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Spring Savings

Foam It Green helps people save money all year round.  It’s not just for the winter to keep the heat in.  It’s for all times of year to keep out moisture and air in the places air shouldn’t be.  It’s Spring, so open up the windows and let the fresh air in.  But- rest assured […]

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Insulation top seller

Yesterdays New York Times was discussing how people spend their money during a recession.  The top sellers at home improvement stores right now are programmable thermostats and insulation.  Everyone is feeling the hit of energy bills, and with more and more people unable to sell their homes and “upgrade,” they are upgrading their current homes […]

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Foam Props

Want to be the coolest dad?  4th of July Parades are around the corner, and everyone loves a good float.  The best way to make light props to go on the float so you can fit more kids is to build it 3-D with Foam It Green.  Build the structure out of wire, wood, paper […]

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Calling all Weekend Warriors

Tuesdays are good days to order Foam It Green for a weekend project, because in most places in America, your order will arrive by Friday night, setting you up for a good weekend.  Plus, unlike any other foam supplier, Foam It Green customer support is available 24/7, so we’re available when YOU need it.  Now […]

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How much insulation is right? Part 4 of 4

Let’s stop at the top.  In your attic, you’re going to want an R-Value of 60.  Not only will this keep heat in during the winter, but it will reduce your cooling load during the summer as well.  It’s easy to go above code- especially on the roof side versus the attic floor because of […]

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How much insulation is right? Part 3 of 4

Moving on up- having an R-Value of 40 in your walls, you eliminate convection currents inside a room that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and reduces energy costs to keep the room whatever temperature you want it to be. While Northern homes should have at least an R-19 […]

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How much insulation is right? Part 2 of 4

Basement walls should have an R-Value of 20.  Warming basement walls is a great way to protect your family from mold.  Energy codes in colder climates have at least a R-10, but if you can afford to do 3 inches of Foam It Green closed cell foam, you’ll be very happy with the vapor barrier […]

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How much insulation is right? Part 1 of 4

Let’s start ground up- the crawlspace in your basement will improve the control of air movement up into the home.  1-2 inches is all you need to get the tight air seal and vapor barrier that is so important when you are working so close to the ground.  You will get an R-Value of about […]

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Seal Your Steel

Metal buildings have condensation. Condensation can be destructive and obnoxious. Stop condensation from raining on your parade by spraying Foam It Green on the ceiling. Just 1 inch of foam will create the vapor barrier needed to stop the drip-drop.

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Get Your Motor(home) Running

Head out on the highway this year to tour America in comfort.  Motor homes are a fun and affordable way for a family to see America’s beauty.  But- make sure your motor home is comfortable by sealing air leaks and insulating with closed-cell polyurethane spray foam. Gas and gas-operated generators are even more expensive this […]

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