Monthly Archives: October 2013

Let’s Clear This Up

There have been some articles floating around the web lately about the dangers of spray foam.  Team Foam It Green wants to help clear up any misinformation. Some of these articles call spray foam insulation new even though it’s been around for 35+ years.  As with most products, spray foam has grown and improved. Most […]

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Take Advantage of Tax Credits

I was asked this week by Richard in California if there are any tax incentives that would help him to afford to better insulate his home. The good news is that the Federal Energy Tax Credit is still in effect.  The bad news is that it is currently slated to end as of Dec 31, […]

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Foaming even in Cold Weather

The weather has certainly changed from summer to fall here in the Chicagoland area over the last week or two, as I’m sure it has in many parts of the country.  Folks are working hard to finish up their projects and button up their homes in preparation for the colder winter months. One question we’re […]

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