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Your product was great.  The set up was simple and the directions explained how and why which for me made the job go even faster.  I sprayed the interior of my house walls and ceilings. It was a two step process first I added two inches of board foam a R-12 value. That left me with a full two inch cavity for the Green it Foam and another R-14 giving me in a true 2x4 inch wall R-26. 

Irving S.
Poughkeepsie, NY


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Just use your product and loved it. It done the job great.

Mark H.
Spencer, WV

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Both products worked like a charm!  Did my walls by filling them with slow, ceiling with regular.  free stuff was a blessing!  I just could not believe how simple and fast it was. Tip: Filling the walls I counted 15 seconds twice (30 seconds each) to fill bottom and top cavity worked perfectly.

Adam M.
Los Angeles, CA

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This project was for Habitat for Humanity house, I am a volunteer for our local chapter. We installed the foam in poured concrete basement walls for additional living space in this house. Everyone is very pleased with the product and it the need arises again we will us the product. I have a project at home I want to use it on, but I have not made the time to work on my own home yet....

Keith T.
Marietta, OH

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I was looking for insulation for a metal building. After looking in to all the different types insulation I decided spray on foam would be best. I got bids from several local contracters , that were all out of my price range.Then i found foam it green online. The foam it green is much more affordable,simple and works great.appling the foam was easy and if I cant make a mess with it no one can.Now my shop is warmer quieter and no more dust blown in from outside.looking forward to feeling the temp differance this summer.A great product easy and affordale thank you so much will so order more for other spot I may foam everthing i own.

I loved the extra tips, I was by myself and had to stop and move ladder alot so the extras were nice also web site was infomative and easy to find info.

Brad G.
Pampa, TX

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I am very pleased with your product. It was simple to use and did everything I expected. I have another project in the spring when I'll use your product again.

Robert K.
Toney, AL

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I actually completed the job last Thursday. I did my rim joist and the framed walk out wall in my basement. Not having any insulation in the rim joist and wall, I'm looking forward to seeing the difference it will make this year in energy cost. The product worked fine and I used it until empty. Directions were easy to follow. Thanks for a great product.

Doug S.
Augusta, MI

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Thank you for your great service and product! I am about done with my project here and I wanted to let you know I am really happy how Foam it Green works! If I hadn't already installed fiberglass in over half of the building it would have been much easier... lol! Timimng is everything! It will be another month or two before I wrap this up but at that point I think it will be time to insulate the rest of the!  I NEED MORE!

Billy T.
Kingfisher, OK

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foam job is completed. I covered hvac ducts and it got the job done. I had many leaks in the return duct, which made the house smell bad, since the ducts are in the crawl space.This also wasted a lot of energy!

Santo A.
Shirley, NY

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Thank you for your interest in how Foam it Green improved a cottage insulation project. I'm so glad to report that all went terrific from soup to nuts. As a first time remodel, I have trusted on word of mouth, your informative videos and the help of others who used your product with great success. From the moment I made the phone call to order Foam it Green to the completion of the project, everything has ran smoothly! I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Susan H.
Kansas City, MO

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I have completed using the foamitgreen insulation. It works great to seal up our new addition.

Brian M.
Whitmore Lake, MI

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I am really happy with the product. I only used it to seal around the base plates of my pole barn. I had a severe problem with ants getting into my shop. I have not had any problems so far. It was far easier to use than I had ever imagined. Thanks

Brian H.
Baytown, TX

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Your product is great, I’ve already noticed a difference.. I plan on buying more in the late summer early fall to finish my attic. Not sure if you can answer this question but I have 3 attic fans.. I’m thinking that I should disconnect them and seal the vent area with spray foam since cold air is getting in and or warm air is escaping through the vents. I read different sites and each one say different things.

James W.
Paoli, PA

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I have to say, This is one of the easiest projects I have tackled in a while. I followed the instructions,watched videos and read all the helpful tips. I was nervous as I started but soon was spraying pretty well. I started on the ceiling first as suggested by the instructions. The only bummer was I could not see out of my goggles after a little while,They where trashed.I shut down according to the instructions.About 5 days later after a trip to get new goggles( I tried without them, Trashed my glasses)The kit worked as advertised. This time I was applying like a pro.This product sealed up my space like a zip lock bag. I will never use another insulation material again. Cost versus time,performance,ease of use. Cost is not a factor.Much cheaper in the long run. I want to thank this group for actually being there. This is a great product,Works as advertised and is a great value.

The best benefits I see is it sealed and insulated in one easy step. Also like the idea of being able to stop for an extended period of time and restarting without any loss of product. This equals money saved/money earned.

Anthony T.
Jacksonville, FL

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A year ago when I removed fiberglass from the basement rim joist, I noticed substantial cold air flow and began looking into methods of stopping air infiltration and insulation of the rim joists. I came across Foam It Green. I applied it on 1/5/2014, when the outside temp was ~30 degree F. The following day, the temperatures dropped to -8 degrees F and no air infiltration was felt. Furthermore, the furnace did not seem to turn on with any increased frequency and the first floor felt warmer. I kept checking the furnace to see if it was working because it was not coming on as frequently. I had previously tried spray foam in cans, but it will not completely cover as well as Foam It Green.

An easy and effective method of sealing the gaps and insulating the rim/band joist areas of the basement. When I prepped the areas, I noticed many spiders like to hide in the crevices. The Foam It Green should also prevent insect access. I intent to apply powdered Diatomaceous earth for insect control then fiberglass for additional insulation.

Ronald A.
Cleveland, OH

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I purchased the 6, 602 Kits to insulate my renovated Garage. I still have 1 kit left as I ordered an extra just in case to which it will be put to good use. The product is as good as advertised, the support was second to none, and actually came before I was ready to use it. The only problem that I encountered was the Tyvek suit was too small as when I put it on and stood up ripped out the back. ordering 6 kits I would have thought I would have gotten more than one suit.

I insulated a part of my garage 7x23x7 room and am heating it with a 750 watt electric heater set on the low setting and with the outside temp right now in Alma Michigan at 10 below, the inside temp is 48. Don't know what it would be without this foam, but the walls 6" thick, does not have any drafts and am not worried about critters or pests getting in. Five stars to this product as well as the support staff.

Vern W.
New York City, NY

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Dear Foam It Green....I wanted to let you know how much I value your products and service. I recently used your closed cell kit on a cottage in New York...there are two equal sized bedrooms on the north end of the cottage. One room had been insulated with 4" fiberglass...the other I put 2" of your 602 closed cell foam. The foamed room is literally twice as comfortable. I am amazed...I will be a loyal customer!! Please feel free to share this email.

Im renovating an old Church Rectory in Maryland and I will be using the closed cell foam there is perfect.

Gary W.
Centreville, MD

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It was quick and simple is the best way to discribe it .I have a big pole barn and we get hit with 60mph winds so I wanted to seal up the building and for the 602 system to be the best. I like to to do things my self and found this very simple even my wife did some of it thanks again

Chris P.
Seneca, IL

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Your kits are perfect! Rarely, it seems these days, do products perform as advertised. Your 602 closed cell foam does everything as promised!

How can I help you get the word out?

Gary W.
Centreville, MD

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Great product and it worked wonderfully to keep my sell pump house secure and warm.

Larry S.
Buhl, ID

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I want you to know that Foam it Green was very easy to use and at least in my case not messy at all. I had a very cold floor in the kitchen and a cold basement. One application solved both. I won't know until spring but I'm quite sure that I sealed up the spots where the lady bugs were getting in too. Thanks for a great product.

Keith H.
Bristol, WI

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It worked great.  Our boat project went better than expected and we used the remainder of the kit to insulate a small shed that needed it. This stuff is awesome.  I'll be using it in the future.

Doug H.
Richardton, ND

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I just used the foam kit yesterday. I love it. In fact I ordered anouther kit this morning .

David B.
Madawaska, ME

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it worked out great    my costumer loved the results 

Dan A.
Campbellsport, WI

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Well, I was in the crawl space.  What a horrible place to be with two 60 pound canisters.  At any rate the product performed very nicely.  I probably used more than I intended, but that is OK.  Longer hoses would have been a big plus.  A curved nozzle would have very nice for parts of this application as there were a few gaps inside a bay cavity and getting foam to fall down into it was problematic.  Fan tips were unnecessary for me.  Hopefully I still have enough product to use in some of those hard to insulate spots around the house.

Thanks, this was the right product for the job.  I’ very pleased. 

Dave J.
Mooresville, IN

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You too can join this testimonial contest. Each quarter we pick at least 1 customer who stands out using Foam it Green for their project. Just share your experience and your success so that others can see and learn from your example. The best one receives either a Foam it 202 Anti-Microbial delivered for Free or $250.00.

Sharing helps us make the Foam it Green experience even better so thank you for your help!

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