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I recently (3-weeks ago, during one of our "Deep Freeze" periods this winter) had a sales rep in my home to quote me for new doors. He was the same guy who came out and did my windows, and we got to talking about how the renovation had been progressing since his last visit about 9 months prior. We were standing in the kitchen, discussing the windows in there, and he suddenly realized that I don't have any centralized heating or air conditioning anywhere in the house, at all. He couldn't believe how warm the room (an extension) and the rest of the house was, with nothing more than a single space heater in the dining room for a heat source. (The temp that day was somewhere in the low teens.) It's all your foam and his windows, and literally, nothing else, in terms of climate control!

We were in a crunch to get the house sealed up for winter before the baby was born, and if it wasn't for your kits arriving so quickly, that would not have happened. Hopefully, we will be able to afford the $30k it's going to cost to install central heat and air this summer, but even if we can't, I have no doubt the foam will be enough to keep things comfortable for a while. There are still areas I want to spray (especially the attic and bedrooms upstairs), and one area in the dining room we ran a little short on that I'd like to back-fill, but for now, it's doing it's job quite nicely. We can especially tell a difference around openings around electrical outlets, doors, windows, and breaks between floors for electrical and plumbing -- no air leaks anymore!

Gregory C.
Catonsville, MD

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