How Can I Insulate My Heated Floor?

Q: How can I insulate my heated floor?

A: Heated floors are fantastic, especially if you live in a chilly climate. But you want to make sure your insulation doesn’t get in the way of the heat emanating up to your floors.

Luckily, insulating your heated floor just takes a few easy steps.

First, install rigid foam board below the pipes, and then spray closed cell foam to the underside of the board.

When spraying the foam overhead, make sure you use the black cone nozzle only, and hold your hand about 12” away from the surface.

This will get you a high R-Value and an airtight seal.

Make sure you install foam board before spray foam. If you were to spray directly on to the pipes, the foam would wrap around and block the heat from radiating to the floor above.

So, with just two quick steps you can easily insulate your heated floor.

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