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"My heat bills from Nicor were on average $750 - $800 per month during the winter, this year in two rooms that I redid and used this product have without a doubt resulted in a warmer home for my family. My last bill was $140 dollars and Dec was without doubt a very cold month with many days below zero. Thank you. 

It was very easy to use and the result is exactly what I aimed for. There was no mess involved with the application."

Sandra S.
Rochelle, IL

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"My husband was skeptical about Foam It Green. He had never used it, was unsure how it would work or even how much it would really cover. Well, to his amazement, he was overly excited about this wonderful product. It was easier to handle, no mess, no waste and it went on smoothly. It covered more area than he thought it would and he added more than an inch between each stud. He is so impressed with Foam It Green, after he finished, he called me and asked me to place two more orders for Foam It Green! 

Brenda M.
Blue Mountain, MS


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"I finally got at the project of insulating the joist pockets on the perimeter of my house. The 602 kit was just right for this project, and there were plenty of tips and accessories to do the job. 

Great product, certainly many times better than unfaced fiberglass batt which the contractor installed." 

Thank you. 
Art K.
Tomahawk, WI

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"Hi, I just finished installing my 602kit. AWESOME! I'm really happy with the install/finished product (should have worn the goggles! I totally messed up my eyeglasses)" 

Domenick D.
Flushing, NY

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"I'm finishing a basement that has a dirt, yes, dirt ceiling and the only way to keep the moisture and mold that likes the environment was to seal it with spray foam. I searched for the best and found it! From the minute we turned the valves on, pulled the trigger the beautiful light green foam started to seal the area. I can't wait to see the savings in heat/air. Makes me proud that you're an American Company! Thanks for being all that you advertise.

J H.
New Stanton, PA


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"As a single father with 2 daughters, it was not affordable to hire a spray foam contractor. When I searched and found Foam it Green I was glad to see I could do the job at half the cost I was quoted from other companies. I was hesitant at first taking on the job alone but the videos on line helped alot. It gave me the confidence and the staff was very helpful. I completed the job and was more than happy with the outcome. I believe the cans of foam actually cover more than the square footage they advertise. Great product and the best thing: NO ITCHY FIBERGLASS.

Ralph J.
Williston, VT


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"It worked great. Easier to install than batt insulation. Love the product." 

Daniel S.
Falls Church, VA

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"Sir, I am very pleased with the product, if I build again, I will definitely be in touch with you." 

Albert K.
Edmonton, AB

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"The slow rise formula seemed to expand into even the smallest holes in my 1920 era home. I think probably the greatest benefit will be the increase to greater R-value. I also think there are structural benefits that are hard to explain." 

Wesley C.
Hot Sulphur Springs, CO

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"I'll definitely be back for more spray foam insulation....We notice a big difference in the rooms where it was applied....pretty impressive stuff.....   Thanks!" 

Fred W.
Lansdale, PA

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"We have been very happy with the product. Our only problem has been that we end up wanting to put it everywhere because it works so well and we run out. 

Anyway, we will be ordering more but not until the spring. Thanks for the great product and support." 

David G.
Silver Spring, MD

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"I used your product today and it worked perfectly. I had never used spray foam before, and was a bit nervous to try it, but I followed your instructions and had no problems at all. It looks like a professional did it. My wife said Mike Holmes would be proud! "


Bob and Judy G.
Bellingham, WA

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"After countless hours of research while rebuilding my own home after a devastating fire, I decided on Foam it Green. After placing my first order and seeing how fast it came and how easy it was to work with I subsequently ordered two more units to complete my home.

Steve S.
West Babylon, NY


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"We are in heaven with this 602 set up, being an older person we found it very easy to use and all went well. We have done several remodeling projects and wish we had known about this spray foam sooner, will use it again if we need to. Very, very easy. Great product and we will recommend it to anyone who needs to insulate. 

Saved us time by using this product and is better than regular insulation. Have not drywalled as yet but am sure the benefits will be in the utility bills." 

Lane A.
Austin, TX

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"I finally had a chance to use your spray foam insulation. Wonderful product, easy application!" 

Michael M.
St. Louis, MO

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"Your product worked really well. Very easy to use and you had a lot of videos so I felt very comfortable using it." 

Keith M.
Bay City, MI

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"WE LOVE IT!! It's installed and it's fabulous!! I'd like to refer to some friends." 

Michael E.
Freeport, PA

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"I have used Handi-F*am and your product. I must say that your product worked excellent, nice color and you included more tips whereas the other company did not. I appreciate the quick delivery too. 

I didn't think I would use the free gloves, goggles, etc...but I did and they came in real handy. You game me plenty of tips/nozzles which meant a lot and helped me do the job right without rushing. I am a building analyst and I will use your product again!" 

Russell B.
Asheville, NC

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"All I can say about Foam It Green is, follow the directions. Everyone needs to read the instructions two to three time. Also read the Trouble Shooting page BEFORE you start. That's what we did and had not one problem. Finished a job a local insulation contractor made a mess of. We will be using Foam It Green for any future insulation needs." 

Mike S.
Garner, NC

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"My whole experience has been great. I did a lot of searching for the best product for the money. And sometimes cheaper isn't always better, but in this case I am glad it wasn't true. From the easy to navigate videos to the online help where I can actually speak with someone, anyone who has any questions after visiting your website should just open their eyes and read. 

The videos I would say are the best part, because you can actually see the product being used. The next would be the customer service. Every question or problem I had or wanted to ask was addressed somewhere." 

Lee T.
Orchard Park, NY

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"I bought 3 kits of the R7 foam and did most of my roof deck, my attic temperature now peaks at 102 during the hottest part of the day and I still have not finished the job. Great saving so far, my electric bill has dropped since applying the 2 inches of R7 foam and I have ordered 3 more kits to finish the roof deck, seal the attic, and then put the slow rise foam in my exterior block walls. 

In addition to the ease of use, easy shipping (pallet to my door) and ease of ordering (website very easy to use and good explanations) I was impressed by the attitude of the customer service department when I needed a replacement hose set and the follow up afterward." 

Paul P.
Belleair Bluffs, FL

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"We have a 45x60 quanset style aircraft hangar that was built in 1969. It was never insulated and after weighing several options, I decided to do it myself with Foam It Green. Several kits later, it was done except for the end with a bifold door. We had 2 main goals, stop water leaks and stop the building from rattling in the wind. Both those goals were met with the added benefit of a lighter color than the tin, which makes lighting more effective and some relief from the Arizona heat. 

Craig D.
Rimrock, AZ


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"I did my Spray Foam project today; insulating my home-built RV trailer. It worked perfect! Thanks for such clear instructions ~ I started with the overhead work first, then did the walls ~ everything worked as described. The canisters were exactly the amount you advertised & I used-up every last drop just as I knew I should. 

I really appreciated the Tyvek suit and "extras", they were all necessary to the success of the project and made the overall experience positive." 

Thanks again,
Robert E.
Oconomowoc, WI

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"We have been spraying foam for about eight years now. What we like about your product is that its small for touch ups, and small bond areas. In other words we take the kits to places where we can`t take our big rig or it's not worth it to take 28ft. Trailer to do a 20min. Job. We seem to get good yields consistent foam from your foam kits. They do everything we need them to do." 

Thank You,
Henry B.
Sault Sainte Marie, MI

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"Overall, working very well. Even the initial coat made a tremendous difference in the inside temperature. It stays cool inside throughout the day unless the guys open the windows. At this stage of the remodeling the building has no heat or AC." 

Jerry W.
Bridgeport, WV

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You too can join this testimonial contest. Each quarter we pick at least 1 customer who stands out using Foam it Green for their project. Just share your experience and your success so that others can see and learn from your example. The best one receives either a Foam it 202 Anti-Microbial delivered for Free or $250.00.

Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

Spray foam kits are quicker and easier to use plus you get a seamless air barrier and high r-value in just 1 inch. Choose Foam It Green spray foam insulation kits and don't settle for less than you deserve.

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