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Sealing the floor of an attic

For us Northerners, now’s the time to do this – before it gets cold, but also to help keep our homes cool and energy efficient during the summer. Southerners are more than welcome to spray foam their attics during the summer, too, however, plan on doing the project in pieces, early in the morning before […]

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Existing homes can and should be foamed

Stopping air infiltration is the best defense against energy leaks. The Department of Energy estimates that up to 40% of energy loss in a home can be contributed to air infiltration/exfiltration.  That’s a lot of money you’re losing month after month. Creating an air barrier is easy yet vitally important in rim joists and attics because without […]

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Real #s, Real Savings

One of the most common things on foam buyer’s minds is: “Will I actually see that significant a savings if I buy the closed cell spray foam?  Is it a good value?” In our minds, we know our customers want closed cell not because it’s expensive, but because it works. Here are some real numbers […]

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What you don’t see…

What you don’t see in your walls can be helping you or harming you. If you have Foam It Green in your walls, you don’t see the foam, but you also don’t see the energy bills. When you have open celled foam, fiberglass or cellulose in your walls, you may have a moisture issue, which […]

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Comfort and Health Ties to Air Sealing

Getting a tight air seal on your home used to be frowned upon because of the concept that “walls needing to breathe”.  The reason they need to breathe is because water gets into fiberglass and rots your walls. But, when you use Foam It Green closed cell polyurethane spray foam, your home no longer needs to […]

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How to Avoid a Rotten Home

A home’s enclosure is vital to it’s health.  Without a drainage plane and adequate insulation, bad things can happen. Ever see a window sill that sags?  That’s because the window was leaking behind the exterior cladding and is rotting away the structure under the window.  It looks ok except for the sag…but put any weight […]

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Even the Idiots know

This is an excerpt from The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Home Inspections by Bobbi Dempsey and Mike Kuhn: “Insulation can be worth it’s weight in gold. A well-insulated home is much more economical and energy-efficient (not to mention a lot less drafty) than a home that isn’t properly insulated.  It’s shocking how much money you’ll […]

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Not All Foams Are Created Equal

Look at your spray foam tanks. Do they have a temperature strip to tell you when your kit is in optimal operating range? Does the foam turn a light green to show you it’s mixing at a 1-1 ratio and not wasting chemical? Does the gun have 2 clips to hold the nozzles securely?  Are […]

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Foam It Green on Parade

Evanston, Illinois thows a great 4th of July parade, and every year the floats get better and better. This year, the theme was Together, We Are One.  Also- green.  Gumby and Hulk appeared, but Foam It Green is more partial to the Hulk float.  The reason is…it’s made out of Foam It Green, of course! […]

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