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Farm Fresh Foam

Did you know that 30% of Foam It Green’s Chemical B is sucrose made from corn?  That’s right! Some posers put 5% soy in their formula to market themselves ‘green.’  Here are the issues with that.  1) Soy breaks down the chemical composition of foam, giving you worse cell structure.  2)  Those manufacturers have to […]

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Your Way Right Away

It’s not just for yummy fast food burgers. We have a lot of customers that have large projects but aren’t doing it all at once.  A whole house renovation isn’t easy to do on a pocketbook or putting out the family that lives inside it. That means there are a lot of people that want […]

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Actions and Consequences

Every action you take creates a consequence.  Insulate your home and you use less energy to heat and cool it.  Create a tight air seal while insulating, and your energy bills get even tinier!  Plus, you’ll get additional benefits. Do nothing to insulate your home- and you will also get a consequence.  You see, no […]

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Happy Memorial Day

This weekend, we join you in taking time to remember the fallen, and celebrate the land they’ve fought for.  Foam It Green will be closed on Monday, May 25th.  All orders placed over the weekend will ship promptly on Tuesday, May 26th. Enjoy the weekend, and for all you foamers that got foam in time […]

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Professional Foaming

For many considering a foaming project, they cannot decide whether they should/can do the project themselves.  Or, if they should hire a foam contractor. Things to consider in making this decision are: 1) What is the size of the project?  Up to a certain point, it is cheaper to do it yourself with the kits, […]

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Earth Ships

OK- so not everyone wants or can have an Earth Ship, as cool as they are! That doesn’t mean a traditional home can’t be converted to a really GREEN home!  Getting a tight air seal in your walls and attic will dramatically cut down on the energy your home needs to heat and cool itself.  […]

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Foam Adds Structural Support

Adding Foam It Green closed cell polyurethane spray foam to your walls not only give you a tight air seal, but it also adds stability.  Because Foam It Green is a rigid foam, and not a spongy one like open-celled foams, this adds structural support.  This is an important feature in tornado and hurricane affected […]

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What causes drafts?

Drafts are not necessarily caused by leaky windows or doors. It is caused by poorly insulated homes.  It is the movement of air, and heat towards cold. When warm air meets the cold wall surface, the warm air rises and the cold air falls, causing cold floors. Subsequently, children playing on the floor are subject to more colds […]

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Maximize your R-Value per Inch

To insulate your attic with R-38, you need FOURTEEN inches of fiberglass. You only need 5 inches of Foam It Green foam!  FIG gives you R-7 per inch, and it never sags or settles. PLUS – no matter how many inches of fiberglass you can stuff in any space, it’ll never give you the tight […]

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Focus your Energy on Energy

Sealing our homes and buildings must be our first priority if we’re going to save energy.  Don’t get caught up in the crazy buzz of R-values or fiberglass batts.  The payoff comes from plugging the holes in your building envelope and building a smart solution to the unique challenges each building faces.    Spray foam isn’t […]

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