Monthly Archives: July 2008

How to stop foam kit gun breakage

Although these do-it-yourself foam kits are designed to be shut down and reused until the chemicals are gone (within a month after opening is best), there are certain things you can do to really maximize the continued usage of the kit’s gun.  Most importantly- always thoroughly read the instructions because they’ve been developed from field […]

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Financial Tip with Foam

In one month, industry leader DOW chemical has raised their prices twice on all their chemicals across the board in the US.  Major companies are not immune to the sharp increase in energy costs. If you were thinking of doing a foam project, now is the time to get it done, before the price increase […]

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Lexington Kentucky Needs Foam

Lexington, KY has been deemed the worst city for carbon footprint per person.  Overall, cities tend to be less carbon per person.  Cities create a lot of polution, but because of mass transit and other things that are put in place, each individual city dweller has a smaller carbon footprint than their country cousins. One […]

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Next Generation Insulation

It’s been around since the 70’s but polyurethane spray foam has gotten increasingly more efficient in kit-form.  With ASTM E-84 Class 1 status making it safe to use in homes, it has triple the benefits of other insulations for only double the cost.  It has an R-Value of 7 per inch which is unheard of […]

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