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The Asbestos Scandal

Nowadays you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would willingly live in a house insulated with asbestos, but in the early 20th century the material was commonly used for homes, schools, and commercial buildings. Its fire-resistant properties made it seem like a “miracle mineral”; when the building industry boomed in the wake of the Industrial […]

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Asbestos and Human Health

Nowadays, most people know that asbestos is extremely dangerous; it was once a very common form of building insulation, but has since been highly regulated in the United States and outright banned in several other countries. Last week we looked at a little bit of the early history and basic composition of asbestos; its resistance […]

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The Early History of Asbestos

Building insulation has been a construction concern for thousands of years; Persian engineers made insulated ice storage systems out of desert materials as early as 400 BC. As humans established themselves in cold climates year-round, it became vital to make sure that their dwellings could protect them from the winter temperatures.

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