How Should I Insulate A Ceiling Which Already Has The Drywall Up?

Q: How should I insulate a ceiling that already has the drywall up? Can I use the slow rise foam?

A: This is a question we get asked all the time. For insulating ceilings, or roofs which have already been dry walled, we recommend you remove the drywall and apply the foam to the underside of the floor above.

Slow Rise foam doesn’t work for ceilings because of the nature of the foam.

When slow rise foam is injected into a void it will fall to the bottom of the space, expand out to the sides of the void, and then expand up. If you were to use slow rise foam for a ceiling, the foam would simply fall out of the holes you drilled.

The best way to insulate a ceiling is to remove the drywall and directly spray the underside of the floor above.

You will get fantastic results, and you can choose to use less foam. With slow rise foam you have to fill the entire void, but with regular rise foam you can apply 1″ of foam for an air tight seal and R-Value of 7. You can also choose to apply it thicker depending on your needs.

For more information on how to insulate your ceiling you can give us a call. Our phone number is 1-800-516-0949.


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