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AWESOME!!!!  The kit came with everything we needed, and was easy to use.  We logged into the website and watched the videos to be sure we were doing it correctly.  We have an entire house to do, so we are just getting started!!! WOW, can't wait to get the next batch in!

Already the house is showing signs of less air loss, and we are only about an 1/8th of the way through!

We had a professional company come to give us a bid, and we are accomplishing the same thing with a lot less outflow of money!!

We took many before and after pictures we can send if you would like.

Valerie R.
Imperial, PA

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Everything went fine! My basement walls are foamed and sheetrocked I am sure that It was a great decision I just always have difficulty being happy when spending a load of money.
WHen I get a chance to sit down and enjoy my new rec. room I will be singing the praises of Foam It

Bryan Z.
Staten Island, NY

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I'm very impressed with the ease of use, your very clear instructions, and your customer service.

  I sprayed the entire parameter of my basements foundation, where the wall sill meets up with the floor joists and filled those cavities completely. I previously had just fiberglass insulation shoved into those spaces, but always had drafts coming right through.  I then sprayed overhead, onto the floor of our family room, which is directly over the dirt portion of a typical Michigan basement.

Rick P.
Traverse City, MI


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Liked the product easy application. Stopped a lot of drafts we were having.  Wasn't as hard as we expected for a closed cell foam. Like what we had contractor use in crawl space.  Seemd more like open cell. But overall working fine.

Lonnie B.
Baldwin, NY

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I was able to go on-line and watch the videos over and over until I felt confident I was able to do this alone. I called and asked questions prior to purchasing and was able to get specific delivery needs met. The foam goes on as easy as it says it does. It is not smelly and it is not itchy like the insulation I removed. I did this alone in one hour! I am going to buy more to finish my new place!

Tori L.
Bettendorf, IA


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From a marketing perspective, I think people are basically afraid to do some of there own work themselves.  you should set up booths at the renovation shows and show how how easy that it is.  I foamed my wall a little different.  I used recycled roof hard cell foam sheets in the wall then sprayed foam it green over top.  I get the seal that i wanted plus using the recycled product saves me money.

John G.
Louisville, KY

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I purchased a 602 kit to spray foam my unheated garage space. I sprayed two inches of foam and topped that off with R-30 Batt. I have achieved around R-45 and a huge noticeable difference in room temperatures with two bedrooms above the location. I would highly reccomend this product and can't wait for my next project using green it spray foam.

I used a close cell foam which now no fumes from the garage will come into my home when pulling cars in and out of the attached garage. Secondly I love the fact that the heat is not dumping out of the house in that location, I had a huge draft before and now I don't notice it at all. I can't wait to see the next heating bill to see how much I was losing before.

Jesse H.
Philadelphia, PA

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Just out of the blue i started to research spray foam companies in our area.I had called one and discussed the possibilities of insulating my pole barn with spray foam technology.I quickly determined that the cost was very expensive for the common person.Then while searching on do it your self spray foam insulation i came across your company foam it green i researched and found that your product looked like it would fit my needs so i ordered a 602 kit and used it the following week i only wanted to seal all the cracks of my pole barn but quickly determined that it would do more i am very pleased with the outcome its simple to use and works great and with the extra kit gives you enough tips to change them out frequently so it does not clog up

I used the foam it green 602 kit to seal all the cracks in my new pole barn and it works great it sealed all of them now there is no wind or draft blowing through or any bugs or spiders that can get in.and in my area there is a lot of brown recluse spiders thanks foam it green.

Robert M.
Evansville, In

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Application was easy, even though I feared the worst.  After completing the task I could see where I can be more efficient next time. I was able to spray and clean up in about 1 hr.
I am ordering another kit today.

House is located on the Iowa / Minnesota border. I have a north facing kitchen wall with lots of electrical and plumbing in the wall. No way I was going to get it insulated well with fiber glass. Decided to spray 3" to get the best R value. Before spraying you could feel air moving in this room. After spraying the air movement stopped. Just what I was looking for. Just feels warmer already.

Dan V.
Sioux City, IA

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Tried Foamit green for the first time in my basement, Just as advertised! It works great!
I was amazed at the great results I got applying it. Very easy to use and stuck on my cement & stone foundation wall great!

Richard M.
Berlin, NH

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I am very happy with my 602 SR kit. I blind filled the wall cavity between the interior plaster and exterior brick walls of my 1910 house. I had concerns about the plaster cracking, but I did not have a single crack. Amazing! 

Prior to ordering, I called your help line to ask whether I should get closed or open cell. Initially, I was drawn to the open cell for the cost/yield ratio, but the person I spoke with told me how open cell could hold water and would not be a vapor barrier. She recommended closed cell which would prevent condensation inside the walls. Plus, it has a higher R-value. I appreciated her knowledgeable answer and ordered my kit on the same call.

David S.
Media, PA


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Thanks for the great customer service! I have successfully used the foam and am very happy with the result. I highly recommend your product.

Chris H.
Ballston Spa, NY

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From the time I found the kits and ordered them my experience has been nothing but positive.  Yes, my house presents numerous challenges, and it is my first time to try spray foam but the instructions were clear and simple.  Everything worked as the paperwork said it would.  I had plenty of questions before the kits arrived and the friendly staff answered all of them.  When the kits arrived it all made perfect sense and has worked well without any problems.

Thank you for all your help.

Sandra C.
Mentone, Alabama


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My girlfriend is writing a blog and made an entry about Foam It Green.
The blog entry is here:

And there are two videos on youtube:
Part 1:

and Part 2:

(the videos are also linked in the blog entry.)

Although the blog entry is humorous, and our application is maybe a worst case scenario, we are very happy with your product and it made an immediate, noticeable difference in our old log cabin. I did go back and re-do the parts you see me doing terribly in the video so they were properly covered.

Thanks for a great product!

David H.
Elizabethtown, NY

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I have taken the time to create a video testimonial:  

Looking forward to using more of your products in my crawl space next year!

Thanks and I have more pictures if needed.

Carl W.

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Just used the Foam-It 12. Absolutely awesome!!!! The waterlines were hanging about 3-4" from the wall. The foam was easily and quickly able to cover and fill in the gap. Very tickled how quickly it set up and how dense it was. Absolutely amazing product. Was able to shut off the foam several times with the roller stop. Haven't even cleaned up or put things away. Had to email you! Wonderful product! Quality product! Excellent how to videos! When I need spray foam in the future, Guardian Energy Technologies will be the choice!

Thanks again!

Craig A.
Prescott AZ

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Impressed by the follow-up email.  Lets me know that you care about your clients.  The foam was great.  Did just what I needed it to.  I can feel the difference in the way the room retains the heat.  Will definitely use it in the future and recommend the product and your company.  Have a great holiday season. 

Tom M.
Bronx, NY

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I sprayed the 3 outside walls of my farm shop. can't believe the difference. so much warmer inside and i can't even hear the wind blow. best decision i''ve made.thanks for the help in ordering. your staff is well informed. great product. thanks again!

Dean S.
San Jose, IL

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I used the slow foam to insulate the top of my RV school bus, I maded foam "studs" glued down to the roof and then stretched heavy plastic over that.  I sprayed the foam in the 2" studs and it worked perfectly!
I had the exact amount I needed to do the roof, but ended up with enough to seal all the cracks and spaces in the bus was like it wouldn't end.  I would recommend the slow foam to anyone who is doing a blind fill.

I used it over 3 weekends and it stayed just fine following the directions for storage.

There were 13 tips and I only needed about 5 of them, I was worried about that part and there was no reason to worry.

Vince A.
Longmont, CO

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We are doing fine with the spray foam. I will be ordering another kit shortly to complete another section. One of the rooms insulated was my bedroom which is now much quieter and definitely warmer.

Paul C.
Brick, NJ

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The price is fair and Foam it Green is an excellent product for any DIY job.  We have already recommended it to other people planning renos and will use it again ourselves when required!

Here are some pictures of our project.  This reno is a manufactured home in Florida, we gutted the building right back to the metal.

Harry S.
Largo, FL


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I have to say that using the Foam it Green spray in foam was as easy as described.  I have to say that the project went very smooth.  The directions were very clear.  From the first to last layer of insulation, the pressure from the tanks was consistent with no decrease until the very end of the tank.  I had very little waste except for the initial testing and mixing of the two components till they became green which took about 10 seconds.  The room immediately felt warmer once buttoned up with the foam insulation.  This is my 4th renovation project that required insulation.  This was by far the easiest. I did not have to deal with the skin irritation associated with batts insulation, no cutting involved,  no stapling, and no worries of mice making a home in my new insulation.  I have already planned on using this product again to insulate under my floors to help make the tile floors warmer.

I was able to get more insulation value in a 2x4 wall than i would have gotten with batts insulation.  Able to seal out the wind in a post and beam barn.

Mitchell G.
Litchfield CT

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I used my 2nd 602 kit today and once again it has worked like a charm. I even made some boxes to go around the recessed light and sprayed them.

I will end up probably need 2 more of the 602 kits once I can afford them in order to finish the attic and get the extra depth I am looking for but so far SO GOOD!

Tony D.
Newport, NC

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Sprayed my rim joist shortly after receipt of my kit. The product is easy to work with - I had no problems at all. The key is proper prep work - setting everything up so you can keep moving once you start.

I am very impressed with the noticeable difference in the temperature of the unfinished basement and first floor of the living area. I wish I had done this years ago.

Douglas K.

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All went very well with my FoamItGreen project (insulate the basement rim joists). Execellent in all areas of the web site, video training, ordering process, fast shipping service and the high quality of the user friendly FoamItGreen products.  Only advice to new users is to watch carefully at the end of use ....... when color changes..STOP SPRAYING!  Basically, try not to spray every last ounce of foam from the system!  The system may use more A than B or B than A resulting in the color change to understand that the product is at it's end use for proper foam application .... it's a learning curve, but that is why your FoamItGreen spray foam product is bluish green!  This is an excellent DIY product and an outstanding company to do business with.

Thanks Mark, and Happy Holidays to you and all of your staff at SprayFoamDirect!


Robert E.
Auburn, NY

P.S. Just placed a new order for our bathroom remodel project.  We will insulate the outside wall for R-value and the remaining walls for sound barrier!

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You too can join this testimonial contest. Each quarter we pick at least 1 customer who stands out using Foam it Green for their project. Just share your experience and your success so that others can see and learn from your example. The best one receives either a Foam it 202 Anti-Microbial delivered for Free or $250.00.

Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

Spray foam kits are quicker and easier to use plus you get a seamless air barrier and high r-value in just 1 inch. Choose Foam It Green spray foam insulation kits and don't settle for less than you deserve.

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