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Solarizing Your Home

Everyone wants cheaper utility bills to help offset all the ever rising expenses that are an inevitable byproduct of increased oil costs. Whether your house is heated by oil, natural gas or electricity, the need for reduced household expenditures is pressing. The harsh reality is that the world’s oil supplies are finite, and we just […]

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4 Recycled Materials to Turn into Sustainable Homes

Recycling is one of the easiest ways to give back to the Earth and promote a sustainable future. Blue bins for paper and bottles are now ubiquitous in homes and offices, and in certain areas you are a pariah if you don’t compost your food waste! When it comes to recycling, few people are as […]

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Natural Finishes

One way to give any project a unique look and an environmentally friendly touch is with the use of natural finishes. This can be in the form of plasters and paints that use simple, reliable and environmentally friendly ingredients. Many natural finishes were used extensively in North America prior to the post WWII housing boom. […]

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The Energy Efficiency Superhero League

The real heroes of energy efficient homes are those who work every second of every hour of every day of the year, every year, without stop. They are the entities possessing extraordinary powers and abilities unmatched by any other substance. Through their undying dedication, our heroes combat threats to humanity and homes by evil super […]

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Unique Eco-Friendly Homes

As environmental awareness spreads throughout the world, architects and builders have taken notice. Homeowners can upgrade various aspects of their house to drastically improve its energy efficiency. Everything from the light bulbs and toilets, to the insulation and exterior siding can be upgraded with eco-friendly materials that make a minimum impact on the Earth’s resources. […]

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The Greenest Country in the World?

A lot of countries claim to be going green, or are planning on it at some vague time in the future. The reality is that it is mostly all talk and a lot of empty promises. One nation, which resides in one of the most unlikely and politically unstable areas in the world, can now […]

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