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Are Foam It Green Kits Disposable?

Yes, Foam It Green kits are designed to be disposable.  DOT regulations say we cannot refill the tanks.  Otherwise, we would certainly have a program to recycle the gorgeous steel tanks you get with your purchase. Are there refillable tanks out there?  Yes- but they are problematic, and that’s why we don’t carry them.  When […]

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Radon gas protection

Foam It Green is a great way to seal around pipes and other penetrations to protect your home from Radon in the basement.  Treating radon is important, but insulating your family from radon is also key to a healthy happy home.  Use Foam It Green closed cell polyurethane foam to protect your family and home from what lurks […]

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Q: Can I reuse Foam It Green nozzles?

A:  Foam It Green provides enough nozzles for you to complete your job so you shouldn’t have to reuse nozzles.  However, if you really wanted to, you can, and here’s now.  Dropping them into a bucket of acetone will not work because of all the intricate workings in the mixing nozzle that stops backflow. You’d […]

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Foam is not applied like caulk.

Foam It Green’s gun is designed differently than a caulk gun because the products are different.  When you are using a caulk gun, at the end of a squeeze, you keep the tip where you left off until you get another squeeze started. Foam is different.  If you’re dragging a bead of foam into a […]

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ASTM E-84 Class 1 Fire Retardant Foam It Green

When you purchase Foam It Green, unless you specify otherwise, you will be getting our ASTM E-84 Class 1 Fire Retardant foam.  That’s our standard.  We don’t even list the non-fire retardant formulas separately to make sure not to confuse anyone.  Your family and business’s safety is very important to Guardian Energy Technologies. For questions […]

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Additional Fire Barrier Option

Even when using the ASTM E-84 fire retardant Foam It Green polyurethane spray foam kits, it is recommended (and code mostly requires) to use an additional fire barrier like gypsum, plaster, etc over the foam in living spaces. But, what if it’s your basement/crawlspace or an attic-turned-closet that you don’t care about the asthetics?  For those […]

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Fight the temptation

Sometimes, when you are spraying foam overhead, a light mist of foam particles can drop onto your goggles.  Fight the urge to take off your goggles.  Just stop, wipe them, and go back to spraying. Spraying without goggles is a sure fire way to get that mist in your eyes and it burns.  We’re not […]

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Green Building Materials

Foam It Green is a fantastic green building material, but it’s not the ONLY one!  You may have other projects that you need to do around your home that don’t require Foam It Green Spray Foam Insulation Kits.  If so, check out, a neighbor Chicago based company that supplies energy intelligent, environmentally sensitive and healthy building […]

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Getting Foam Off Skin

Ok, so your project is done but you got a little Foam It Green on your hands.  Not a problem.  Use some pumice soap and scrub it off.  Don’t have any on hand?  Not a problem- try an easy home-made recipe of regular liquid soap with some sugar.  The sugar granules will scrub your dirty […]

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Bigger is not Always Better

When you see videos of Icynene, it looks impressive.  The contractor blasts in one inch (messy process) and it bubbles up over the studs so they have to go back and shave it down.  In comparison, Foam It Green Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam kits go on lightly like paint and cure to only 1 inch.  […]

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