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How important is air sealing?

The Blower Door Test shows that 33% of energy loss is from improper air sealing.  That means, when a big gust of wind hits your home, not only do you feel drafts, but you are losing energy, and therefore money. Controling air infiltration/exfiltration is more important than R-value.  A study showed a duplex where one […]

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Fight Fire With Fire

Some green-minded people think polyurethane foam is not green because it is petroleum based.  Guardian Energy Tech is green minded and we are here to inform people that while yes, polyurethane spray foam is petroleum based, no “natural” material can compete with the benefits that closed cell foam can provide. Using a small amount of petroleum to save a lot of […]

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Is foam bad for you when it burns?

Foam It Green puts off no worse fumes to breathe than wood in the case of a fire.  The chemicals in your clothing, carpets and furniture are far worse to breathe in, and those are in your living area, as opposed to in your wall cavities.  As always- get out of the house as soon […]

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Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

Decoding LEED is not easy because there are so many conditions involved.  How does spray polyurethane foam (spf) work with LEED?  According to LEED Energy Managers, spf is a big part of the answer to climate change! While correctly using SPF in your home/building can only honestly get you 3 Points (see a LEED’s specialist […]

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