Got a Foam It Green Project You are Proud of? Wear that Pride On Your Sleeve!

Do you have a Foam It Green insulation project you are proud of?

Wear that pride on your sleeve!

Get your stunning t-shirt as a “thank you” for sharing your project’s success. Here’s how:

Just like us on Facebook, and then write a post on your own wall (text or photo) about Foam It Green! Be sure to “tag” us by typing @Spray Foam Direct – Home of Foam it Green within the post.

Choose your shirt size and design.

Send a message to our Facebook page, or email Ashley at

Then we will follow up with you and your shirt will be on its way!

Bear in mind that Facebook’s new privacy settings can keep us from seeing your pics, even if you have tagged us. So if you haven’t heard from us after posting a picture, please send us a message.
We have already seen some really great pictures, and we can’t wait to see how your projects turned out. Happy foaming!


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