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Losing valuable energy?

Up to 40% of home heat loss can be attributed to an inadequate barrier system, which allows air to leak through holes, cracks and gaps in the thermal building envelope.  Foam It Green will seal those areas, providing for a better air barrier system, critically important for economic moisture control, thermal transfer, and structural integrity.

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How it works for you

Foam It Green contains the two chemical components and the dispensing equipment enabling the user to spray-apply, pour, inject or seal with rigid polyurethane foam insulation material. It is available in different sizes to suit a variety of needs. Foam It Green requires no outside source of power or air pressure; therefore you can take it directly to […]

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Why foam is inexpensive during recession

Foam is an investment- an inexpensive one when you compare it to the value of your home.  In a time when homes and the dollar is devaluing, the best thing you can do is repair what’s broken on your current home instead of trying to get out of it and buy a new home. One of […]

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Foam as a Future

Are you a contractor or remodeler that is starting to look at foam as a part of your arsenal of tools to get a job done?  Foam doesn’t have to mean getting the big rig with the trailer and big refillable tanks for $50,000! If you’re a young company or just getting into foam, why not […]

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Real Men Read Instructions

Polyurethane spray foam kits are very easy to use and in many ways are point and shoot.  However, anytime you have two components coming together to make one, you should always carefully read instructions before, during and after use to make sure you get the best and most complete use of the kit. You’ll laugh, […]

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DIY Projects

Spring weekends are the perfect time to do home improvement projects.  The hottest home improvement of 2008 (pun intended) is tightening up the house to protect the budget.  All the air leaks in our homes create a huge waste of energy- and therefore money!  Heating costs have hit an all-time high, but that doesn’t mean the costs have […]

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Weekend Projects

Foam It Green Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation Kits are great weekend companions because they are so versatile and can really make an impact on many home projects.  Need to reduce your heating bills?  Wife complaining about the draft when she’s sitting in the living room?  Condensation dripping on you in your metal building?  Roof needs […]

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The Insulation that Packs the Most Punch

In only 1 inch of cured Foam It Green Closed Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam, you get an R-Value of 7!  No other insulation material can give you that. The closest is 1/2 that value per inch. So if you’ve got a tight spot and it needs the most powerful insulation you can get- Foam It […]

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Not just insulation- Sound Control

Foam it Green Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation is not technically an acoustical material (meaning it does not absorb sound), it can be used in the effort to control sound because it is a closed cell foam.  This means, it will block the transmission of sound from one area to another.  Spray a layer of foam on […]

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Foam Stops Air Flow

Stuffing fiberglass batts between floor joists is a common method of insulating rim joists in homes.  Unfortuanately, fiberglass doesn’t stop airflow because it isn’t a seal, so air not only flows around it but through it. Foam It Green spray foam kits offer a higher R-value, a tight seal and a vapor barrier.  It is […]

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