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R-Value 7 per Inch

What other product on the market protects your home with R-Value of 7 PER INCH!?!  None.  That is why foam is actually cheaper to use than other forms of insulation.  Most people look at the price and say “that’s too much” – but you should check out what money you’re losing when you AREN’T using foam!  […]

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It’s Simple Math

When you are talking insulation, Foam It Green is the clear winner of all the options because of simple math. R-Value is the name of the game in the world of insulation.  R-value is the measure of a material’s ability to resist heat conduction. The greater the material’s R-value, the better it performs as an […]

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Energy Star Approves of Insulation

The Energy Star group says, “The proper type and level of insulation for your home provides a continuous thermal barrier minimizing heat flow through the walls, ceiling, and floor. The result is a more comfortable home and reduced heating and cooling costs. Installing insulation properly is as important as the type and level of insulation […]

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Why should you insulate your home?

There are several advantages to insulating your home: Proper insulation reduces energy costs. A well-insulated structure does not gain or lose heat as quickly as a poorly-insulated one, so it is easier to maintain a comfortable temperature. The retention of conditioned air lowers the demand on the heating and cooling systems. This reduces operating costs […]

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2008 Tax Credits

Some people have asked if the consumer tax credits for home improvements is being renewed for 2008.  As of December 31, 2007, most of the consumer tax credits expired. You still have until April 15, 2008 to report the 2007 credits on last year’s taxes.  Legislation to extend the tax credits was proposed in December 2007, but […]

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Insulating Your Garage – Combo Tips

More and more homeowners are using their garages as extensions of their living space, as children’s play areas, workshops, hobby areas, laundry rooms, etc.  As the activity in the garage increases, so does the need to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature in this space.  For the attic, walls and crawlspace use Foam It Green Polyurethane Spray Foam […]

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Insulation Solution For Today’s Energy Crisis

Not a lot of people gave much thought to insulating their home before the energy crisis of the 1970s. Seemingly infinite energy reserves and low prices made home insulation an unnecessary luxury.  As the cost of energy began to rise, builders and homeowners began to realize the importance of proper insulation.  Adding insulation to your home is […]

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You can have up to 40% off your heating bills!

Foam It Green Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation Kits are the most energy efficient product you can install in your home, allowing you to lower your heating & cooling energy usage by 40%, compared to traditional insulation products, for the life of your home! That means that you are directly responsible for 40% less oil, natural […]

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Coldest Winter in a While

If you live North of Atlanta, you are probably experiencing the coldest winter in a long time- just like we are here in Chicago.  If you were lucky enough to get your foam project done prior to the winter winds blowing in, you are experiencing lower bills than even last year despite this frigid temperature. […]

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Foam It Green is the perfect insulation

Foam it Green is an insulation and air sealing kit that is ideal for residential or commercial applications. An application of spray foam insulation combines both a material and a service. The material is a lightweight foam insulation compound. The service is custom installation of each stud cavity or rafter cavity of a building directly on […]

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