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We can’t say this enough.  Always wear adequate eye and respiratory equipment when spraying Foam It Green. Wear nitrile resistant gloves when spraying Foam It Green.  (We provide a pair with every 202/602) Always have adequate ventilation when spraying Foam It Green Never spray at a person or animal.  Foam It Green is not a toy. […]


Spray Foam Direct

At Foam It Green, we often get questions about the technical specifications and chemical makeup of our spray foam insulation kits.  We are proud to say Foam It Green is 100% VOC, CFC, Penta BDE and Urea-Formaldehyde free. Did you know that unless you’ve gone out of your way to ensure this isn’t the case, […]

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Understanding Investment Paybacks

Do you understand the ROI on your planned insulation project?  Maybe not, so this will help.  Foam It Green customers average projects have a payback period of about 3-4 years, depending on project and qualification for tax credits. That’s a 25-33% annual return on investment.  There are few investments available to home owners that generate […]

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Paul’s Spa

Foam It Green customers are so creative!  They find great ways to use the versatile and easy to use Foam It Green kits all the time. Paul in Cleveland is making a spa from using a stock tank, insulating it well, and hooking up separate spa components.  From the looks of it, you’d never know it […]

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It’s that time of year, foaming folks!  It’s time to get your foam guns ready and suit up in your tyvek suits- fall is unofficially here on Tuesday!  That means, time to foam- time to seal your home! The stores may have started putting out Fall home decor in early August, but really, it doesn’t […]

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This Just In…

The first and only of it’s kind anti-microbial foam is here at Foam It Green! While our new formula will not remediate mold, it will inhibit mold from growing.  Normal closed cell foam doesn’t allow mold to pass through it, but in the right conditions, peach fuzz can grow ON it.  Well, not with this […]

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