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Energy Efficient Mortgages

What is an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM)?  EEM’s make it easier for borrowers to qualify for loans to purchase homes with specific energy-efficiency improvements.  Conventional EEMs increase the purchasing power of buying an energy efficient home by allowing the lender to increase the borrower’s income by a dollar amount equal to the estimated energy savings. […]

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This year, when you watch the live-action Grinch Who Stole Christmas, check out the cave that the Grinch lives in.  That entire set is made up from polyurethane spray foam.  You can impress your friends with that knowledge.  Many movie sets use spray foam kits because anyone can use them, they are disposable and portable […]

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Comparing Insulation

There are 16 Reasons why polyurethane spray foam is the best insulation.  Other insulation products just don’t stand up.  These reasons are: Class 1 Fire Retardant Controls air leakage Fills cracks and crevices completely Won’t shrink over time Won’t settle over time Stops convection currents Stops air infiltration Stops all wind intrusion Stops moisture accumulation […]

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Improve the performance of the Building Envelope

The “building envelope” is made up of the external elements including the walls, the floor and ceiling, the roof, the windows and door, etc.  Basically, it is the shell of a building.  Polyurethane Spray Foam, such as Foam It Green, helps improve the performance of the envelope as a flexible soft-solid foam that fills the gaps.  Because […]

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An Idea for Home Builders – Insulation Upgrade Option

One of the hottest new trends in new construction is to customize certain features of to the buyer’s specific desires.  Multiple paint, carpet and countertops options are offered to buyers at varying degrees of price. Building to be more energy efficient will also continue to grow in popularity.  Put those together, and you get another way builders can add value to […]

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Control Ventilation with Foam It Green

Make ventilation a priority for the health and safety of your home.  Sealing leaks doesn’t mean eliminating ventilation.  It allows you to control your ventilation and bring air in where and when you want it.  Adequate venting helps control moisture and avoid indoor air-quality problems.  For example, don’t block attic vents with insulation.

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Save Money This Winter

We can’t do anything about the cost of oil and gas rising.  However, we can do things to use less and keep costs down.  Unlike driving or cooking, heating one’s home uses energy 24/7, and if your home isn’t using energy efficiently, it will be costly this winter season. Here’s the problem.  Warm air inside rises and increases […]

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