QOD: Should I be concerned about fumes while spraying?

QOD:  Do I need to concerned about any fumes when spraying?

A lot of folks ask this question, and here at Foam it Green we take your safety, while spraying, very seriously. So, we always recommend that anyone in the spray area wear a respirator with P100 filters so you don’t breathe in the foam particles.

The tanks are pressurized and there will be a slight odor from the foam while you’re spraying, so we also recommend spraying with good ventilation.

If you’re spraying during colder months, we’d recommend that you warm the walls you’ll spray and then open up the space to get a bit of circulation in the area while you’re spraying.  It may mean you have to check the wall temp every so often to make sure they are staying warm, but it’s the safe way to spray.

Give us a buzz at 800-516-0949 and we’ll hook you up with the perfect kit, whatever your project!


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Can Foam be Applied to Uneven Surfaces?

steve2Can you spray foam a wall or bumpy concrete?
Can you spray foam on brick, or a metal sheet?

What about wood, or plastic, or stucco?
Is there any place that this stuff just won’t go?

The answer is, well, it goes most any place,
Inside, or outside, and any shaped space.

Just check a few things, to get ready to go,
And whatever you spray, you’ll do so like a pro!

Seriously , here are the straight up facts:

Properly applied Foam it Green should stick to anything that is not oily, wet, or extremely dirty, provided the temperature of the surface is between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

It may have some difficulty sticking to certain super slick surfaces like some plastics, but the foam works well with metal, wood, cement, brick, block and the like, and you don’t need to have studs in place in order to spray the foam.

As long as the foam is properly applied, it will stay put all by itself, and is actually the perfect insulation to use if you have uneven surfaces, because it will conform to the shape of the surface to make an air-tight seal.

And remember – don’t be concerned if it’s chilly in your area.  Our customers are spraying every day with great success, just by heating the surface being sprayed to ensure its temperature is at least 65 degrees F.  You can use a bullet heater or space heater to easily achieve this.

Here is a page to give you a few great tips for spraying Foam It Green this winter:


Remember, Foam It Green kits have a 13-month shelf life, so ordering now and having it ready for a good, sunny day is another great option!

Just give us a ring at 800-516-0949 and we’ll answer questions that you may have about the surface you intend to spray, and hook you up with the perfect kit for your project!


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QOD: What’s the best way to Insulate the underside of a roof?

Tom asks: “When spraying the underside of the roof, should I spray directly to the roof deck or install baffles to leave an air channel?”

Great question!

When spraying the underside of the roof, you have two options:

  1. You can spray directly to the underside of the roof deck and seal off all roof venting.
  2. You can put the baffles between the rafters to create an air channel from the soffit to the ridge vent and leave the roof deck vented.

Before deciding which way to go, we’d recommend checking the warranty on your roofing materials, including the shingles.  Some shingles are made to withstand the extra heat that will be kicked back to them by the foam and some are not.  You may void the warranty on your shingles by spraying right to the underside of the roof deck.

Another factor you’ll want to consider is whether or not you feel any of the roof sheathing will need to be replaced in the foreseeable future.  If you have an older roof that may be in need of some repair down the line, then installing the baffles is probably the best way to go.  With this option, you’ll be able to replace the roof sheathing down the road without having to replace the foam.

For even more detailed information, check out the attached short video. Here, Ashley discusses the use of baffles, and why you may choose to go one way or the other.

Do you have a roofing project that we can help with? Every project is little different, and we are happy to answer questions you may have regarding your unique situation. Just give us a ring at 800-516-0949 and we’ll hook you up with helpful info, and the perfect solution for your project!


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Who’s Faster than a Speeding Santa and 8 Tiny Reindeer?

The magical night is almost here, when Santa zips around the globe, slipping down chimneys and spreading happiness as far as the imagination can see.

Pretty impressive!

But, who’s even faster than a speeding Santa and 8 tiny reindeer?

santa_foamitgreenYou, of course!

With your white Tyvek suit, and savings in mind,
and tanks of green foam, and air leaks to find!

You zip through the setup, and in just minutes flat,
You’re ready to foam, it’s as easy as that!

You’re starting to spray… hey wait, this is fun!
And before you know it, you’re already done!

You sit back and smile, your hot cocoa in hand,
And think to yourself, “Now isn’t this grand?

No wonder the customers rave on the site,
I spray foamed so fast, I beat Santa tonight!”

OK, seriously, so how long does it really take to insulate with Foam it Green?

If you foamed non-stop, it would take about half an hour to completely empty our 602 kit. Most people find that including setup and shutdown, they can complete their project in just a few hours.  But let’s let them speak for themselves:

“I had quotes to insulate rim joists in a rental house: $850! I ordered the FOAM IT GREEN and went to work! It took me less than an hour to do it myself! And here’s the kicker: I’m a 52 y/o female, 5’2! HA! $500 still in my bank account!” – Karen B., Ohio (202 kit)

“Using Foam It Green saved me almost $1000 and only took me two hours! They say nothing speaks louder than words, but I think $1000 in your pocket comes awfully close.” – Mark R., Ohio

Hey, it’s the holiday season and we are all busy people! Gifts to buy, parties to host, and in many cases, guests to prepare for.  But not to fear! You can easily button up those trouble spots in your home and have it warm and cozy, ready for guests in as little as just a few hours.

It’s amazing how just a tiny bit of time can make such a big difference! And although the guests will leave, the savings on energy bills will stay, and stay, and stay!

So, are you ready to take the Santa challenge?  Give our friendly elves a call at 800-516-0949, and give yourself the long-lasting gift of cozy savings!


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You’ll Love this Thermal Before & After

I’m sure you love reading exciting posts from your friendly blogger over here at Foam it Green, but let’s admit it, our customers really say it best!

So, I submit for your reading enjoyment today a post from our friend, customer, and now self-proclaimed “pro,” Jovica. She even included a great thermal photo so you can literally “see” the difference. Enjoy!

quotes_grayI just wanted to say that your product works great and the application is fast and smooth (it just took me couple of tries before I became a pro)!

My project was a basement rim joist insulation. Before deciding to buy the Foam It Green 202 Spray Foam Insulation Kit, I researched lots of different alternatives that are cheaper, such as caulking, fiberglass and rigid foam, but on the end I got the 202 kit and I’m glad I did.

The foam filled all the gaps and crevices and adhered to the wood very well.

I do have couple of tips for the future users:

  • If you are trying to insulate the rim joist and if you buying the 202 kit, I would upgrade to the 15 ft. hose, because the 10 ft. hose included with the 202 kit is too short for this application.
  • The 202 kit works great for insulating the rim joist because it’s only 1 box that weighs 41 lb.
  • Having a headlight and anti fog solution helped me tremendously. I used an anti fog solution on the included goggles.

It took me around 4 hours to insulate my 1200 sq. ft. basement and the result is great!

As a proof that this product works I included a picture taken with thermal camera. The following picture shows the cavity filled with spray foam (from the left) and empty cavity (from the right).

The next picture shows the same area but it’s taken with thermal camera. As can be seen from the image, the un-insulated area shows higher temperature than the insulated area.

I’m very glad I used this product, it works as advertised, the shipping is fast and the customer support is great. Thank you! – Jovica A., Rochester, MI

No, thank you, Jovica. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Do you have a Foam it Green project you’d like to share?  Post it on our Facebook wall and we’ll send you a t-shirt!

Still thinking about Foam it Green as a possible solution for your project?  Give our friendly team a call over at 800-516-0949.  We’ll go over your specific project details to figure out if spray foam is the best solution for you, and how much you might be able to save. We look forward to talking with you!


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Does Foam it Green Add Structural Support?

paul-s-vaThis is a great question we hear from customers all around the country.

The answer is yes – properly applied Foam it Green does add structural support.

When Foam it Green is applied to a surface, it creates a strong, seamless bond – that’s what makes the great airtight seal you’ve been reading about. An added benefit of that bond is that it helps hold your building materials in place. I’ve actually heard referred to it as “the glue that holds the building together” – our customers love it!

As Paul S. from Vermont tells us:

“There is a 20 degree temp from in here and the rest of the 2000 sq. ft. barn. It really works! Here is a shot from the outside of the barn apartment. Another note: besides insulation, noise, and vapor barrier, this stuff also adds a ton of structural integrity!”

While it definitely adds support to newer construction, our customers with older buildings notice a huge difference. Troy P. from Ohio wrote us:

“Being an older barn, it seemed to lack structural stiffness.  When the wind blew hard, you could hear the wood creak.  Now the barn is solid and sturdy.”

Structural support is just one of the benefits you’ll see.

You’ll also be stopping air leaks, preventing mold growth, and getting a high R value. Not to mention all the money you’ll save on energy bills. For a quick afternoon project, you just can’t beat the value.

So give us a call at 800-516-0949, and see how we can help you strengthen your home!


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How we Silenced a Not so Silent Night

video_still_silent_nightFor years growing up, it was referred to as “The Roman Nose” by my parents.

For my sister and I (even from two floors below) it was a foghorn in the night, barring any chance of sleep.

Yep, my dad’s snoring could wake the neighbors!

After I grew up and moved away, I had mostly forgotten about it – until the Christmas dad came with the family to visit us in our new home.

He arrived the day before Christmas Eve, and after a great dinner and a few movies, we set him up in our newly finished basement and headed off to bed.

The next thing I know, my little niece is tugging on my nightgown, positive that there’s a monster in the basement!

After walking her downstairs to show her it was only Grandpa, she was content to go back to her dreams about Christmas presents and snow angels.

Of course now I was up, and spent the rest of my night trying to drown out the noise with the television. Ah, the holidays!

We love it when dad visits, but we love our sleep too, so we set out to use Foam it Green to help reduce the sound transfer.

I am happy to say that we have happily, and peacefully, enjoyed many holidays with dad since then, and the foghorn has been thankfully silenced. And it was super easy – we knocked it out in just one afternoon!

Got any noisy grandpas in your family? Give us a call at 800-516-0949, or email us at help@guardianenergytech.com and enjoy your peace on earth for years to come!


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Do You Have a Mystery Draft?

ThermostatDo You Have a Mystery Draft?

We all know that getting a great airtight seal in your attic, walls and basement is important, but there are many other parts of a home that can cause air leaks. Finding the source of a “mystery” draft might take some detective work, but it’s important to make sure your home is sealed up tight. There’s no better way to stay comfortable and save on energy bills this winter.

Before breaking out the CSI kit however, try checking these often overlooked areas for potential energy loss:

  • Chimneys – Check for gaps between the chimney and the flashing and insulation. Poorly insulated chimneys can be more of a conduit for cold air than a source of heat.
  • Recessed Lights – These lighting fixtures are notorious for leaking air. Considering that homes can have dozens of these, they can be a major source of energy loss.
  • Knee Walls – Poorly insulated knee walls can make for a long, cold winter for the entire upper floor of your home. Many times these walls aren’t properly insulated from the start, so it’s a good idea to double-check for proper insulation.
  • Cantilevered Floors – This common feature in split-level homes can be a major headache if left uninsulated. Properly sealing cantilevered areas will prevent cold floors and condensation from developing.

Making sure these areas are insulated properly can go a long way when it comes to energy savings. You might be surprised what a difference it could make to your winter heating bill, not to mention having a more comfortable and cozy home.

If you’d like to talk to someone about your home, give us a call at 800-516-0949. Our experts have experience with all kinds of homes, and can help you get rid of your mystery drafts for good.


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Is Your Home Ready for Your Vacation?

frozen_pipeWith many of us heading off on winter getaways, making sure our homes are secure becomes all the more important.  We’re always sure to throw the locks, set the alarms, and ask our neighbors to keep an eye out.

So you’re protected from the dangers outside your door – but what about the dangers inside?

There’s nothing like the sinking feeling of coming home from vacation to the sound of running water in your empty house. While a nightmare on the best of days, if you’re out when it happens, it could be catastrophic.

If there’s a problem while you’re away, nobody’s home to catch it. With nobody home to turn off the water when a pipe bursts, you’ve got some major flooding on your hands. Think of all the things in your home that would be ruined by a major flood – furniture, electronics, photographs… the list is endless. And that doesn’t even include the damage to walls, floors and the foundation itself. The structural damage alone could be in the tens of thousands.

The best way to avoid this kind of damage is preventing it in the first place.

Insulating your pipes is a great way to prevent this kind of damage from ever happening. When pipes get too cold, the water inside freezes and begins to expand, building up pressure inside the pipe. Just 1” of closed cell Foam it Green will give you an airtight R7 to help regulate temperature, and neutralize condensation.

Even better, our anti-microbial formula will prevent mold growth. Foam it Green does a great job of sticking to pipe materials, and you won’t have to worry about it ever sagging or deteriorating.

But why stop with the pipes?

Sealing up the surrounding area will keep the cold air out in the first place, saving you even more on energy bills. With just a couple hours and some Foam it Green, you can knock out the project and be done with it in a single afternoon.

When you seal up your house with Foam it Green, you can take those winter holidays with confidence. You’ll know that when you walk in that door at the end of your trip, everything will be just as you left it. You can kick off your shoes, and enjoy your warm, dry house – with nothing to worry about.

So give our specialists a call at 800-516-0949, and put your mind at ease this winter!


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Win at Winter with these 7 Life Hacks

Hot chocolateEver feel like winter just gets the best of you? Between frozen windshields and high energy bills, those long, cold months can really take a toll on even the most seasoned winter veterans.

Having braved more Chicago winters than I care to remember, here are a few of my favorite hacks to help keep life simple for you this winter:

1. Spray the blade of your shovel with cooking oil to prevent snow from sticking. It will make shoveling wet, heavy snow much easier.

2. Throw a piece of carpet, or an area rug over your windshield to keep off the ice and snow. Tuck it under the windshield wipers to hold it down, and then toss it in your trunk when you’re ready to go.  Plus, if you get stuck, you can also use it to help get traction!

3. Use thick curtains to help keep the heat in. If you don’t want to change the look of your room, line your existing curtains with fleece or a shower curtain. If you really like this idea, place heavy curtains in front of your doors, too.

4. Put plastic baggies over your side mirrors while your car is parked overnight. It will prevent them from freezing over.

5. Reverse your ceiling fan to keep warm air at floor level versus in your stairwell or ceilings. It will help keep your rooms much more comfy.

6. Seal off air leaks with Foam it Green to make sure you’ve got those drafts covered. If you’ve already sealed up the attic, try checking the crawlspace for any cold air coming in – it could save you a ton on energy bills. Check out the video at right for tips on spraying in colder temperatures.

And last, but certainly not least,

7. Nutella + warm milk = best hot chocolate ever. Heat up some Nutella and milk in the microwave and top it off with mini marshmallows.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from years of tough, mid-western winters, it’s to be prepared. It’s amazing what a little bit of planning can do to make your life easier. And let’s face it – we could all use a little “easier.”

As always, if you have any questions just give us a call at 800-516-0949. We’re here to help!


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