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About Your Foam it Green Team

Your team is based in Chicago. It's a city with broad shoulders and a strong work ethic. It's also a city with wickedly cold winters and broiling summers. 

We know COLD winters and HOT summers because we live them.  It's not Alaska cold and it's not Arizona hot.  But it's brutally cold and nasty hot, every year.  That's forced us to learn how to ship spray foam in all sorts of weather and temperatures.  It's also led us to new technologies and techniques that allow you to spray all year long.

Are there more temperate places where we could relocate?  Absolutely. But frankly that would take the edge off.  You need fixes for crazy cases, and that's exactly why we're right here.

You want someone who knows what a cold floor feels like, who knows how to work around an old house's attic, and someone who gets why you're dying to stop the summer heat before it keeps you up all night.

That's why we're here.

There are quick and easy ways to save money and energy.  When you do that, it makes your home more comfortable.  It also has a large impact on our world because you're using far less resources.

You receive great values, strong guarantees, and 24/7 support for your project. Likewise, you save money, time, and energy with products that get your project done quick and easy.

We help balance our carbon footprint by sponsoring clean energy and carbon reduction projects through TerraPass. You can rest easy that Foam It Green® really is green.

Foam It Green® is 100% American Made and ships from our location in Chicagoland, Illinois.

As our customer, you get a team member here 24/7 to help you get your project done quickly and safely.

Take the quick and easy path to a more comfortable, healthier, money-saving home.  When your project is done, please share your victory story (and pictures) with us!


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