by foaming the rim joists. I also have a work colleague who is ordering some foam it green due to my recommendation! I don't normally endorse products, but I think your product is awesome.

Benjamin R.
Port Jefferson, NY

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Emailed in a snit to ask where my other tips were. Linda called twice immediately and emailed to explain that they may have fallen down next to one of the tanks. OK, so I'm an idiot.

Use this product before you do ANY framing in the basement. I didn't do that so it made my job much more difficult. I found after taking the insulation out of our rim joists in the basement that there were several places where you could actually see light. I used the 602 kit and filled 215 feet of rim joists. Now there is no light and no breeze. NICE!!!

I found that putting the tanks on a furniture dolly helps a bunch and having a friend hold a light and help move stuff is nice also. Also, as soon as your spray starts looking different, change your tip. This product is awesome and I'd like to get some more to insulate my heat ducts, sound proof the basement bath walls and the master bedroom from the basement.

Ray S.
Aurora, CO

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My project went great. It was easier than I had expected. I just followed the instructions and I was done in no time. Great product, will use it again and recommend it for sure.

Lee B.
Warren, VT

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Perfect. Just as easy to use as everyone makes it look, and is great that it can be shut down for later use if you run out of time/energy with your project for the day. I ended up needing enough foam to need to get the 602 kit which gave me almost twice as much as I needed, so I used the remainder foaming a large portion of my attic's roof and I can already tell the difference in energy bills and comfort. Even though I'll need to wait until next year, I'm now considering buying another 602 kit to spray my entire attic - roof and floor - which was not at all in my plans before purchasing this kit for a separate project.

Love knowing that my roof is nice and sealed from moisture, as well as watching my energy bill drop while increasing the comfort inside my house (I live in Miami, so it gets hot). Not to mention the satisfaction of having done it myself, and knowing that I saved hundreds more in labor costs alone. Thank you, Foam it Green!

Graham K.
Miami, FLA

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It amazing how fast it is, I bought 25 kit of 602. And I scheduled to do that in 3 weeks, and just took me 5 days. It saved me over $3,000 on labor!

Angel R.
Lynn, MA

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Just a couple of kudos to you last summer we redid our master bathroom for the past 15 years the pipes would freeze at least once a season an sometimes burst this past winter after foaming The outside walls not a one freeze up and were talking about wind chills of -25 for more than a day at a time worst winter in decades spray foam WORKS thank you

Bob K.
Rockaway, NJ

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I was in a crawl space only about 30" high. We foamed the sill and building block foundation and so far I am very happy with it. We put plastic on the ground and up the walls. It's staying clean and dry. I also put a 8' baseboard heater on the beam down the center. The envelope seams to be the way to go. There is no insulation in the floor joist and all is good.

Joe T.
Westford, MA

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This was so easy! I sprayed the sill plate in the basement and a crawl space. Took me about an hour. I have a yard cart that I brought in and put the box with the tanks in that and that helped a lot being able to just pull it around the perimeter of the basement as I worked.

Beth H.
Davenport, IA

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I used Spray Foam Direct - Home of Foam it Green on the underside of a mobile home to add insulation and a vapor barrier. Well satisfied with the results and a third of the cost of having a contractor doing the job.

Leo R.
Tamaqua, PA

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I had 2 walls in my living room that were not insulated. There was a 3-5 degree difference between the living room and the other rooms on the main floor. I did not want to tear out the plaster walls to insulate. Then I used your spray foam. Now the living room is the same temperature as the other rooms. The instruction videos and the printable instructions had some great hints. These hints made the installation easy and kept my plaster walls from cracking. Now my living room is as comfortable as the rest of the house.

Jack W.
Oak Park, IL

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There is nothing any easier than spraying this Foam insulation. It is picked up within 15 seconds. Applies so much faster that fiberglass insulation. The sound deadening properties are wonderful, as the cleanup compared to trimming Fiberglass insulation. It is air tight leaving lo places for insects to make a home. I know I will purchased more to complete the attic, before this fall.

Richard C.
Acworth, GA

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I have to say, This is one of the easiest projects I have tackled in a while. I followed the instructions,watched videos and read all the helpful tips. I was nervous as I started but soon was spraying pretty well. I started on the ceiling first as suggested by the instructions. The only bummer was I could not see out of my goggles after a little while,They where trashed.I shut down according to the instructions.About 5 days later after a trip to get new goggles( I tried without them, Trashed my glasses)The kit worked as advertised. This time I was applying like a pro.This product sealed up my space like a zip lock bag. I will never use another insulation material again. Cost versus time,performance,ease of use. Cost is not a factor.Much cheaper in the long run. I want to thank this group for actually being there. This is a great product,Works as advertised and is a great value.

The best benefits I see is it sealed and insulated in one easy step. Also like the idea of being able to stop for an extended period of time and restarting without any loss of product. This equals money saved/money earned.

Anthony T.
Jacksonville, FL

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You too can join this testimonial contest. Each quarter we pick at least 1 customer who stands out using Foam it Green for their project. Just share your experience and your success so that others can see and learn from your example. The best one receives either a Foam it 202 Anti-Microbial delivered for Free or $250.00.

Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

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