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Retrofitting Existing Walls with Foam

The real, honest way is NOT what you want to hear.  To stop air leaks, you must see what you’re doing, see where you’re spraying, because you have to fill in air gaps.  You have to spray the foam against the outside wall to seal out all the tiny holes that every building has between irregular lumber […]

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The day after…

Ok, so yesterday was Earth Day.  Aside from planting a tree, what have you committed to doing to help the planet?  Was it to find a recycling center and dedicate a corner of your laundry room to getting the recyclables together?  Did you vow to only buy the right light bulbs from here on out?  […]

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is like Valentine’s Day to Guardian Energy Technologies.  While we celebrate today, we are green 365 days of the year, just like you love your Valentine every day of the year. So whether you purchase your kits today or another day, know that with Foam It Green you not only […]

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Foam Vs Every Other Insulation

Foam It Green Performance: A high R-Value minimizes hot and cold spots in a home to improve efficiency and comfort. Rigidity provies added structural integrity to walls. As a secondary moisture vapor retarder, it helps reduce the risk of moisture intrusion in the wall cavity Foam It Green provides homeowners and business owners: Outstanding energy efficiency Superior […]

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Think You Are Safe Because It’s Spring?

The “heat” is off- both literally and monetarily.  Those winter heating bills are past.  The windows are open, fresh air coming into the house carrying the fragrances of Spring tree and flower blossoms. But- we’re less than 2 months away from the scorching, blazing heat of the summer.  People think about saving on heating energy […]

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R-bitrary numbers mean nothing

Our nation’s fixation on R-value for our insulation is ridiculous.  Large scale testing has proven that an air barrier is far more effective than any R number.  Take this one experiment- where a duplex had half the attic insulated with R-20 Foam and the other half with R-30 batts. When the snow came, the roof […]

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Insulation Inspection IS Important

In a new article entitled “10 Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make”  by Lisa Scherzer on April 10th, 2009, she explains things that home buyers do incorrectly.  Number 8 on the list is about getting an inspector to sniff out bad insulation! That’s important.  That means, more and more, home buyers and the home buying/selling […]

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Foam It Green Vs Fiberglass

10 Round Smack Down! Download our FREE whitepaper that explains why Foam It Green is superior to Fiberglass for insulating your home. Some people, even after reading our site, still don’t understand why Foam It Green is more expensive than Fiberglass.  This concise report explains the facts. Download it now at :

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Find Your Local Recycling Center!

Looking for a place that will take your empty Foam It Green tanks and boxes? Here’s an easy new website that helps you locate your local drop-off points!

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The Global Impact of Foam

Homes without foam are bleeding energy.  If you choose to insulate your home with anything but a product that will provide a tight air seal, you are signing the death warrants for polar bears.  Sounds harsh, but it’s a serious reality. America faces a very serious crisis, and we are deciding the fate of a […]

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