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Two Tasks to Prepare Your Home for Autumn

It’s never easy to admit, but summer is coming to an end. As autumn flows into winter, it’s vital to prepare your home for the changes ahead—even if it means confronting the truth that your sunbathing days are numbered. However, autumn and winter can be a cozy season of warmth—as long as your home is […]

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Fascinating Skyscraper Facts

This month we’ve been taking a look at skyscraper buildings, and the science and planning that goes into their design. Some of you may live in a high-rise, or have your office in one; they are especially popular in large cities where a higher volume of the population can live and/or work on a smaller […]

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The Super Supertalls

In our last blog post we introduced some of the basic differences in how skyscrapers are built compared to traditional residences. Several innovations in the 1850s made it possible to construct buildings that were taller than anything that had been built before; once the trend took off, skyscrapers got taller and taller each year. While […]

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Take it to the Limit: How Skyscrapers are Built

Skyscrapers are an extremely common fixture in even moderately sized cities. In urban areas where land is expensive and limited, building upwards can significantly impact a city’s economic power; multiple storeys provide a high ratio of rentable space to overall land usage. This allows for more commercial offices and residential suites, and the buildings define […]

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