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I was so impressed with the customer service. I had started out and ordered the product twice by accident. I was greeted by a pleasant voice on the other end of the phone who said they were in the process of calling me to check and see if it was mistake. She was very competent and took care of the matter quickly for me. Then shortly after we hung up I received and email assuring me that it had been handled. I could have not ask for better service. I is very rare to get that in a company today.

We were instructed on how to use the product and had all the pieces to the equipment sent to us. I can tell you how many times I have bought a product, got home opened the box, and start to assemble it and half of the parts are missing. But you guys had everything needed and simple instructions to follow. Not only that but you had a video that could be viewed. Thank you so much for the experience. The 2nd benefit is that it does what you say it will. It is not a smoke and mirrors product. It really does insulate well and water proof. I could not be happier

Lisa B.
Midland, TX

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We have installed 11 units on the underside of the metal roof (3200 sq ft) and are very pleased with the results. I will probably use the remaining unit to touch up and "smooth out" the underside, which will be exposed to the interior, so that it does not just sit there unused. I am considering doing the 2 x 6 walls next year after I have saved enough money but so far have been very satisfied.

In fact, a buddy of mine, Chad Shirey of Oil City, PA came out and tried the system and really liked it. He will be taking pictures to show prospective clients of his business and has signed up with you guys for the contractor program. Thanks for all your assistance..

Andy S.
Cranberry, PA

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Great website! Easy to select the product that you need for the specific job. Customer service available if needed. Places my order and had a confirmation sent to me to inform me when the product was shipping. Had the tracking number within hours of it shipping. This makes it easy to schedule my work knowing when the product would be there.

The product comes with very detailed instructions. Applying the product was so easy to apply. I will use this product again and have already recommended this product. Quick shipping and price. Thank you.

David P.
Springfield, PA

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Foam it Green makes homes more energy efficient, quieter, healthier and more comfortable.

Leonard K.
Staten Island, NY

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Hello, I just had to write and tell you that I am very satisfied with your product. I recently ordered a 12 foot kit for a small project. My bay window on my cape style house had no insulation below it, just some plywood. I sprayed about 2" of foam on the outside below the window. The inside temperature of it is now at least 10 - 15 degrees warmer. Great stuff.. I plan to do my rim joists in the future.

Roger G.
Seeknok, MA

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I had requested a quote from several contractors for their application of spray foam to the band board of my house. The contractors’ cost estimates were excessively high. While the original builder had insulated the side walls and attic quite adequately he forgot to figure the heating and cooling loss in the band board area of the structure. The floors were cold in the winter and, while not uncomfortable in the summer, the cost of cooling was high. I’m a fairly handy guy, so figured that I could apply the foam myself if a cost effective, handy solution was available.

Enter Foam it Green. I found several offerings of spray foam on the internet but settled on a Foam it Green Spray Foam Kit. The order was received as promised, application was easy, the documentation was thorough, I can’t speak for the technical service (it just wasn’t needed).

Cold weather is upon us now and the floor is toasty warm, and as an added benefit, my newly remodeled basement is cozier and less noisy. Thanks for a great product.

Joseph S.
Lancaster, OH

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I do not know if this goes anywhere in your organization or not, but I used the green spray foam today, and it worked every bit as well as described by your materials.

Randy W.
Silverton, OR


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Product lived up to expectations. I prepared and followed directions. Especially that temperature rule. I used the product in an 100 yr old house. I just did the basement, shooting the product upwards had its challenges. This issue made it difficult for evenly distribution for inexperienced. Causing overuse of product in areas. Could've used more product for the 600ft area.

Would buy more but product is expensive and then comes the shipping cost on top. Will probably use in future to finish house as I keep working.

Frank M.
Hankins, NY

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I have a bathroom in my home that has a ceiling to floor bump out box window. The floor joists were insulated with fiberglass insulation and the room has been cold every winter since we built the house 15 years ago. I have always known about spray foam insulation but did not know where to get it in a larger quantity for the do-it-yourselfer. I came across your web site, did some investigation and watched all the videos you offered. I decided to try your product and bought one of your smaller kits. I wanted to spray insulate 1’ X 6’ X 10”.

When the kit arrived I took inventory of the kit, it was everything you said it would be. I took out the fiberglass insulation, vacuumed out the space, there was also a lot of spiders and spider webs in the space and sprayed in the Green it Foam. The only way it could have been easier is if someone did the job for me, but I don’t pay anyone for work I can do myself. Now the weather has turned cooler. When I go into the bathroom in the mornings to get ready for work, I just smile, it still surprises me, the bathroom is as warm there as the rest of my house, I am so happy I found your company and products. In the spring when the weather warms up, I will be ordering more kits to re-insulate other problem areas in my home.

Daniel S.
Syracuse, UT

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When my husband and I purchased our house we knew that the basement would be a major project. Water damage had caused several problems--the largest being mold and mildew which we knew would cause us to remove all of the batt insulation. We had learned of spray foam insulation from several contractors in the area and started to do the research. After researching several companies we decided to go with Foam-it Green and were thrilled with the decision!

The videos were 100% accurate in that it was quick and easy to apply. The system was clear and straightforward. We will definitely use it again for future projects and now both of our parents are thinking of using it for their home insulation projects as well!  Because the foam is an anti-microbial, we don't have the same worries about mold and mildew. Also,we didn't have to install and additional air or vapor barrier.

Margaret J.
Enfield, NH

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I was an old country boy looking for foam insulation for a special project I was involved in, I visited several sites in research, then I opened Foam It Green site and from the very begining their experinced staff displayed professional guidance to product and useage, which turned out to be better than they explained.

I appreciated the honest down to earth instruction & prompt and precise expidition of the order that arrived in very good condition

Roger B.
Orange Grove, TX

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I had a crawl space that needed rim joist insulation, and some HVAC with bare sheet metal where it entered my house that was condensating when the A/C was used. Foam It Green closed cell foam seemed like the perfect solution: a vapor retarder, as well as being anti-microbial. This had previously been a fairly damp crawl space. but I have corrected the dampness issue by using a product called SmartVent. I still did not want to use fiberglass, so I ordered a 602 kit. This was ordered on Monday, shipped on Wednesday, and arrived on Friday. The extras were very helpful, the extra tips and the tyvek suit was a nice addition to this kit.

Chris S.
Springfield, MO


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I just wanted you to know how fast your product arrived, how great and important the videos were, how easy to use with the proper set up and safety equipment I learned about on those videos, and how wonderful your customer service is. All told, you were very right on the mark when you stated that if you can spry water from a garden hose, you can use green spray. The product is phenomenal.

Now, granted, it has only been 2 weeks, but there is a noticeable difference is the temperature in this cottage. right now, the outside temp is 48, but the inside temp is 73, and no heat is on. That temp is holding from the daytime warming, and is holding. Great product - I'll let you know how the product works during the winter here on Peaks Island, Maine

Tim M.
Peaks Island, ME

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The experience with Foam It Green was similar to walking into a deep green forest for the first time. At first, along with the excitement for a new experience, there is a little trepidation and fear of the unfamiliar. But talking on the phone with the representative helped to quell the insecurity involved in trying to enter into this uncharted territory for the first time. The people I dealt with were very courteous and clear about every step involved in this project. When I received the product it was also very clear and simple as to how to go about the procedure with plenty of tools and equipment to get the job done properly.

I would recommend this company for those who want to insulate their house on their own, especially without prior experience. Thank you. Two benefits of being able to do this on our own were to be able to control how much coverage we wanted and when and where we wanted to do it. At first we were depending on an outside company but they were not reliable enough to get it done when we wanted to and never finished the job they started.

Arpan D.
Queens, NY

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I decided to use the Foam-it-Green closed cell foam kits because of the high R value and the ability to seal out air and moisture better than any other type of product. It is also easier to insulate an overhead surface. Once the foam is sprayed on it stays where you want it without any of the sagging you’d get with fiberglass batts.  Just be sure to cover any surface you don’t want foam on with lots of plastic sheeting. The exposed insulation has a rather hard surface and is less apt to be damaged by objects kept in attic storage spaces.  We are only halfway through the project and can already feel a difference. We….along with friends and neighbors…are amazed at the difference in temperature between the area that has been sprayed and the area that has not. 

Gary O.
Silver Springs, FL


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My drafty old farmhouse was sad.
The heating and cooling bills were bad.
I sprayed Foam it Green.
It worked like a dream.
Protecting the environment, saving money, makes me glad.

Fred F.
Columbia, MO

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The Foam it 602 kit was excellent in every way.  The ordering and pick up process was simple and fast, the instructions were clear, the application process was very simple and the results are impressive.  I can't wait to tell my acquaintances about my experiences.

First of all, the kit allowed me to use a unique solution to insulate my pole barn.  I used the kit as one step in the process of insulating the exterior walls of my new pole barn.  I installed 1.5" dense cell foam insulation on the walls between the perlins, then sprayed the Foam it product over all joints and cracks.  I covered about 1,140 square feet and as a bonus I also had enough Foam it left to add 1" of product over the top of the other product in my shop area.  I believe this section of wall will net about 14.5 R value, which is a great start.  My next step is to purchase the open cell Foam it product and apply an additional 2 to 3" of insulation.

Secondly, the cost was very competitive.  I received 2 estimates from professional insulation firms to insulate my pole barn walls and the least expensive was just over $5,000 for the exterior walls.  The rigid foam cost about $530, Foam it cost about $800 and the open cell product will cost about $1,200, for a total of $2,500, which is less than 1/2 of the cost for professional installation.

Here is a video I made of my experience (Or, view it in a separate window here)

Jeff R.
Lockport, IL

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I used Foam It Green to insulate an In Law unit that had issues with temperature, moisture and sound. Initially, putting the kit together was a breeze. Everything was well organized and the kit came with everything I needed. I have to admit I had been anxiously awaiting this spray foam experience because I likened it to filling my walls with whipped cream.

I even blogged about it on my website (be sure to check out the video on YouTube -

I had a few hiccups early on with one of the canisters leaking where I attached the hose. I contacted customer service and they immediately began troubleshooting the problem with me. They were fantastic to work with and I truly felt like they were trying to ensure I had the best possible spray foam experience. After a little while the leaking stopped and I was able to get to spray foaming. Happily, it was as much fun as I thought it was going to be.

The foam went on perfectly and stuck to the walls without a lot of dripping. When everything dried I truly felt like the space was more protected from, specifically, moisture and critters than it had ever been! I would absolutely recommend this product to friends. Between the great results and the helpful and friendly customer service I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

1) Easy and fun application
2) Drys very solid and clearly protects from moisture, critters and temperature.
3) Customer service was fantastic

Beth M.
San Francisco, CA

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At first, i was hesitant about spraying properly, but the videos made me much more hopeful and eager to spray. I was unsure whether the temperature and moisture would affect the spray, but the videos showed me shortcuts, preparation and setup that was so quick and easy that my first day was a breeze. I was on my back spray a roof storage area. Cleanup was simple and my wife was impressed. My next challenge was the crawlspace under my house, and that was even easier with the 30' hose. Your videos explained so much, that I had no problem with any part of the projects.    

Benefits: Since spraying both locations (crawl and roof), the temperature in the house has risen 10 degrees during the night, but remained the same outside (45 degrees). The ease of spraying, cleanup, and benefits completely fooled me but saved me a weeks labor and costs of all the material I would need.

Timothy M.
Peaks Island, ME

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The foam kit was delivered in the time they said, the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Results were exactly as I imagined having it never used before. I used my kit to insulate ductwork that was not otherwise accessible for insulation!

Looking like the man on the moon with all the gear the mask and the respirator. The odor was not bad adn gone pretty fast after I was done spraying. Results were good. It was very easy to use, wish the kit could be cheaper but when I see how much the shipping is because it is two pressurized vessels than I must say that I would be willing to pay it again.

Helmut S.
Ruckersville, VA

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The foam it green experiance was nothing but spectacular.

Ease of use was incredible.

Dominic C.
Franklin Square, NY

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I had a small window of opportunity to improve the insulation in my uninsulated house when it is reroofed from shake to composition this week.  I found Foam it green through a Google search. Their web site was extremely use full in explaining the products available and how to use them. Ordering was easy, shipping was quick.

Online videos covered every part of set up and application of the products. After looking up other companies I went back to FIG because of the quality of the website. After ordering I got a couple of follow up emails and then they said they were there to help if I need them, but then they did not pester me. They have my 5 star rating for their website and the way they do business and their excellent customer service

Dietrich K.
Santa Ana, CA

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At first upon seeing the warning and safety information, I was scared out of my mind.  Understand I have been in the construction industry near 15 years, and I guess I never read any of the stuff I used.  Since this foam was new to me I read it all.  Lots of warnings there.

That said, upon reading the directions and seeing all the included gear, my fears rapidly subsided.  Every inch of my body was covered in safety gear.  I was told exactly what type of respirator to get.  And the tanks themselves? strapped together with a metal grip, hoses pre-fit, and ready to go after a bit of shaking.

After about 5 minutes I was so at ease using everything that I didn't really register that I was wearing a Tyvek suit in 95 degree weather.  I used the techniques I read to alter my distances and foam thickness, and was done in no time.  The few times I had to stop and move the platform were no problem because I had so many new nozzles thrown in to the kit - jamming up was never a problem.  Clean up was also easy - just drained and vented the tanks and done.  

My biggest gripe honestly is not getting a larger volume of product from you guys because I could have done so much more, but I'm definitely glad with what I received.  


Chris A.
Hicksville, NY

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 I have purchased another vendor's spray foam product, but this time I tried FoamIt Green.  Compared to the other product I tried, the FoamIt Green did not have the odor like the other product did.  I did not have to use a respirator.  Further, the FoamIt Green product was a better deal because it came with the bonus pack which included the suit, goggles, etc.  Lastly, the color of the foam made it very easy to tell where you sprayed.  Also of note:  The nice temperature color-coding on the cannisters made it VERY easy to determine if the foam was ready to be used (other product I tried, I had to guess).  I LOVE FoamIt Green and will definitely use it again!

Benefits: Low/No Odor
Value for package purchased.

Kevin H.
Loudonville, KY 

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It is the easiest foam to use on the market. It goes on smooth and the R value can't be beat. It effective and so easy it should be called Easy Foam it. I love the product and I will continue to use it.  The spray foam applicators and the accessories they provide you with are great.

David C.
Hancock, MI

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You too can join this testimonial contest. Each quarter we pick at least 1 customer who stands out using Foam it Green for their project. Just share your experience and your success so that others can see and learn from your example. The best one receives either a Foam it 202 Anti-Microbial delivered for Free or $250.00.

Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

Spray foam kits are quicker and easier to use plus you get a seamless air barrier and high r-value in just 1 inch. Choose Foam It Green spray foam insulation kits and don't settle for less than you deserve.

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