What Happens if Foam It Green is Applied to a Surface That is Too Hot or Too Cold?

Q: What happens if I spray Foam It Green onto a surface that is outside of the recommended 65- 90 degree temperature?

A: Great question. When applying Foam It Green, the chemicals need to be between 65-85 degrees, and the temperature of the surface needs to be between 65-90.

Applying the foam to a colder surface may result in reduced yield.

That’s because cold surfaces reduce the rise of the foam by bringing the temperature below what is needed for the proper exothermic reaction.

If the surface is cold it can also possibly lead to condensation, which renders the surface wet and makes it difficult for the foam to adhere.

If the surface you are spraying to is too warm, it can ramp up the exothermic reaction of the foam and can lead to the foam curing too fast before it reaches its full rise.

Luckily, it’s super easy to avoid these problems.

Prior to starting your project you can use an infrared thermometer to check the temperature of the surface you are spraying. Then, try a small test patch to make sure the foam adheres and rises.

Once you’ve got that squared away you should be ready to go!

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