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Yes, our energy cost has gone down, even with these sub-zero temperatures! As a matter of fact, we have discovered the room the 'project' area, is lacking just a little at the floor. That will be fixed in the spring, too darn cold now to expose the front of the house! Maybe we will use the other half a can there?!?! :)

NO! The novelty has not worn off! This was the most fun we have ever had doing a home improvement project!!! And we have done a few, ie, building an addition totaling 1500 square feet, two stories, just to name one. We have been improving on our house since we bought it 26 years ago! Doing all but foundation work, ourselves. This was, by far, the most fun thing we have ever done to improve our home!

We are TOTALLY IMPRESSED with this spray foam! It was a blast to install, it stopped all drafting in our basement. The rooms down there are consistently warm and dry!

Maria T.
Aurora, IL

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