Monthly Archives: October 2009

My Big Renovation Project

Skipping through the Saturday television, I caught site of the show My Big Renovation Project, where this family in Breckinridge, CO was “upgrading” their 2800 sf home to 5300 sf.  Amongst hardwood floors, expensive siding and a gorgeous slab of Italian marble for the kitchen countertop, there was…the unthinkable…just horrible, not air sealing, low R-value […]

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Fall Foaming

Many foamers are finding themselves right on the cusp of cold weather foaming.  The days get up to temperature, but the kits take longer to get into the 60 degree range (or higher). To get optimal performance out of your Foam It Green kit, make sure to keep the kits inside, at room temperature until […]

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Bob Vila’s Blog

If you are a regular do-it-yourself’er, you probably visit Bob Vila’s website on top of watching his show. Today, Foam It Green and are featured on the Bob Vila website blog!  Check out how someone’s basement is better with Foam It Green!–4154.html

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