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We've completed the initial foam installation.  We're waiting for heating season to see results.  About 70% of the building is now foam insulated.  We'd prefer for various architectural reasons to leave it at that but oil consumption could change that decision.  Oh, and by the way this project is quite out of the ordinary.  The building is on an island in Long Island sound - about 10 miles from New York City. It was an old broadcasting station for CBS (columbia broadcasting system) The building has been derelict since the early 60's and we're turning it into a residence.  There's about 6000 sf of living space and the building is completely off the grid.  All electricity comes from a large solar installation.  The water supply is a marine desalination plant.  We're very pleased with the properties of the foam, which integrated very well with the structure and obviously added to the moisture resistance of the building - very important in this situation. One advantage we noticed, that has not been advertised, is that the foam has the capability of stabilizing the framing system considerably. Our setup was 2x4 framing inside masonry walls.  The framing was installed with a 2-1/2" space between it and the masonry to allow for 6" of foam. Once the foam was installed it attached the framing to the masonry in a surprisingly solid assembly. 

Allen D.
Brooklyn, NY 

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Saturday morning I spayed one of the two sets purchased. It went well, but I am not new to this. I sprayed a few HandyFoams a few years ago. I do appreciate several things you do. The kits being very "complete", suite, two sets of gloves (longer gloves are nice), googles (they are ok but still fog up. It is just a hot messy job. The "green" feature is good, I knew all was well and stopped as soon as it turned yellow. The temp meter on the tank is nice as well. Directions were very good and I do appreciate the customer service, your e-mails.       

Over all - a very good experience. I have some more prep work before I will be ready for the other set. You have done a good job of making "Spray Foaming" successful.

Mark V.
Fremont, OH

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Kit worked pretty well.  I would suggest adding a mask of some kind to the kit or recommending one, I did not see that if you did.  I thought I had some disposable masks. I used a ski mask that worked ok, but it did allow some in. cleaned up well.  I have a few small spots that ended up turning blue and not setting correctly.  when I first started, my test patch was not working, I had to wipe it off and start over, but worked well after that.  only issues was the clogging of the tips, but cleaned them off or replaced and got back to it.  I live in Texas so 85 degrees outside is vary rare,  I waited until the evening, and luckily the shed was lit, dark by the time I finished.  goggles got splattered so i went a little thin in areas, but went back over them.  Overall I think the product worked well.  I have a few pictures, I will post them when I get a chance. I posted on a Texas Poultry showers page and got questions on where I got it. Sent them to your website, so hopefully will drum up some business.  

Lennon J.
Bellville, TX

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I used it work good waiting to see how much saving with my utilities bills this winter. Like the application went good.

Ronald C.
Pataskala, OH

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I don't know the results at this point for cost containment, and no way to determine home value or sales efficacy, but I had a lot of fun doing it (perhaps fun should be in quotes, but I am thrilled that it is done and I was able to do it myself). 

There was a huge learning curve, but it was relatively quick. I'll be interested to see if there is a noticeable difference this winter. And if there is, I have 2-3 more big projects I will want to use this for.

I look at the work I did with your product with pride.

Darren O.
Pittsburgh, PA

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Finally got started.  My basement rim joists was the first project.  I have two sets of the 602 combo.  The product was simple to use and worked well.  Although my spray pattern doesn't look as smooth as your videos.  I was really hampered to easy access by my drop ceiling.  I had placed plastic on walls and carpeting and clean up was hassle free.  I can't wait for my other project which is to remove all sheetrock and insulation in my master bedroom, spray foam which i will not need a ladder (Yes!).  I will refinish the walls with a 1/8 inch Mass Loaded Vinyl (MVL) for soundproofing then sheetrock again.  

Joseph S.
Middleburg, OH

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Used the spray foam a few weeks ago and it was fantastic so easy and quick. Sprayed the entire project in less than an hour. Thanks for a great price on a great product!

Denny S.
Shelbyville, TN

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It was great and easy to use.

Ion S.
Paramus, NJ

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Your spray worked great and was perfect for the project I did.

Stephen P.
Decatur, GA

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The project was a great success. However, the foam didn't cover as much area as I had planned, because I think I got a little greedy with filling the space. Nevertheless, I will send the pictures and show the excitement from my contractor whom had never seen or heard of the product.

I had the closed cell product installed in a commercial building I manage and it was just too expensive to install at my home. Needless to say, it was a joy finding this product last year then finally ordering it for my basement project this year. I can't wait until I save a little more money to install it in other parts of my home.

Andre K.
Atlanta, GA 

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Good Morning Mark,

The project is complete, the foam worked perfectly.
Thanks for the follow-up.

Daniel A.
Troy, MI 

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All three projects completed. Did my own place and made money on two subsequent jobs! Wish I could get a deeper discount as an insulation contractor through you all without having to buy 6 however I'm still bidding jobs for my new found add on to my business scope of work!

Chris H.
Homewood, CA 

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Project completed and went well. As a contractor I think things went great.

Tim F.
Baltimore, MD

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Your product is working nicely. As our pool house is staying mild temps inside while the boiling heat is outside. We used spray foam. Then covered that with conventional insulation rolls. A ceiling fan is helping move air too.

Thank you,
John S.

Dickson, TN

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The reason for my Foam it Green purchase was largely based on saving money, I wanted my basement rim joist area done and had an estimate done. He wanted $1900.00 to do the job, well I did it for $700.00 and had some Foam it Green left over to do a couple smaller jobs. Very happy with your product and will definitely use it again, Thank you.

Cecil H.
Albion, NY

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spray foam insulation picture from rick hHaving decided to build a quonset hut and then turn it into a "Hobbit House", I knew that I wanted it sealed as good as possible and turned to spray foam to ensure a leak free structure. It Worked! I have included pics of the completed "Hobbit House". It has been three years since it was covered with dirt and has been through some VERY cold and snowy winters and wet springs (we live in the mountains of Western Maryland). NO leaks and it can be heated with a candle! Hope you enjoy the pics.

Rick H.
McHenry, MD


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spray foam insulation picture from lynda sMy husband put up foam in about 3/4s of the attic.  And, after all the snow and cold, we had no ice dams, no icicles on most of the roof, except for the ⅛ of the roof that didn’t get the foam.  There was a nice snow cover that slowly melted.  He was really pleased. He’s waiting for the spring to finish off the rest of the attic and make it deeper.   He looked rather like a Martian when he sprayed the foam (photo attached), but we (he especially) are very pleased with the results! 

Lynda S.
South Bend, IN

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spray foam insulation picture from daxExperience: Loved using it for our basement insulation, especially around the rim joists. Check out my blog post/ video with your product mentioned: http://adventuresinheatherland.com/2015/01/baby-its-cold-outside/

I loved that it was easy to use,
I loved that it was colored to make sure it was mixed appropriately.
After the blizzard we just had, there is no leaky air coming in our basement this year!

Dax (Heather) K.
Amesbury, MA

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The application of the foam was almost ludicrously simple.  Two of us were quite experienced in the use of airless paint sprayer, but even if we had not been, a ten year old could have sprayed the building.  We did make sure that we acquired (borrowed) really good HEPA filtered masks and used blowers (really big fans that we rented) to solidly vent the building while we were putting that amount of spray onto not only the interior wall surfaces but also the ceilings in the cellar and between the first and second floors.  We had enough left so we also "soundproofed" the Director's office interior walls for confidentiality...

Sidney J.


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Great product and easy to use. Thanks!


Mike L.
Chicago, IL

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Project is done, sprayed the inside of my van, here's some photos. Worked out pretty well.

spray foam insulation picture from dan spray foam insulation picture from dan

Dan P.
Driggs, ID

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spray foam insulation picture from jamesGot started foaming today.  Your product is VERY IMPRESSIVE.  Very little mess, easy to learn, and solid insulation.  I can't say enough good things about this stuff.  While my architectural "nightmare" of an attic is being worked in stages, I did send some pictures of the worst part of this process.  The rest of it should not be as challenging as this first stage.
Again, my thanks to you and your company for an outstanding product.  As you can see in the pictures, foam was the only feasible solution in this attic and I'm glad your product was available to make this a sound defeat against the heat and cold.  I'll keep you posted as I get more done.  I don't believe I will get all of it done before it gets too hot, but I certainly have the worst portion covered with insulation.

James F.
Willow Springs, MO


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I finally got to use my 202 kit today...worked really well.  Here's a pic (I shared on your Facebook page as well).

James B.
Burkburnett, TX

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spray foam insulation picture from eddie

Eddie K.
West Virginia


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Keeping my metal shed cool!

spray foam insulation picture from rogerio

Rogerio P.
Fort Lauderdale, FL


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