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What’s YOUR foam story?

In this blog, we talk only about foam- foam projects, tips on how to use spray foam kits, etc.  But what do YOU have to say?  Tell us some of your foam stories because what you’ve learned can help others that may be in the same situation now. Thanks for sharing!

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Green Flash and Batt

Typically, when people say Flash and Batt, they mean an inch of Foam It Green Polyurethane Spray Foam followed by filling the rest of the cavity with fiberglass batt.  The problem is, many people are trying to get away from fiberglass batting, which is why they know about Foam It Green in the first place. […]

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Keeping a kit once it’s open

It’s very important to follow the shut-down instructions that come with your Foam It Green polyurthane spray foam kit.  If you have dirtied them or lost them, please find them online with us here.–all.pdf One thing we’ve seen popping up with customers lately is the first step in the shut down procedure, which is […]

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12 Month Shelf Life

Want to start a project before the winter hits but are afraid you won’t finish in time? No worries.  Foam It Green Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation Kits have a shelf life of 12 months if unopened.  We have a freshness date stamped right on top of the box! Once you open the kit, it’s best […]

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Home Energy Efficiency Improvement Tax Credits

“Improvements must be installed in or on the taxpayer’s principal residence in the United States.  Tax credits for improvements to new homes were extended until December 31, 2008, however tax credits for improvements to existing homes ended on December 31, 2007. Tax preparers can assist with determining whether home owners qualify when they prepare their […]

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Insulation Revolution

Even though expanding foam insulation kits have been around for decades, fiberglass batt was too overpowering for people to know about the foam kits as an insulation solution. Over time, fiberglass batt lost its luster as it’s still just a filter.  You can never get an air seal with fiberglass batt, or any other form […]

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Radiant heat only heating your basement?

So you’ve put in radiant heat but after all the excitement, your home is still cool and your basement is the warmest room of the house.  Don’t panic.  Foam It!  Foam It Green to be precise. Insulate the pipes so the heat doesn’t escape in the wrong direction.  Help both air and heat go where […]

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Yes, you CAN spray Foam It Green Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation Kits.  The kits are user friendly with helpful instructions and a gun that gives you full control of your spray pattern. Plus, you can’t fail when if all else fails, you have a 24/7 support line to call! So, whether you’re a professional do-it-yourselfer […]

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What R-Value do YOU need?

Each area of America has a different set of needs when it comes to insulating a home.  So, how do you find out what you need in each area of your home?  We have a one-stop chart that shows what is recommended for your area. Check it out and see how much Foam It […]

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Foam as Social Currency

Want something neat to impress your friends this winter at the holiday parties?  While everyone’s talking about how high their heating bills are, you can be the star of the show by telling people all about how LITTLE you’re paying in your heating bills because you foamed your home. But, to be able to brag […]

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