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What are the tax credits for existing homes?

  For existing homes, a tax credit of 30% of energy efficiency improvements to the building envelope, up to $1500, is available to the homeowner for qualifying energy improvements to the thermal envelope as defined in the energy criteria in the IECC. This credit also goes into effect January 1, 2009 and expires December 31, […]

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Budget Your Building

We get many calls prior to homes being built.  That’s the best time to set your budget for insulation.  Make sure you have enough set aside to do at least a flash-and-batt (polyurethane spray foam + batt insulation). Commit to it to make sure that as the project inevitably goes over budget, you aren’t raiding […]

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Squishing Your Batts

Here’s the scenario- you have 2×4 (3.5″) stud walls and you want to go the FLASH & BATT route of one inch foam and the rest of the space with fiberglass batt.  However, you’ve heard that if you squish fiberglass batt into the space, you collapse the air pockets, reducing the R-value. The problem is- […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Everyone is seeing GREEN today!  This is the day that everyone is Irish and the smell of corned beef and cabbage fill the air!  Green balloons, apparel, hats, BEER, everything GREEN! Why not green insulation?  Stop by and see a lot of green…the green of an energy efficient home!  The […]

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Calling All Accountants

It’s YOUR time to shine!  This is the perfect time to tell all your customers about the tax credit they can start working on now for their 2009 taxes. Everyone wants to save money.  That’s why they come to you, so you can help them to save their hard earned money.  So much of […]

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Why GET Cares!

Guardian Energy Technologies, Inc, manufacturer of Foam It Green is GreEn-thusiastic about the environment.  Actress Alicia Silverstone said, “If your house had a gas leak, you’d fix it.  Well, this is our house!”  GET agrees and believes sealing our individual homes to stop air infil/exfiltration (which is the leading cause of energy loss) is the way to save […]

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Isn’t there a diminishing return on insulation?

A popular mechanical & energy engineer for a US non-for-profit on green building believes “you should insulate until you can insulate no more.”  He goes on to say that closed cell polyurethane spray foam is the best tool in your toolbox for a green home. Not only does Foam It Green get you the highest […]

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How can inspectors evaluate the R-value for your wall cavities?

Title 24, California’s Energy Commission is working on developing a method for inspectors to rate R-values for wall cavities.  Because there are so many types and brands of insulation, it’s hard for inspectors to know what they are looking at. Until there is an easy way for them to tell, we encourage you to request […]

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Foam It Green as your roofing material

Q: Can I use Foam It Green on my roof? A: Yes, but it is best used for patch and repair, or for small sections, like a porch roof, etc.  We don’t recommend it for an entire roof.  Over time, the hydrostatic pressure can create something called worm-holes that affect the appearance and quality of the foam.  There are other, […]

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Windwashing Not an Issue with Foam It Green

Windwashing can’t lower Foam It Green’s r-value, as it does with any insulation that isn’t protected with an air seal.  Got fiberglass?  When the wind blows, it reduces your R-value because the fiberglass works by using the air that’s trapped in the tiny air pockets.  When you move that air around, you lose the insulating […]

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